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AMSEC CEV2518 TL-15 Composite High Security Safe


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Unparalleled Burglary and Fire Protection

The cornerstone of AMSEC CEV2518’s exceptional security credentials is its UL certified TL-15 burglary protection rating. This designation affirms the safe’s robust defense against aggressive and sophisticated burglary attempts, ensuring that valuables remain secure against high-grade break-in tools for a minimum of 15 minutes. Such formidable resistance is achieved through the safe’s massive 6-inch thick door and 3-1/2-inch body, both reinforced with a durable concrete mix that enhances its structural integrity. This TL-15 safe rating positions the CEV2518 as a leading choice for individuals and businesses seeking high-security protection against theft.

Moreover, the CEV2518’s prowess extends to fire protection, offering a factory-rated 120-minute fire resistance. This 2-hour fireproof safe is designed to withstand extreme temperatures up to 1200°, safeguarding everything within from critical documents to irreplaceable personal items. The dual-threat protection against both burglary and fire underscores the CEV2518’s capability as a comprehensive burglary and fire safe, offering peace of mind that assets are protected under all circumstances.

Design and Customization for Modern Security Needs

Recognizing the diverse security needs and preferences of its clientele, the CEV2518 incorporates customizable features that enhance its functionality and user experience. With optional lock options, including the advanced ESL10 electronic lock, users can tailor the safe to their specific security requirements, ensuring both robust protection and ease of access. The interior of the safe, offering 7200 cubic inches of storage space, is thoughtfully designed to maximize organization and accessibility, making it a versatile solution for storing a wide array of valuables, from safes for firearms to fireproof safes for sensitive documents.

Proudly made in the USA, the CEV2518 not only exemplifies American Security Safes’ dedication to quality and innovation but also reflects their understanding of the evolving security landscape. This AMSEC safe combines advanced burglary and fire protection features with customizable options, setting a new benchmark for TL rated safes in the market.

In essence, the AMSEC CEV2518 represents the pinnacle of safe design, offering unparalleled protection for valuables against theft and fire. Its blend of advanced security features, robust construction, and customizable options makes it an exemplary choice for those seeking a reliable burglar safe that does not compromise on functionality or aesthetics.

Operational Excellence and User-Centric Design

The AMSEC CEV2518 distinguishes itself with operational features designed for ease of use without compromising on security. The inclusion of the ESL10 electronic lock exemplifies this approach, offering users a high level of security with the convenience of modern technology. This lock option is not only about providing a secure barrier; it’s about ensuring that access to the safe’s contents remains straightforward and user-friendly for authorized individuals. This focus on user-centric design is evident in the safe’s interior layout, which maximizes the 7200 cubic inches of storage space, allowing for efficient organization of a wide range of valuables, from documents and jewelry to firearms.

Advanced Security Enhancements

The CEV2518’s security features are engineered to meet the highest standards of protection. Its TL-15 rating demonstrates its ability to withstand severe burglary attempts, while the 3-1/2-inch thick door and body, enhanced with a concrete mix, provide an extra layer of defense, making the safe virtually impregnable. Moreover, the 120-minute fire protection ensures that the safe’s contents are shielded from extreme temperatures, offering an added layer of security for those unforeseen events where fire poses a threat to valuable assets.

Aesthetic Integration and Customization

American Security understands that a safe should not only protect but also complement its surroundings. The CEV2518’s design reflects a balance between robust security and aesthetic appeal, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into various settings without detracting from the overall design theme. This American Security safe is more than a storage solution; it’s a piece that aligns with the interior aesthetics, offering customization options to match personal or corporate style preferences.

Value Beyond Security

Investing in the CEV2518 extends beyond the immediate benefits of theft and fire protection. It signifies a commitment to safeguarding assets, contributing to peace of mind and enhancing the overall security posture of homes and businesses alike. The presence of such a high-caliber safe can influence insurance premiums and property value positively, underscoring the long-term value and return on investment that the CEV2518 offers.

A Comprehensive Security Solution

The CEV2518 is not merely a safe; it is a comprehensive security solution designed to offer unrivaled protection against theft and fire. With its UL certified TL-15 burglary protection and 120-minute fire resistance, this safe ensures that valuables, whether personal, business-related, or irreplaceable heirlooms, are safeguarded under the most demanding conditions. The integration of a concrete mix into the safe’s construction enhances its resilience, making it an impregnable fortress against both physical attacks and extreme heat, thus embodying the ideal burglary and fire safe.

Innovation Meets Practicality

American Security’s innovative approach is reflected in the CEV2518’s design, which incorporates the latest in security technology with practical features that enhance usability. The ESL10 electronic lock option provides a secure yet convenient access mechanism, embodying the perfect blend of advanced security and ease of use. This focus on practicality extends to the safe’s interior, where the strategic use of space allows for efficient organization and storage of a wide array of items, further emphasizing the CEV2518’s role as a versatile fireproof safe.

Beyond Security: Enhancing Property Value

The AMSEC CEV2518 offers benefits that transcend its primary function of protecting valuables. Its presence within a property not only bolsters the overall security posture but can also contribute to enhancing the property’s value and potentially lowering insurance costs due to the increased level of protection it provides. This aspect underscores the lasting value and investment in peace of mind that comes with owning an AMSEC safe.

Legacy of Trust and Excellence

Proudly made in the USA, the CEV2518 reflects American Security’s legacy of trust, excellence, and unparalleled craftsmanship in the security industry. As a TL-15 rated safe, it represents American Security’s unwavering commitment to offering the highest standards of protection, marrying state-of-the-art technology with robust construction to meet the security needs of today and tomorrow.

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Weight1292 lbs
Dimensions25.5 × 25 × 32 in
AMSEC Burglary Level




Burglary Rating


Business Safe


Combo Lock


Cubic Inches




Door Clearance

25.00 x 18.00

Electronic Lock


External Depth


External Height


External Width


Fill Type

Concrete Mix

Fire Rating


Fire Rating Degrees


Fits Closet


High Security


Home Safe


Internal Depth


Internal Height


Internal Width



Free Standing

Total Body Thickness


Total Door Thickness


Total Steal in body


Total Steel on Door

0.24 (4 Ga.)

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