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AMSEC MM2820CTR-Drop-ESLAudit Center Drop Double Door Deposit Safe with ESLAudit Lock

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  • Outside Dimensions: 28″H x 20.50″W x 20″D
  • Inside Dimensions:
    • Top: 10.38″H x 20″W x 17″D
    • Bottom: 10.38″H x 20″W x 17″D
  • Clear Door:
    • Top: 8.50″H x 16.25″W
    • Bottom: 8.50″H x 16.25″W
  • Cu. Ft. Storage:
    • Top: 1.86
    • Bottom: 2.16
  • Weight: 278 lbs.
  • Lock: ESLAudit II
  • 1/2″ steel door
  • Wide drawer deposit with cash till storage
  • Includes 4 anchor bolts and anchor hardware

Unparalleled Burglary Protection: Robust Construction for Maximum Security

The heart of AMSEC MM2820CTR-Drop-ESLAudit ‘s security lies in its heavy-duty construction, featuring ½” solid steel plate doors that set the standard for burglary protection. This formidable barrier is further reinforced by a handle-activated locking mechanism with three 1″ diameter locking bolts, ensuring that the safe’s contents are safeguarded against unauthorized access.

Advanced Locking System

At the forefront of its security features is the ESL Audit II lock on both doors, offering sophisticated control and monitoring capabilities. This system is not only designed for robust security but also for traceability, allowing businesses to audit access and ensure compliance with internal protocols and external regulations. The locks are shielded by a large carburized hardplate, providing an added layer of protection against drilling and other forms of lock tampering.

Optimized for Cash Management

Efficient Deposit and Storage Solutions

The AMSEC MM2820CTR-Drop-ESLAudit excels in providing an efficient solution for cash handling, featuring a center mail box drop deposit that is resistant to fishing attempts, ensuring deposits remain secure until accessed by authorized personnel. The safe’s design accommodates cash till storage, making it an ideal choice for retail settings, restaurants, and any business that handles cash transactions.

Customizable Interior for Organizational Efficiency

Inside the safe, coin racks come standard on the inside of the storage door, providing an organized solution for sorting and storing coins and smaller valuables. This attention to detail in design reflects a deep understanding of the daily operations within commercial settings, ensuring that cash management processes are both secure and streamlined.

Designed for Durability and Ease of Use

Reliable Access and User-Friendly Features

Accessibility is a key feature of the AMSEC MM2820CTR-Drop-ESLAudit, with a bolt detent device that automatically engages bolts when the doors are closed, ensuring that the safe is always secured. The auxiliary spring-loaded relocking device offers an additional layer of security, activated in the event of a punch attack, safeguarding the safe’s contents even under duress.

Versatile Installation and Aesthetic Appeal

With its sleek charcoal gray textured finish and chrome hardware, the AMSEC MM2820CTR-Drop-ESLAudit is designed to fit seamlessly into a variety of business environments. The inclusion of four anchor bolts and hardware for installation provides flexibility in securing the safe, enhancing its resistance to removal or theft.

Advanced Technological Integration for Superior Management

State-of-the-Art ESL Audit II Locking System

A standout feature of the AMSEC MM2820CTR-Drop-ESLAudit is its ESL Audit II locking system, which brings high-level security management directly into the hands of business owners. This U.L. approved locking mechanism is not just about securing the safe; it’s about providing an audit trail, allowing for up to 1,000 audit events to be tracked and reviewed. This capability is crucial for businesses that need to monitor access, manage internal security protocols, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards, thereby significantly enhancing the integrity of cash management processes.

Enhanced Protection Against Physical Attacks

AMSEC MM2820CTR-Drop-ESLAudit’s commitment to security is further evidenced by its auxiliary spring-loaded relocking device, which serves as a critical line of defense in the event of an attack on the lock. Activated by a punch attack, this relocking mechanism ensures that the safe’s contents remain protected even if the primary lock is compromised, offering an additional layer of security that is indispensable in high-risk environments.

Operational Efficiency and Security: Designed for Bulk Item Deposits

Understanding the varied needs of businesses, the AMSEC MM2820CTR-Drop-ESLAudit features a fish-resistant depository drop that accommodates bulk items, drop envelopes, or bags. This versatility addresses the challenge of depositing items of different sizes and types, from cash drawers to bulky valuables, making it an ideal solution for diverse commercial applications. The hopper’s dimensions are specifically designed to ensure that items are securely contained once deposited, further enhancing the safe’s utility in fast-paced business settings.

