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AMSEC WFS149E5LP Fireproof Wall Safe

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  • Outside Dimensions: 19.50″H x 14″W x 15.38″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 15.25″H x 9.75″W x 9.88″D
  • Clear Door: 15.25″H x 9.75″W
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 0.85
  • Weight: 104 lbs.
  • Color: Black Granite
  • Fire Rating: One Hour
  • ½” thick door
  • U.L. listed Electronic Lock (Illuminated keypad)
  • Fits between wall studs with extra deep interior


AMSEC WFS149E5LP: The Ultimate Fireproof Wall Safe Solution

In an era where the protection of personal and valuable documents is paramount, the AMSEC WFS149E5LP wall safe stands as a beacon of security, offering unparalleled fire protection and innovative security features tailored for home and office use. This safe is not just a means to secure valuables; it’s an investment in peace of mind, blending advanced fireproof technology with sophisticated burglary deterrents. Let’s delve into the attributes that distinguish the WFS149E5LP as the best wall safe choice for those who prioritize fire protection without compromising on security.

Exceptional Fire Protection Certified by U.L.

The WFS149E5LP is equipped with a U.L. certified 60-minute fire protection rating, ensuring that the interior temperature never exceeds 350° F. This level of protection is vital, as paper chars at 450° F, making the WFS149E5LP an ideal safe for the preservation of critical documents, precious family heirlooms, and digital media that are susceptible to heat damage. The certification by Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.) underscores the safe’s compliance with stringent fire resistance standards, providing an added layer of trust and reliability.

Advanced Electronic Security with Illuminated Keypad

At the forefront of its security features is the U.L. listed E-Lock with an illuminated keypad, enhancing usability in low light conditions and adding a modern touch to the safe’s design. The E5LP electronic lock not only offers robust protection against unauthorized access but also includes user-friendly features such as a factory reset combination for resolving lost combinations without the need for expensive service calls. The keypad’s beep and flash feedback for every keystroke, coupled with the option to silence the beep for stealth mode, demonstrates a thoughtful consideration for user experience.

Designed for Convenience and Durability

The WFS149E5LP boasts an impressive ½” thick door with a sleek Black Granite finish, striking the perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and security. The safe’s extra-deep interior includes a convenient drawer shelf, maximizing storage space while maintaining a compact design that fits between standard wall studs. This thoughtful engineering ensures that the safe can be installed seamlessly into most walls, providing discreet yet accessible protection for your valuables.

The incorporation of a side locking boltwork mechanism with 1/2″ steel deadbolts further exemplifies the safe’s commitment to security. These deadbolts, combined with the door’s thickness, offer formidable resistance to pry and burglary attempts, ensuring that your possessions are safeguarded against unauthorized access.

User-Centric Features for Enhanced Security

The WFS149E5LP wall safe includes several additional features designed to enhance its security and user convenience. The illuminated keypad ensures easy operation even in dimly lit environments, while the 15-minute penalty lockout feature after four incorrect entries adds an extra layer of protection against manipulation attempts. The ability to easily replace the 9-volt battery in the keypad housing ensures that the safe’s electronic components are always powered, providing continuous security for your valuables.

Exceptional Fire Protection

The AMSEC WFS149E5LP is not just any wall safe; it’s a guardian against the unpredictable nature of fire. With a U.L. certified 60-minute fire rating, this safe ensures the internal temperature never exceeds 350°F, well below the charring point of paper at 450°F. This level of protection is vital for the preservation of important documents, digital media, and other sensitive items that could be irreplaceable or costly to recover.

Cutting-Edge Security Features

Security is at the heart of the WFS149E5LP’s design. Equipped with a U.L. listed E-Lock and an illuminated keypad, this safe offers both robust protection and ease of use. The impressive ½” thick door and side locking boltwork mechanism, incorporating 1/2″ steel deadbolts, provide a formidable barrier against unauthorized access. This combination of features ensures that your valuables are not only protected from fire but also from the most determined burglars.

User-Friendly Interface

The E5LP Electronic Lock is a marvel of modern engineering, designed to enhance user interaction while maintaining strict security protocols. The illuminated keypad ensures accessibility even in low-light conditions, while the factory reset combination feature offers peace of mind, eliminating the need for expensive service calls if combinations are forgotten. The keypad’s feedback through beeps and flashes with every keystroke, combined with the option to silence these signals for stealth mode, represents a thoughtful consideration for user preference and situational requirements.

Designed for Convenience and Compatibility

Beyond its protective capabilities, the WFS149E5LP is designed for seamless integration into your living or working space. Its dimensions allow for installation between standard wall studs, offering a space-efficient solution without compromising on interior capacity. The extra deep interior, complete with a convenient drawer shelf, maximizes storage space for various items, from documents to small valuables.

The AMSEC WFS149E5LP’s black granite finish on the door adds a touch of elegance, ensuring that this wall safe doesn’t just offer unmatched security but also complements your interior design. Whether installed in a home office, living room, or commercial setting, the safe’s design and finish ensure it enhances the room’s aesthetic while keeping your valuables securely protected.

Unmatched Fire Protection

AMSEC WFS149E5LP is distinguished by its UL-certified 60-minute fire protection, a testament to its superior design and construction. This certification guarantees that the internal temperature of the safe will not exceed 350°F for at least one hour, even when external temperatures soar to 1200°F. Considering that paper chars at 450°F, this level of protection ensures that your most precious documents, from legal papers to family photos, are preserved against fire damage.

Advanced Electronic Security

At the forefront of AMSEC WFS149E5LP’s security features is its UL-listed E-Lock with an illuminated keypad, which not only enhances usability in low-light conditions but also adds an extra layer of security. The keypad’s illumination ensures easy access, while the lock itself boasts a factory reset combination feature. This critical functionality can resolve lost combinations without the need for costly service calls, ensuring that you’re never permanently locked out of your valuables.

The electronic lock is designed to provide immediate feedback through beeps and flashes with every keystroke, maximizing user interaction and confirming successful code entries. For those requiring discretion, the lock can be programmed to silence these signals, enabling stealth mode to maintain privacy and security. Furthermore, the inclusion of a 15-minute penalty lockout feature after four incorrect entries significantly protects against manipulation attempts.

Robust Construction and Aesthetic Appeal

AMSEC WFS149E5LP features an impressive ½” thick door, providing a formidable barrier against burglary attempts. The safe’s exterior is finished with an attractive Black Granite look, allowing it to blend seamlessly into any home décor. Despite its robust security features, the safe’s design emphasizes aesthetic appeal, ensuring that it enhances rather than detracts from its surroundings.

The safe’s interior is extra deep, featuring a convenient drawer shelf for organized storage. This thoughtful design allows for the safe storage of a variety of items, from jewelry and passports to small electronics, all within an easily accessible yet securely protected space.

Designed for Convenience and Integration

One of the most significant advantages of the WFS149E5LP is its ability to fit between standard wall studs, making installation straightforward and non-intrusive. This feature allows homeowners to integrate the safe seamlessly into their living spaces, providing easy access while maintaining a low profile. The safe’s extra deep interior further maximizes storage space without compromising the aesthetic and functional harmony of the room it occupies.

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Weight104 lbs
Dimensions15.375 × 14 × 19.5 in
AMSEC Burglary Level




Cubic Inches


Door Clearance

15.25 x 9.75

Electronic Lock


External Depth


External Height


External Width


Fire Rating


Fire Rating Degrees


Fits Closet




Home Safe


Internal Depth


Internal Height


Internal Width




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Total Door Thickness


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