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AMSEC NF6030E5 Rifle & Gun Safe with Electronic Lock


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  • Outside Dimensions: 59″H x 30″W x 26″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 53.50″H x 25.31″W x 18.13″D
  • Clear Door: 52″H x 22.75″W
  • Gun Capacity: 14-14-28 + 2
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 14.38
  • Weight: 854 lbs.
  • Color: Gunmetal Gray
  • Fire Rating: 90 Minutes
  • Burglar Rating: RSC
  • Lock: Electronic
  • 1/4″ steel door
  • Lifetime Warranty against theft and fire


The AMSEC NF6030 – Where Security Meets Value

More Than Just a Safe, An Investment in Peace of Mind

In the world of gun safes, security isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. The AMSEC NF6030 doesn’t just meet that need, it surpasses it, offering unwavering protection for your firearms against both theft and fire. But it’s not just about the features; it’s about the peace of mind that comes with knowing your valuables are secure.

Built to Withstand

Imagine a barrier so impenetrable it defies even the most determined attempts. AMSEC NF6030 boasts a quarter-inch solid steel plate door and an 11-gauge steel body, forming an impregnable fortress against break-ins. This UL-certified Residential Security Container (RSC) exceeds industry standards, ensuring your firearms remain safe even under forceful attacks.

A Fiery Foe’s Nightmare

But the NF6030 isn’t just tough; it’s also fire-resistant. Lined with three layers of drywall and equipped with dual door seals, it boasts an impressive 90-minute Intertek-verified fire rating. This means your firearms and other valuables will be shielded from temperatures exceeding 1200°F, offering precious time in case of a fire.

Beyond the Basics

While security and fire protection are paramount, the NF6030 doesn’t stop there. Its spacious interior and industry-leading flexibility cater to various needs. The door organizer and storage for two long guns on the door provide quick access to frequently used firearms, while the adjustable shelves allow you to customize the space for your specific needs. An AC power outlet adds convenience for charging accessories, making the NF6030 your ultimate gun storage solution.

Investment in Quality

Owning AMSEC NF6030 is an investment in American quality and peace of mind. It comes backed by a lifetime warranty against theft and fire, solidifying AMSEC’s commitment to your satisfaction. Additionally, the gunmetal gray finish with black nickel hardware exudes a sleek and professional look, seamlessly integrating into your home or office environment.

More Than Just a Safe, a Statement

Choosing the AMSEC NF6030 is a statement of your commitment to protecting your valuables and ensuring their safety. It’s a testament to your responsible gun ownership and your dedication to fire preparedness.

 Unveiling the NF6030’s Hidden Depths – Features that Matter

Beyond the Fortress Walls

While the NF6030’s unyielding security and fire protection stand out, its true value lies in its thoughtful features designed for convenience and accessibility. Let’s explore some hidden gems:

Effortless Organization

Say goodbye to cluttered gun safes. The NF6030 offers a modular interior with adjustable shelves that effortlessly adapt to your needs. Whether you own a diverse collection of pistols and rifles or prioritize long guns, the flexible layout allows for optimal organization and easy access.

Quick-Access Arsenal

The door organizer provides a dedicated space for frequently used items like magazines, cleaning supplies, and ear protection. Additionally, the two long gun mounts on the door offer instant access to your most essential firearms, ensuring you’re prepared when needed.

Power Up Your Security

The integrated AC power outlet eliminates the need for extension cords and messy power strips. Use it to charge accessories like lights, dehumidifiers, or even security cameras, enhancing the overall functionality and security of your safe.

Peace of Mind, Always

The NF6030 comes equipped with a user-friendly ESL5 electronic safe lock. This lock offers multiple user access with customizable permissions, allowing you to control who has access to the safe and their level of access. Additionally, the lock status indicator provides real-time updates on the safe’s security status, offering peace of mind at a glance.

American-Made Excellence

Crafted with pride in the USA, the NF6030 is built to last. Its durable steel construction and high-quality components guarantee years of reliable performance, ensuring your valuables remain protected for generations to come.

More Than a Safe, a Secure Ecosystem

AMSEC NF6030 is not just a standalone unit; it’s part of a comprehensive security ecosystem. AMSEC offers a wide range of complementary products, including gun cabinets, ammo cans, and security accessories, allowing you to tailor your security solution to your specific needs and preferences.

Invest in Confidence, Invest in the NF6030

Choosing the AMSEC NF6030 isn’t just about safeguarding your firearms; it’s about investing in confidence and peace of mind. With its unmatched security, fire protection, and thoughtful features, it’s the ideal choice for discerning gun owners who value both protection and accessibility.

Unlocking Confidence – Owning the Peace the NF6030 Delivers

Beyond Specifications, Embracing Security’s Embrace

Choosing the AMSEC NF6030 transcends mere technical details. It’s about owning a sense of security that permeates your daily life, knowing your firearms are safeguarded against theft and fire’s wrath. It’s about investing in peace of mind, assured that your valuable assets are protected, come what may.

Imagine this:

A fortress of steel guards your firearms, its quarter-inch solid steel plate door and 11-gauge steel body an impenetrable shield against burglary attempts. UL-certified burglary resistance adds another layer of confidence, ensuring even the most determined intruder faces an insurmountable challenge.

But security isn’t the only concern. Imagine a fiery inferno engulfing your surroundings. The NF6030 stands defiant, its 90-minute Intertek-verified fire rating a testament to its resilience. Three layers of drywall lining and dual door seals create a fire-resistant barrier, protecting your valuables from temperatures exceeding 1200°F. This precious time buffer allows for safe retrieval in case of an emergency.

The NF6030 understands that security shouldn’t come at the cost of convenience. Its spacious interior and adjustable shelves adapt to your needs, offering flexible storage for a diverse collection of firearms and accessories. The door organizer keeps frequently used items within easy reach, while the two long gun mounts provide instant access to essential firearms.

Technology enhances security further. The ESL5 electronic lock allows for multiple user access with customizable permissions, ensuring only authorized individuals have access. The lock status indicator provides real-time updates on the safe’s security status, offering a visual confirmation of peace of mind.

Owning AMSEC NF6030 is about embracing an American legacy. Crafted with pride in the USA, it’s built to last, its durable steel construction and high-quality components guaranteeing years of reliable performance. This investment in American quality secures not just your valuables but also the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’re protected by the best.

The NF6030 is more than just a gun safe; it’s a statement of responsibility and preparedness. It’s a testament to your commitment to protecting yourself and your loved ones, offering an unwavering shield against threats and the peace of mind that comes with it.

Additional information

Weight854 lbs
Dimensions26 × 30 × 59 in


Burglary Rating


Fire Rating

90 Minutes

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