Organizational Features for Streamlined Operations

Within the safe, organizational features like coin racks standardize the storage of smaller valuables, promoting efficiency and order. The capacity to conveniently fit cash drawers and bulky items into both compartments of the safe underscores its role not just as a secure depository but also as an organizational tool that streamlines cash handling and storage processes, thereby contributing to the overall operational efficiency of the business.

Durability and Customization for Business Needs

Robust Construction and Aesthetic Design

AMSEC MM2820CTR-Drop-ESLAudit’s heavy-duty construction, featuring ½” solid steel plate doors, is a testament to AMSEC’s commitment to durability and security. This robust build, coupled with a sleek charcoal gray textured finish and chrome hardware, ensures the safe not only provides unmatched security but also complements the aesthetic of business environments.

Flexible Installation Options

Recognizing the diverse needs of businesses, the safe includes four anchor bolts and hardware for secure installation, offering flexibility in placement and enhancing its defense against removal. This feature, along with the safe’s customizable options, ensures that businesses can tailor the AMSEC MM2820CTR-Drop-ESLAudit to their specific security requirements, making it a versatile asset in the safeguarding of commercial assets.

Setting New Standards in Commercial Security

A Pinnacle of Cash Management Excellence

AMSEC MM2820CTR-Drop-ESLAudit represents the zenith of AMSEC’s innovation in safe design, offering businesses a secure, reliable solution for managing daily cash operations. The inclusion of the ESL Audit II locking system, with its audit trail capabilities, provides an unprecedented level of control and transparency, allowing businesses to monitor access and enforce internal security policies effectively. This feature alone makes the safe an invaluable asset for any business serious about safeguarding its financial transactions.

Superior Physical Protection and Technological Sophistication

Beyond its technological prowess, the safe’s physical attributes—such as its ½” solid steel plate doors and auxiliary spring-loaded relocking device—offer robust defense mechanisms against attempts at unauthorized access. The combination of high-grade materials, advanced locking mechanisms, and additional security features like the carburized hardplate for lock protection, ensure that the AMSEC MM2820CTR-Drop-ESLAudit stands as a bulwark against both physical and technological breach attempts.

Enhancing Business Operations Through Design

Optimized for Efficiency and Versatility

The design of the AMSEC MM2820CTR-Drop-ESLAudit, from its fish-resistant depository drop to the internal coin racks, is tailored to enhance the efficiency of cash handling processes within commercial settings. This focus on operational efficiency, coupled with the safe’s customizable installation options, demonstrates AMSEC’s understanding of the unique challenges and requirements businesses face in managing cash and valuables.

A Commitment to Lasting Value and Dependability

AMSEC’s promise of durability and reliability is evident in every aspect of the AMSEC MM2820CTR-Drop-ESLAudit, from its construction to the one-year parts and labor warranty. Businesses investing in this safe are not just acquiring a security solution but a long-term partner in asset protection. The heavy-duty construction, combined with thoughtful design and advanced security features, ensures that this safe remains a dependable asset for years to come.

A Benchmark for Business Security Solutions

In essence, the AMSEC MM2820CTR-Drop-ESLAudit depository safe stands as a testament to American Security’s leadership in the security industry, offering businesses an unmatched solution for cash management and asset protection. Its integration of robust physical security features with advanced technological capabilities makes it an essential component of any comprehensive business security strategy. For businesses seeking to elevate their cash management processes while ensuring the highest levels of security, the AMSEC MM2820CTR-Drop-ESLAudit is an investment that pays dividends in peace of mind and operational integrity.

Weight 278 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20.5 × 28 in


Business Safe




Cubic Inches




Door Clearance

TOP 8.50 x 16.25

Double Door


Drop Slot


Drop Slot Location

Front Loading

Electronic Lock


External Depth


External Height


External Width


Fits Closet


Internal Depth (Bottom)


Internal Depth (Top)


Internal Height (Bottom)


Internal Height (Top)


Internal Width (Bottom)



Free Standing



Total Body Thickness


Total Door Thickness


Total Steal in body


Total Steel on Door


Weight (lbs)


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