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AMSEC WS1214E5 Burglary Rated Wall Safe


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  • Outside Dimension: 12.63″H x 14″W x 10″D
  • Inside Dimension: 12.25″H x 13.63″W x 5.25″D
  • Clear Door: 10.75″H x 11.25″W
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 0.5
  • Weight: 86 lbs.
  • Shelf Count: 2
  • Burglar Rating: B
  • 3/4″ steel door
  • U.L. listed Electronic Lock (Illuminated keypad)
  • Fits between wall studs with extra deep interior


AMSEC WS1214: A Fortress for Your Valuables

In the quest for superior home security, the AMSEC WS1214 wall safe stands as a bulwark against burglary, marrying high-end security features with the convenience of home integration. Designed for discerning homeowners who demand the best in security without compromising on aesthetics, this wall safe offers hidden protection that seamlessly blends into your living or working environment. Let’s unpack the features that set the WS1214 apart as the best wall safe for safeguarding your valuables.

Unrivaled Security Features

Robust Construction: The AMSEC WS1214 is fortified with a 3/4″ solid steel plate door, setting a new benchmark for “B rated safe” standards. This formidable barrier is engineered to defy burglary attempts, offering an unsurpassed level of security for your most precious items.

Advanced Electronic Lock: Equipped with AMSEC’s ESL5 Electronic Lock, featuring an illuminated keypad, the WS1214 ensures easy access under any lighting conditions. This U.L. listed E-Lock not only enhances security but also adds a modern touch to the safe’s operation, with the bright chrome finish of the keypad serving as a beacon of reliability and ease.

Optimized for In-Wall Installation: Designed to fit snugly between wall studs, the WS1214 boasts an extra deep interior, providing ample space for a variety of valuables while maintaining a low profile. The inclusion of two shelves further maximizes the organization and storage capabilities, allowing for an orderly arrangement of your possessions.

Enhanced Burglary Protection

Sophisticated Locking Mechanism: The safe’s locking mechanism is a marvel of engineering, featuring three 1″ diameter locking bolts. Each bolt is crafted from drive-resistant, chromed steel, offering a long throw that significantly increases the safe’s resistance to forced entry attempts.

Innovative Defense Features: A testament to AMSEC’s commitment to security, the WS1214 includes a spring-loaded relocking device that activates in the event of a punching attack. Additionally, the lock and relocks are shielded by a large carburized hardplate, fortifying the safe against drilling and other sophisticated burglary techniques.

Pry-Resistant Design: The heavy-duty dead bar behind the hinge is a critical security feature, ensuring that the door remains securely in place even if the hinges are compromised during a burglary attempt. The door’s design, which fits the full body size, minimizes potential pry points, making unauthorized access nearly impossible.

Enhanced Security Features for Uncompromised Protection

The AMSEC WS1214 is not just another wall safe; it’s a fortress designed to seamlessly integrate into your home or office environment. Its core is fortified by a 3/4″ solid steel plate door, significantly surpassing industry standards for residential security safes. This “B rated” designation is not bestowed lightly; it reflects a safe’s ability to offer formidable resistance against forced entry attempts.

Innovative Locking Mechanism

Central to the WS1214’s security is the AMSEC’s ESL5 Electronic Lock with an illuminated keypad, ensuring quick, secure access even in low light conditions. The ESL5 is a marvel of lock engineering, providing not only a user-friendly interface but also enhanced security with its illuminated keypad feature. This lock is designed for those who value both security and convenience, offering easy programming and operation.

The safe also features an additional spring-loaded relocking device, a safeguard activated by any attempt to punch the lock. This relocking device, coupled with the lock and relocks being shielded by a large carburized hardplate, ensures that the contents of your safe remain secure even in the face of sophisticated burglary attacks.

Unyielding Construction

The WS1214 showcases a handle-activated locking mechanism that includes three 1″ diameter locking bolts. Each bolt, made from drive-resistant chromed steel with a long throw, is a testament to the safe’s commitment to security. Furthermore, the presence of a heavy-duty dead bar behind the hinge fortifies the door against removal, even if the hinges are attacked or removed during a forced entry attempt.

The design ethos of the WS1214 extends to its hinge mechanism, utilizing solid steel with 3/8″ diameter steel hinge pins and internal mounting bolts, reinforcing the safe’s resistance to external tampering and ensuring its integrity against physical attacks.

User Experience and Installation Ease

Beyond its robust security features, the AMSEC WS1214 is designed with the user in mind. Its black textured body and door not only provide a sleek, attractive appearance but also enhance its durability and resistance to wear. The safe’s interior is thoughtfully designed with an extra deep compartment and two shelves, maximizing storage space while allowing for the organization of valuables, documents, and other important items.

Installation of the WS1214 is straightforward, designed to fit between standard wall studs, making it an ideal choice for both new construction and retrofit applications. Its discreet profile allows for easy concealment behind furniture, paintings, or in closets, ensuring your valuables are not only secure but also hidden from view.

The door’s full-body size significantly minimizes potential pry points, a design choice that underscores AMSEC’s attention to detail in thwarting burglary attempts. The convenience of a large door opening further enhances the user experience, allowing for the storage of bulky items without compromise.

A Keystone in Your Security Strategy

The AMSEC WS1214 isn’t just a secure container; it’s a critical component of a broader security strategy. In today’s world, where threats can be both digital and physical, the importance of tangible, reliable safekeeping cannot be overstated. This safe provides a physical bastion against burglary, offering a secure haven for documents, heirlooms, and digital media that represent irreplaceable facets of our lives.

Beyond Security: The Peace of Mind Factor

One of the most significant, yet intangible benefits of the AMSEC WS1214 wall safe is the peace of mind it affords its owners. Knowing that your most valuable possessions are secured against theft and unauthorized access allows for a sense of calm and security that permeates all aspects of life. This peace of mind extends beyond the individual, affecting the well-being of families and businesses alike, knowing their assets are protected with industry-leading technology.

Integration with Home and Office Decor

The AMSEC WS1214 has been designed not only with security in mind but also aesthetic integration. Its sleek, black textured finish and compact design allow it to blend seamlessly with any decor, maintaining the visual integrity of your space while providing unmatched security. The ability to install the safe between wall studs offers a hidden protection strategy that does not compromise the design or functionality of your living or working space.

Looking Forward: The Long-term Value

Investing in an AMSEC WS1214 wall safe represents a long-term commitment to security and quality. AMSEC’s reputation for durability and reliability means that this safe is an investment that will serve your security needs for years to come. As your family or business grows and evolves, the WS1214 will remain a constant, reliable protector of your most precious belongings.

The AMSEC WS1214 stands as a testament to what a modern safe can and should offer. It represents the culmination of advanced security technology, user-centered design, and the enduring value of peace of mind. For individuals, families, and businesses looking for a secure, reliable, and integrated solution for protecting their valuables, the WS1214 offers an unrivaled option.

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Weight86 lbs
Dimensions10 × 14 × 12.625 in
AMSEC Burglary Level




Cubic Inches




Door Clearance

10.75 x 11.25

Electronic Lock


External Depth


External Height


External Width


Fits Closet




Home Safe


Internal Depth


Internal Height


Internal Width




Total Body Thickness


Total Door Thickness


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