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American Security Safes for Sale

Discover the pinnacle of protection with our selection of American Security products. Whether you’re in the market for a floor safe or other security solutions, we’ve got you covered. Our products are sourced directly from a company that’s synonymous with durability and reliability. American Security Safes offer an unrivaled safeguard for your valuables, combining advanced technology with sturdy construction. Don’t just secure your items; invest in peace of mind with a brand trusted across the nation. Explore our collection today and find the perfect safe for your home or business.

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We Offer All AMSEC Models

Gun Safes 

Catering to the needs of responsible gun owners, they come equipped with state-of-the-art security features to ensure both quick access and comprehensive protection. From space-saving single handgun cases to substantial rifle cabinets, each model boasts advanced locking mechanisms and solid construction to safeguard your firearms. The customizable interiors, fire-resistant options, and biometric security upgrades set these safes apart, ensuring your peace of mind.  

Wall Safes

Designed to blend into the architecture of your home or office, they provide a subtle yet effective way to secure your valuables. Ideal for stowing away important documents, jewelry, and small heirlooms, these safes are engineered for resistance to prying and drilling while remaining virtually invisible to the uninformed eye. They are simple to install and function as a smart addition to your security plan, offering protection that integrates smoothly with your interior design.  

Floor Safes

Tucked away beneath your feet, they offer a hidden sanctuary for cash, documents, and valuables, combining convenience with high-grade security. Their flush-mounted design ensures that they’re out of sight, providing an added layer of concealment without compromising on accessibility. Built to withstand severe impact and resist tampering, these safes become an integral part of your property’s foundation.

Pistol Safes

For quick retrieval and reliable protection of your handguns, they stand out with their compact design and robust security features. These safes are tailored for those who prioritize ease of access without neglecting the safety protocols essential for responsible gun ownership. With options for multi-lock systems, these safes offer personalized security suitable for both home and travel.

Jewelry Safes

AMSEC jewelry safes are crafted to protect your precious gems and ornaments with elegance and sophistication, marrying luxury with fortress-like security. The interior of each safe is finely appointed to organize and preserve your jewelry collection, while the exterior offers formidable resistance to thieves and environmental hazards. These safes serve not only as a secure storage solution but also as a statement piece that reflects the value of the treasures within.

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