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AMSEC DST2014 Rotary Deposit Safe

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Advanced Security Features

Solid Steel Construction: AMSEC DST2014 features a 1/2″ thick A36 solid steel plate door, recessed to enhance pry resistance. This construction detail is crucial for deterring attacks, providing businesses with a formidable barrier against unauthorized access.

High-Security Locking Mechanism: Equipped with U.L. approved locks, including the ESL10 Electronic Lock, the DST2014 offers a high level of security. This electronic locking system is complemented by three 1″ diameter chromed steel locking bolts, ensuring the door remains securely locked against attempts at forced entry.

Anti-Fishing Baffles and Relocking Devices: Dual “anti-fish” baffles protect the deposit slot, preventing tampering and unauthorized retrieval of contents. Additionally, auxiliary spring-loaded relocking devices act as a secondary line of defense, engaging automatically in the event of an attack to ensure the safe’s contents remain secure.

Designed for Commercial Efficiency

Top Loading Depository: AMSEC DST2014’s top-loading design allows for the deposit of large package sizes, accommodating dimensions up to 4¾”D x 4¾”W x 10″L. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses that handle bulky or irregularly shaped items, offering a secure deposit solution without the need for opening the safe’s main door.

Compact and Space-Saving: Designed to fit in tight places, AMSEC DST2014’s compact dimensions do not compromise its security features. This space efficiency makes it an excellent choice for businesses with limited space but significant security needs.

Enhanced Durability and Appearance: The safe’s body is constructed from strong, formed “B” rate A36 solid steel plate, offering both improved security and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The formed door jamb further increases resistance to sledgehammer attacks, reinforcing the safe’s integrity.

Secure Installation and Customization

Anchor Bolt Holes for Stability: With four anchor bolt holes, the DST2014 can be securely mounted, preventing easy removal or relocation of the safe. This installation feature is essential for permanent, reliable security in a commercial setting.

Customizable Lock Options: While the DST2014 comes standard with the ESL10 Electronic Lock, it offers customization options to meet specific security requirements. This flexibility ensures that businesses can tailor the safe’s security features to their operational protocols and preferences.

Comprehensive Security for Enhanced Peace of Mind

Enhanced Locking System: AMSEC DST2014’s ESL10 Electronic Lock, certified by U.L. for its high security, offers businesses a sophisticated level of protection. This system is bolstered by three 1″ diameter chromed steel locking bolts, creating a secure barrier against unauthorized access. The electronic lock provides multiple user codes, ensuring that access is both manageable and restricted to authorized personnel only, enhancing the internal control over cash management.

Robust Anti-Tampering Features: Dual “anti-fish” baffles are a critical design element, preventing tampering with deposited items. These baffles, combined with the auxiliary spring-loaded relocking devices, ensure that even if the lock is compromised, the safe’s contents remain secure. The large carburized hardplate further protects the lock and relocking mechanism from drilling attempts, adding another layer of security.

Optimized for Business Operations

Top Loading Depository Convenience: The top-loading depository feature of AMSEC DST2014 is specifically designed to accommodate large package sizes up to 4¾”D x 4¾”W x 10″L, making it versatile for a range of deposit items. This design facilitates easy, secure deposits without the need to open the main compartment, streamlining the deposit process and minimizing exposure to theft.

Space-Saving Design: The compact footprint of AMSEC DST2014 is a significant advantage for businesses operating in constrained spaces. Its ability to fit in tight places without sacrificing security or deposit capacity makes it an ideal choice for various commercial environments, from small boutiques to larger offices or retail spaces.

Durability and Aesthetic Appeal: Constructed from solid steel, AMSEC DST2014 is not only built to resist physical attacks but also to offer a visually appealing design that complements professional settings. The recessed door and formed “B” rate construction enhance the safe’s resistance to sledgehammer attacks and contribute to its sleek, unobtrusive appearance.

Flexible Installation and Customization Options

Secure Installation Capabilities: With four anchor bolt holes, AMSEC DST2014 can be securely mounted to the floor, deterring theft by removal. This anchoring feature is essential for businesses seeking a permanent, reliable cash management solution.

Adaptable to Business Needs: AMSEC DST2014 provides customization options, including lock choices, to fit specific security requirements and preferences. This adaptability ensures that the safe can be tailored to the unique operational needs and security protocols of different businesses.

Tailored Security Measures

High-Security Electronic Lock: The inclusion of the ESL10 Electronic Lock, recognized for its robust security features, allows for tailored access control. This lock’s programmability for multiple users, coupled with features such as time delay and dual control options, empowers businesses to enforce strict access protocols, significantly reducing the risk of internal theft.

Advanced Anti-Tampering Protection: AMSEC DST2014’s design incorporates dual “anti-fish” baffles, a critical safeguard against attempts to tamper with or retrieve deposited items unauthorizedly. This feature, together with the auxiliary spring-loaded relocking devices, ensures the contents remain secure, even in the event of sophisticated burglary attempts.

Operational Excellence and Convenience

  • Streamlined Deposit Functionality: The top-loading depository feature is ingeniously designed to accept large packages, facilitating quick and secure deposits. This capability is crucial for businesses that handle high-volume transactions, allowing for seamless operations without compromising security.
  • Compact, Space-Efficient Design: Tailored to fit in constrained spaces, the DST2014 addresses the common challenge of integrating a high-security safe without sacrificing valuable commercial space. This compact design makes it an ideal choice for various business environments, where space is at a premium but security cannot be compromised.
  • Durable Construction for Longevity: Constructed with a solid steel plate door and body, the DST2014 is built to withstand physical attacks and endure the rigors of heavy commercial use. Its durability is a testament to AMSEC’s commitment to quality, ensuring that businesses make a long-term investment in their security infrastructure.

Versatile Installation and Customization

Secure Mounting Options: The provision of four anchor bolt holes allows for the DST2014 to be securely mounted, anchoring it firmly in place to deter removal. This installation feature is vital for enhancing the overall security of the safe, providing an additional layer of theft deterrence.

Adaptable to Various Business Needs: AMSEC DST2014 offers flexibility in lock options and can be customized to meet specific security requirements. This adaptability ensures that businesses can choose the configuration that best fits their operational needs and security preferences.

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Weight90 lbs
Dimensions14 × 14 × 20.25 in
AMSEC Burglary Level




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Business Safe




Combo Lock


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9.75 x 9.75

Drop Slot


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Rotary Hopper

Electronic Lock


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External Height


External Width


Fits Closet


Internal Depth


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