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AMSEC DSF2714 Front Loading Deposit Safe


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Robust Security Features

Solid Steel Construction: AMSEC DSF2714 boasts a 1/2″ thick A36 solid steel plate door, recessed to enhance its resistance to pry attacks. This level of durability is crucial for deterring burglaries, providing businesses with confidence in their cash management system’s integrity.

High-Security Locking Mechanism: Equipped with a U.L. listed Group II combination lock, AMSEC DSF2714 offers a high degree of security and reliability. This lock, standard on the DSF2714, is complemented by three 1″ diameter chromed steel locking bolts, ensuring that the door remains securely locked against unauthorized access attempts.

Anti-Fishing Protection: The safe is designed with dual “anti-fish” baffles, a critical feature that prevents the retrieval of deposited items through the drop slot. This safeguard is particularly important for maintaining the security of deposits until they are officially accounted for by authorized personnel.

Designed for Commercial Efficiency

  • Auto Door Detent: AMSEC DSF2714 features an auto door detent system that automatically engages the lock when the door is closed, enhancing the safe’s security by ensuring the door cannot be left inadvertently unlocked.
  • Front Loading Depository: The front loading depository is specifically designed to accommodate large package sizes, making it versatile for various types of deposits. This feature, along with its compact design, ensures AMSEC DSF2714 can be conveniently placed in tight spaces without sacrificing deposit capacity.
  • Enhanced Durability and Aesthetic Appeal: The strong, formed “B” Rate construction of the body, made of A36 solid steel plate, not only improves security but also the safe’s overall appearance. The formed door jamb increases resistance to sledgehammer attacks, further enhancing the DSF2714’s defensive capabilities.

Versatile Installation and Customization

Secure Anchoring Options: With four anchor bolt holes, the DSF2714 can be securely installed to prevent removal or relocation, adding an extra layer of theft deterrence. This feature allows businesses to integrate the safe seamlessly into their existing security infrastructure.

Customizable Lock Options: While the DSF2714 comes standard with a highly secure combination lock, it also offers the flexibility of customizable lock options, including electronic locks like the ESL10, catering to specific security preferences and operational needs.

Advanced Protection Technologies

Enhanced Pry Resistance: The DSF2714’s door, constructed from 1/2″ thick A36 solid steel plate and recessed by 1/2″, significantly increases the safe’s resistance to pry attacks. This design choice is pivotal for businesses in high-risk areas or those that store large amounts of cash overnight, offering an added layer of security against potential break-ins.

Comprehensive Locking System: Featuring a U.L. listed Group II combination lock and reinforced by three 1″ diameter chromed steel locking bolts, AMSEC DSF2714 ensures that its contents are securely locked away. The bolt detent system, which engages the boltwork automatically, complements this robust locking mechanism, making unauthorized access exceedingly difficult.

Dual Anti-Fish Baffles: The incorporation of dual “anti-fish” baffles is a critical feature designed to prevent theft through the deposit slot. This safeguard is essential for maintaining the integrity of deposits from the moment they enter the safe until they are retrieved by authorized personnel, effectively eliminating a common vulnerability in depository safes.

Operational Efficiency and User-Friendly Features

Front Loading Depository Design: AMSEC DSF2714’s front loading depository is engineered to fit large package sizes, addressing the need for a versatile deposit solution that can accommodate various item dimensions. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses that handle diverse types of transactions, from standard cash drops to larger, bulkier deposits.

Compact and Flexible Installation: Despite its robust security features, the DSF2714 boasts a compact design, allowing it to fit in tight spaces. This flexibility in installation ensures that businesses can optimize their use of space while maintaining a high level of security, making the DSF2714 suitable for a wide range of commercial settings.

Aesthetics and Durability: The safe’s heavy-duty construction is complemented by a charcoal gray textured paint finish, providing both durability and a professional appearance that can blend seamlessly into any business environment. The attention to both form and function ensures that the DSF2714 is not only a security asset but also an addition that enhances the overall aesthetic of the space.

Customization and Integration

Anchor Bolt Holes for Secure Placement: With four anchor bolt holes, AMSEC DSF2714 can be securely fastened to the floor, preventing any attempt to remove or relocate the safe. This anchoring capability is a vital aspect of the safe’s overall security strategy, ensuring it remains a steadfast component of a business’s cash management system.

Adaptable Lock Options: Recognizing that businesses may have varying security protocols, AMSEC DSF2714 offers the flexibility of customizable lock options, including the possibility to upgrade to electronic locks like the ESL10 for those preferring digital access controls.

Tailored for Maximum Security and Efficiency

Superior Construction for Enhanced Protection: The DSF2714’s construction utilizes a 1/2″ solid steel plate door and a body made from 1/8″ solid steel plate, offering formidable resistance to physical attacks. This robust construction is pivotal for businesses in safeguarding against break-ins, providing a secure repository for daily cash deposits and other valuables.

Advanced Locking Mechanism: Equipped with a U.L. listed Group II combination lock and backed by three 1″ diameter chromed steel locking bolts, the DSF2714 ensures that its contents are securely locked away. The addition of auxiliary spring-loaded relocking devices offers an extra layer of security, activating in the event of an attack to keep the safe’s contents secure.

Prevention Against Deposit Tampering: The dual “anti-fish” baffles are a critical security measure, designed to prevent unauthorized retrieval of deposited items. This feature is essential for businesses that handle significant cash transactions, ensuring that once deposits are made, they are securely contained until accessed by authorized individuals.

Designed for the Business Environment

Operational Convenience: The DSF2714’s front loading depository accommodates large package sizes, enhancing operational efficiency by allowing for quick and secure deposits. Its auto door detent feature further ensures that the safe is always securely locked after each use, eliminating the risk of the door being inadvertently left open.

Space-Saving Installation: The compact design of AMSEC DSF2714 allows it to be easily integrated into various business settings, including under counters or in other tight spaces. This space efficiency does not compromise its security features, making it an ideal choice for businesses with limited space.

Customization and Integration: With options for lock customization and four anchor bolt holes for secure installation, AMSEC DSF2714 can be tailored to meet specific security requirements and seamlessly integrated into existing business operations. This adaptability ensures that the safe can serve a wide range of businesses, from small retail shops to larger commercial enterprises.

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Weight93 lbs
Dimensions14 × 14 × 27.25 in
AMSEC Burglary Level




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Business Safe




Cubic Inches




Door Clearance

9.75 x 9.75

Drop Slot


Drop Slot Location

Front Loading

Electronic Lock


External Depth


External Height


External Width


Fits Closet


Internal Depth


Internal Height


Internal Width



Free Standing



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