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Hollon FD-2014C Depository Safe


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  • Outside Dimensions: 20.25”H x 14”W x 14”D
  • Inside Dimensions: 10.50”H x 13.50”W x 12.25”D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 1.00
  • Weight: 90 lbs.
  • Burglar Rating: B
  • Anti-Fish Baffle prevents theft through the deposit door
  • Four anchor holes provided to secure your safe to the floor
  • ½” thick solid steel door
  • 3) 1.20″ diameter solid steel live locking bolts
  • Heavy duty dead bar prevents door removal during a forced entry attempt


Design and Construction: Engineered for Endurance

The Hollon FD-2014C is meticulously crafted to serve as the first line of defense for your business’s cash and valuables. With an exterior dimension of 20 ¼ inches in height, 14 inches in width, and 14 inches in depth, it offers a compact yet secure storage solution that can be conveniently placed under counters or in other limited spaces within commercial settings. The interior, measuring 10 ½ inches by 13½ inches by 12¼ inches, provides ample space for daily deposits, while the safe’s overall weight of 90 lbs underscores its sturdy construction without compromising placement flexibility.

Constructed from solid steel plates welded with continuous welds for all parts of the safe, the FD-2014C is built to withstand attempts at forced entry. The safe features a ½-inch thick solid steel door, fortified with three 1 ¼-inch solid steel active locking bolts and a heavy-duty hinge side locking bar, offering exceptional resistance against drilling and other forms of physical attack.

Advanced Security Features: Safeguarding Your Assets

At the heart of the FD-2014C’s security measures is the UL Listed Group 2 Dial Lock, a testament to Hollon’s commitment to integrating only the most reliable locking mechanisms. This lock provides a high level of security that is both manageable for authorized users and impenetrable to potential intruders.

One of the FD-2014C’s most notable features is its anti-fish baffle, a crucial component that prevents theft through the deposit door. This design ensures that once deposits are made, they cannot be retrieved through the drop slot, thus significantly reducing the risk of internal theft or shrinkage.

Furthermore, the inclusion of a drill-resistant hard plate on the door serves as a formidable barrier against drilling attacks, ensuring that the safe’s contents remain secure even in the face of determined efforts to breach its defenses.

Ideal for a Range of Commercial Applications

The Hollon FD-2014C is not merely a safe; it is a comprehensive security solution designed for a heavy-duty commercial environment. Its B-rated designation makes it an ideal choice for businesses that require a dependable safe for daily cash drops, such as restaurants, chain stores, convenience stores, and government applications. The safe’s robust construction and thoughtful design also make it suitable for use with armored car services, offering an added layer of security for businesses that handle significant cash transactions.

In addition to its primary function as a cash drop safe, the FD-2014C’s versatility extends to its use as a secure storage solution for other valuable items, including documents, checks, and keys, making it an indispensable asset for any business looking to enhance its security measures.

Performance in High-Stakes Environments

The Hollon FD-2014C has been designed to thrive in the demanding conditions of a commercial setting. Its B-rated safe classification is a testament to its robust construction and ability to deter burglaries. Businesses such as convenience stores, restaurants, and retail chains find the FD-2014C invaluable for its immediate deposit capabilities, allowing for a swift and secure transfer of cash from the till to the safe, minimizing exposure to theft.

Enhanced User Experience with Advanced Features

Hollon goes beyond basic security features to incorporate advanced functionalities that enhance the user experience and security. The FD-2014C features four anchor holes, providing the option to securely bolt the safe to the floor. This bolting down capability is crucial in preventing the entire safe from being removed from its premises, offering an additional layer of security and peace of mind for business owners.

Moreover, the dial lock mechanism of the FD-2014C has been chosen for its reliability and resilience against tampering. While providing a high level of security, the UL Listed Group 2 Dial Lock also offers straightforward operation for authorized personnel. This balance of security and accessibility ensures that daily operations run smoothly without compromising the safe’s protective functions.

Tailored for Varied Business Needs

The FD-2014C’s interior organization is thoughtfully designed with businesses in mind. The inclusion of adjustable shelves allows for customization according to the specific needs of each business, whether for organizing cash, storing documents, or keeping other valuables. This flexibility makes the FD-2014C an adaptable solution for a wide range of commercial environments, from small businesses to large corporations.

The heavy-duty construction and strategic design elements of the FD-2014C, including the anti-fish baffle and drill-resistant hard plate, ensure that it stands up to both external threats and the risk of internal shrinkage. These features work together to create a depository safe that businesses can rely on for daily operations, knowing that their assets are protected against a variety of threats.

A Safe that Grows with Your Business

Choosing the Hollon FD-2014C is an investment in your business’s future security. Its scalable design means that as your business grows, the FD-2014C continues to provide the necessary protection for increasing volumes of cash and valuable assets. This adaptability, combined with its durable construction, ensures that the FD-2014C is a long-term security solution capable of meeting the evolving needs of your business.

A Convergence of Security and Efficiency

The Hollon FD-2014C exemplifies a perfect blend of rigorous security measures and operational efficiency. Designed with the commercial environment in mind, it addresses the critical need for a secure, reliable method for depositing daily cash takings and valuable items. The anti-fish baffle and drill-resistant hard plate underscore Hollon’s commitment to thwarting theft attempts, while the UL Listed Group 2 Dial Lock ensures ease of access for authorized personnel without compromising on security.

Adaptable to Diverse Commercial Needs

What sets Hollon FD-2014C apart in the realm of depository safes is its versatility. The adjustable shelves and spacious interior accommodate a wide range of items, from cash to documents and other valuables. This adaptability makes it ideal for a multitude of business settings, including restaurants, retail stores, convenience stores, and more. The FD-2014C’s robust construction and thoughtful design ensure it can serve a central role in the cash management processes of any business, providing a secure stopping point between the cash register and the bank.

Investment in Long-Term Security

Choosing the Hollon FD-2014C is an investment in your business’s long-term security infrastructure. Its solid steel construction, coupled with advanced security features, offers peace of mind that your assets are protected around the clock. The inclusion of four anchor holes for bolting the safe to the floor is a testament to Hollon’s understanding of commercial security needs, ensuring the safe remains immovable against attempted removal.

The Hollon Advantage

Hollon Safe’s reputation for durability, reliability, and customer satisfaction is fully embodied in the FD-2014C. This safe is not just a deterrent against external threats; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to enhance the internal controls of any business, minimizing the risk of internal theft and ensuring that cash handling processes are as secure as possible.

A Cornerstone of Commercial Security

In summary, the Hollon FD-2014C stands out as a cornerstone of commercial security, providing businesses with a dependable, efficient, and adaptable solution for managing and protecting their assets. Its integration into your security strategy signifies a proactive step towards mitigating risks associated with cash handling and asset storage. With the FD-2014C, Hollon Safe continues its legacy of offering superior protection for businesses, combining state-of-the-art security features with practical design to meet the high demands of the commercial environment.

In a landscape where security is paramount, the Hollon FD-2014C emerges as a clear choice for businesses seeking to enhance their defenses against both internal and external threats. Its exceptional blend of durability, functionality, and adaptability makes it an invaluable asset for any commercial setting, promising not just security but the assurance that your business’s valuables are protected under the watchful eye of one of the industry’s best.

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Weight90 lbs
Dimensions14 × 14 × 20.25 in


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