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AMSEC DSR2516E2 Reverse Loading Till Storage Safe


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  • Outside Dimensions: 25″H x 16″W x 20″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 24.75″H x 15.75″W x 17″D
  • Clear Door: 14.50″H x 12″W
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 2.13
  • Weight: 260 lbs.
  • Burglar Rating: B
  • 1/8”-thick body and a 1/2”-thick door


Advanced Security Features

High-Security Electronic Lock: AMSEC DSR2516 is equipped with the ESL20XL U.L. Type 1 High Security electronic lock, offering advanced features such as time delay, multiple user codes, dual control, and armored car override. This electronic lock system is designed to provide customizable access control, enhancing the safe’s security against unauthorized entry.

Robust Construction: With a door made of 1/2″ solid steel plate and a body constructed from 1/8″ solid steel plate, AMSEC DSR2516 offers substantial resistance against attempts to breach its defenses. This solid construction is crucial for deterring break-ins and ensuring the safe’s contents remain protected.

Anti-Fishing Design: The safe includes dual “anti-fish” baffles, a critical security feature designed to prevent tampering with the contents through the deposit slot. This feature is especially important for depository safes, as it ensures that once items are deposited, they cannot be retrieved by unauthorized individuals.

Designed for Commercial Use

Adjustable Chute for Through-the-Wall Depository: One of the standout features of AMSEC DSR2516 is its through-the-wall depository with an adjustable chute, allowing for secure deposits from outside the building directly into the safe. This design is ideal for businesses that need to accept deposits without providing direct access to the safe itself, enhancing security and efficiency.

Compact and Versatile: Despite its robust security features, AMSEC DSR2516’s design remains compact, making it suitable for installation in tight places. Its ability to fit up to four till trays in the till storage compartment further demonstrates its versatility, catering to the varied needs of different businesses.

Secure Installation: The inclusion of four anchor bolt holes ensures that the DSR2516 can be securely mounted, preventing easy removal or relocation of the safe. This anchoring capability is essential for maintaining the integrity of the safe’s protective measures.

Enhanced Security for Peace of Mind

Sophisticated Electronic Locking System: The ESL20XL U.L. Type 1 High Security electronic lock at the heart of AMSEC DSR2516 provides advanced security capabilities, including time delay functions, the ability to program multiple user codes, and dual control features. These functionalities allow businesses to tailor access according to their specific operational requirements, enhancing security protocols and minimizing risks associated with cash handling.

Built to Withstand Physical Attacks: The safe’s construction, featuring a 1/2” solid steel plate door and a body made from 1/8″ solid steel plate, is designed to offer formidable resistance against burglary attempts, including pry attacks and drilling. The auxiliary relocking device and the large carburized hardplate guarding the lock and relocking mechanism add layers of security, ensuring the safe remains secure even under duress.

Designed for Operational Efficiency

  • Convenient Through-the-Wall Depository: AMSEC DSR2516’s through-the-wall depository system, complete with an adjustable chute, is a standout feature designed for businesses that require external deposits. This capability allows for secure and efficient cash handling, reducing the risk of internal theft and enhancing the convenience for employees and armored car services.
  • Anti-Fishing Measures for Deposit Integrity: Dual “anti-fish” baffles protect the contents of the safe by preventing deposited items from being “fished out” once they are inside the safe. This critical security measure ensures that once deposits are made, they are securely stored until authorized access is granted, maintaining the integrity of the cash management process.

Tailored to Fit Commercial Spaces

Compact and Space-Efficient Design: Despite its comprehensive security features and deposit capabilities, the DSR2516 is designed to be compact and fit in tight places, making it ideal for businesses with limited space. Its dimensions and the ability to be installed through walls make it a versatile option for various commercial settings.

Adaptable Interior for Organized Storage: The interior of the DSR2516 includes a receiving locker and a till storage compartment, providing organized and secure storage for cash trays and other valuables. The clear doors and ample interior dimensions ensure easy access and visibility, streamlining the process of managing deposits.

Security that Meets Commercial Demands

Exceptional Locking Mechanism: The DSR2516’s ESL20XL U.L. Type 1 High Security electronic lock stands as a testament to American Security Products’ dedication to providing top-tier security. With capabilities like time delay, multiple user access, dual control, and armored car override, this locking system offers customizable security that can adapt to the unique operational protocols of various businesses, ensuring that access is both secure and manageable.

Robust Construction and Attack Resistance: The safe’s construction, featuring a 1/2″ solid steel plate door and a 1/8″ solid steel plate body, offers substantial protection against forced entry. Enhanced by an auxiliary relocking device and a carburized hardplate to protect the lock, AMSEC DSR2516 is designed to withstand aggressive burglary attempts, providing businesses with a reliable defense against theft.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Usability

Through-the-Wall Depository: The innovative through-the-wall depository system, complemented by an adjustable chute, enables secure deposits directly into the safe from outside the premises. This feature is crucial for businesses that wish to limit access to the safe’s interior while still allowing for the convenient and secure deposit of cash and valuables, streamlining the deposit process and enhancing operational efficiency.

Anti-Fishing Technology for Deposit Security: The inclusion of dual “anti-fish” baffles further secures deposited items, ensuring that once cash or valuables are deposited, they are safeguarded against unauthorized retrieval attempts. This feature is essential for maintaining the integrity of deposits until they can be processed by authorized personnel.

Designed with Businesses in Mind

Space-Efficient and Flexible Installation: The compact design of AMSEC DSR2516, along with its four anchor bolt holes for secure installation, ensures that it can be integrated into various commercial environments without requiring extensive space. This adaptability makes it suitable for businesses of all sizes, from small retail outlets to larger corporations with more complex cash-handling needs.

Organized Interior for Efficient Cash Management: The safe’s interior design, featuring a receiving locker and till storage compartment, facilitates organized storage and efficient management of cash and valuables. This compartmentalization allows for better oversight of deposits and streamlines the reconciliation process, making AMSEC DSR2516 an invaluable tool for businesses focused on optimizing their cash-handling procedures.

Additional information

Weight260 lbs
Dimensions20 × 16 × 25 in


Burglary Rating


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