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Gardall GWB3522 B-Rated Wide-Body Depository Safe


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  • Outside Dimensions: 35″H x 21.75″W x 16.50″D
  • Inside Dimensions:
    • Top: 8.50″H x 23.38″W x 10.50″D
    • Bottom: 15.50″H x 21.50″W x 14″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage:
    • Top Compartment: 1.20
    • Bottom Compartment: 2.7
  • Weight: 307 lbs.
  • Color: Gray
  • Shelf Count: 2
  • Burglar Rating: B
  • Lock: Combination lock
  • ¼”-thick body and ½”-thick door

*Add 2” to outside depth for dial and handle.


Gardall GWB3522: Premier Security for Commercial Applications

Enhanced Burglary Resistance: Gardall GWB3522 is designed with a recessed door, significantly reducing the risk of pry attacks, a common method employed by burglars. This design choice is complemented by a ½” plate steel door, offering substantial resistance against forced entry attempts, thus ensuring the contents remain secure against unauthorized access.

Advanced Locking Mechanism for Superior Protection: Equipped with a UL-listed, Group II combination lock, the GWB3522 provides secure access through a reliable and time-tested locking system. The addition of a hard plate around the lock, coupled with an independent relocker, enhances protection against drilling and manipulation attempts, ensuring that valuables, cash deposits, and sensitive documents are safeguarded.

Versatile Depository Options to Meet Business Needs: Recognizing the varied requirements of businesses, the GWB3522 offers options for a Rotary or Front Loading depository, facilitating secure and convenient deposits. This flexibility allows businesses to choose the depository configuration that best aligns with their operational needs, enhancing the safe’s utility for daily cash management.

Tailored Features for Organizational Efficiency

Organized Storage with Adjustable Shelves: The interior of the GWB3522 is thoughtfully designed with two shelves, providing ample space for organizing cash, documents, and other valuables. This feature enables businesses to maximize the use of space within the safe, facilitating easy access and efficient management of stored items.

Dedicated Drop Compartment with Enhanced Security: Featuring a drop compartment equipped with cam locks, Gardall GWB3522 offers a secure space specifically for cash register trays. This compartment is designed to keep cash trays secure when not in use, effectively reducing the risk of petty theft and cash drawer discrepancies.

Secure Anchoring for Additional Theft Deterrence: The inclusion of anchoring holes at the bottom of the GWB3522 allows for the safe to be securely bolted down, enhancing its defense against physical removal. This anchoring capability is crucial for commercial settings, where the physical security of the safe is paramount to deter theft.

The Gardall GWB3522 emerges as a comprehensive security solution, offering businesses advanced protection for their cash and valuables. Its combination of robust construction, sophisticated locking mechanisms, and organizational features makes it an invaluable asset for any commercial entity looking to enhance its security measures.

Enhanced Security for Peace of Mind

Hardened Defense Mechanisms: The GWB3522’s construction features a recessed door and a ½” plate steel door, significantly increasing its resistance to pry attacks and forced entry. These design choices are critical in commercial settings where the risk of burglary attempts is higher. The safe’s hard plate around the lock, coupled with an independent relocker, ensures that even if tampering occurs, the contents remain secure.

Sophisticated Locking System: A UL-listed, Group II combination lock secures the GWB3522, offering reliable protection through a proven mechanism. This high-security lock is designed to thwart lock picking and drilling attempts, providing an additional layer of security for the safe’s contents.

Operational Efficiency and Organizational Flexibility

Customizable Interior Configuration: The GWB3522 is designed with a drop compartment featuring cam locks and two shelves, allowing for efficient organization of cash register trays and other valuable items. This internal layout is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to streamline their cash handling processes, offering a secure space that can be tailored to meet various storage needs.

Anchoring for Added Stability: Recognizing the importance of securing the safe to prevent removal, the GWB3522 includes anchoring holes at the bottom. This feature enables businesses to bolt the safe securely to the floor, providing an extra measure of security and deterring theft by making it significantly more challenging to move or remove the safe.

Designed for Commercial Use: With its substantial weight and optimized dimensions, the GWB3522 is suited for a wide range of commercial applications. Whether used in retail, hospitality, or any other setting where cash management is a priority, this safe offers the durability and security features necessary to protect assets effectively.

The Gardall GWB3522 represents a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to enhance their security posture. Its combination of advanced protection features, customizable interior, and secure anchoring options makes it a valuable addition to any commercial operation focused on safeguarding cash and valuables.

Strategic Value and Comprehensive Protection

Advanced Burglary Deterrence: The Gardall GWB3522 is designed with a recessed door and a half-inch plate steel door, offering superior resistance to pry attacks and unauthorized entry attempts. This level of protection is critical for businesses where the potential for burglary and forced entry poses a significant risk to cash assets.

Enhanced Lock Security: Equipped with a UL-listed, Group II combination lock, Gardall GWB3522 ensures that access is limited to authorized personnel only. The inclusion of a hard plate around the lock and an independent relocker adds layers of security, safeguarding against lock tampering and drilling attempts.

Optimized for Business Efficiency

Customizable Storage Solutions: With its drop compartment featuring cam locks and two adjustable shelves, the GWB3522 provides a versatile storage environment. This allows businesses to organize cash, documents, and other valuables efficiently, tailoring the interior space to meet specific operational needs.

Secure Anchoring for Increased Stability: The provision of anchoring holes at the bottom of Gardall GWB3522 underscores its commitment to security, allowing for the safe to be bolted down. This feature not only enhances theft deterrence by preventing the safe’s removal but also contributes to the overall security strategy of a business.

Designed for Commercial Applications: Gardall GWB3522’s robust construction and thoughtful design make it an ideal choice for a wide range of commercial settings. Whether for retail, hospitality, or any sector requiring secure cash management, the GWB3522 offers the reliability and security features necessary for peace of mind.

The Gardall GWB3522 stands out as a comprehensive security solution, meticulously crafted to meet the complex demands of commercial cash management and protection. Its blend of durable construction, advanced security features, and flexible interior configurations makes it a strategic investment for businesses aiming to secure their assets effectively.

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Weight307 lbs
Dimensions16.50 × 21.75 × 35 in


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