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AMSEC CEV6528 TL-15 Composite High Security Safe

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Advanced Burglary Protection

UL certification for TL-15 burglary protection marks AMSEC CEV6528 as a fortress against unauthorized access. This designation ensures that the safe has been rigorously tested and proven to resist expert burglary attempts using a comprehensive set of tools for a minimum of 15 minutes. However, the actual resilience of the CEV6528 often extends well beyond this timeframe, courtesy of its massive 6″ thick door and 3-1/2″ thick body. The door’s construction, featuring a 0.625-inch-thick steel plate, is complemented by the body’s 0.236-inch steel composition, creating a formidable barrier against any form of physical attack.

Exceptional Fire Resistance

In addition to its burglary deterrence, the CEV6528 boasts a 120-minute fire protection rating, certified to withstand temperatures up to 1200°. This level of fire resistance is critical for safeguarding sensitive documents, electronic media, and other valuables susceptible to heat and smoke damage. The safe’s concrete mix fill not only contributes to its thermal insulation but also enhances its structural integrity against burglary attempts, embodying a dual-purpose approach to security.

Customization and Flexibility

Recognizing the diverse needs of its clientele, the CEV6528 offers customizable features that cater to specific security preferences and requirements. The ESL10 electronic lock provides a modern, user-friendly access mechanism that does not compromise on security, offering both convenience and peace of mind. Additionally, the safe’s adjustable interior allows for the efficient organization and storage of various items, from firearms to valuable heirlooms, ensuring that space is maximized and contents are easily accessible.

Integration into Secure Environments

The CEV6528’s design facilitates seamless integration into any secure environment, be it residential, commercial, or institutional. Its external dimensions (72″ x 35″ x 29.5″) make it a significant but manageable addition to any space, while the internal dimensions (65″ x 28″ x 20″) provide ample storage for a wide range of valuables. The option for textured paint finishes allows for aesthetic customization, ensuring that the safe not only provides unmatched security but also complements the decor of its surroundings.

Unmatched Fire Resistance

The AMSEC CEV6528 stands out as a premier 2-hour fireproof safe, providing exceptional protection against extreme temperatures and fire damage. This fireproof safe is rigorously tested to ensure that it can withstand up to 120 minutes of exposure to fire, maintaining an internal temperature that protects sensitive documents, digital media, and other valuable items from heat damage. The integration of a concrete mix fill within its walls not only bolsters its burglary resistance but also significantly enhances its fireproof capabilities, ensuring comprehensive protection against a broad spectrum of threats.

Enhanced Burglary Deterrence

As a TL-15 rated safe, the CEV6528 offers formidable resistance against forced entry attempts, making it an ideal choice for securing firearms, jewelry, cash, and important documents. The TL-rated safe certification signifies that the safe has been tested and verified to resist expert burglary techniques for a minimum of 15 minutes, a conservative estimate given the safe’s robust construction and security features. The burglar safes category includes safes like the CEV6528, which are specifically engineered to thwart the most determined burglars, featuring massive chrome-plated bolts and a solid steel plate door that challenge any attempt at unauthorized access.

Customization and Security Adaptability

Acknowledging the diverse security requirements of its users, the CEV6528 allows for significant customization. Whether for personal or commercial use, this AMSEC safe adapts to various security environments, offering lock options that include advanced electronic locks for quick and secure access. American Security safes, particularly models like the CEV6528, are designed with versatility in mind, enabling users to tailor their security solutions to specific needs, whether it’s enhancing a home vault, securing business assets, or safeguarding collectibles.

A Commitment to Quality and Reliability

American Security safes are synonymous with quality and reliability, and the CEV6528 is no exception. Its construction reflects a commitment to excellence, with a focus on providing “The Best in High Security Protection”. American Security safe owners can rest assured that their valuables are protected by a safe that is not only resistant to burglary and fire but also built to offer lasting security. The safe’s USA-made quality guarantees a product that combines innovative security technology with superior craftsmanship.

Setting New Standards in Security

The AMSEC CEV6528 TL-15 safe not only meets but exceeds industry standards for burglary and fire protection. Its UL certified TL-15 burglary protection ensures that it can withstand severe break-in attempts using high-grade tools, offering peace of mind that valuables are secure against sophisticated burglary techniques. This burglary and fire safe is a testament to American Security’s commitment to innovation, providing a security solution that addresses the evolving threats in today’s world.

Comprehensive Fire Protection

As a 2 hour fireproof safe, the CEV6528 delivers exceptional performance in protecting contents from fire damage. This capability is crucial for preserving irreplaceable items such as legal documents, family heirlooms, and digital backups. The fireproof safe designation signifies that the CEV6528 maintains internal temperatures that prevent damage for up to two hours, even when external temperatures reach extremes. This level of fire resistance sets the CEV6528 apart as a leader in safeguarding against environmental threats.

Versatility and Customization

American Security safes, particularly the CEV6528, are designed with the user’s specific needs in mind. Its customizable features—ranging from lock options to internal configurations—allow for a tailored security experience. Whether for use as a home vault, gun safe, or commercial security solution, the CEV6528 can be adapted to fit various security requirements, demonstrating its versatility across different settings.

A Legacy of Reliability

American Security, renowned for its TL rated safes and burglar safes, continues to lead the industry with the CEV6528. This model embodies the company’s legacy of providing high-security safes that blend technological advancements with uncompromising quality. Each AMSEC safe represents a commitment to reliability, durability, and customer satisfaction, ensuring that users receive the best protection available.

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Weight3153 lbs
Dimensions29.5 × 35 × 72 in
AMSEC Burglary Level




Burglary Rating


Business Safe


Combo Lock


Cubic Inches




Door Clearance

65.00 x 28.00

Electronic Lock


External Depth


External Height


External Width


Fill Type

Concrete Mix

Fire Rating


Fire Rating Degrees


Fits Closet


High Security


Home Safe


Internal Depth


Internal Height


Internal Width



Free Standing

Total Body Thickness


Total Door Thickness


Total Steal in body


Total Steel on Door

0.24 (4 Ga.)

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