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Gardall FB2714 One-Hour Fire and UL RSC Burglary Safe


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  • Outside Dimension: 33.50″H x 20″W x 22.75″D
  • Inside Dimension: 27.50”H x 14.75”W x 14.75”D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 3.4
  • Weight: 412 lbs.
  • Color: Gray
  • Shelf Count: 2
  • Fire Rating: 1 hour
  • Burglar Rating: U.L. RSC


Gardall FB2714: Advanced Protection and Durability

Superior Fire and Burglary Defense: The FB2714 elevates security standards with its 1 Hour K.S 350°F Fire Label and U.L. RSC Burglary Label, affirming its ability to withstand extreme conditions while safeguarding valuables and important documents. This dual-certification ensures comprehensive protection, providing peace of mind to users who prioritize the safety of their assets against the dual threats of fire damage and unauthorized access.

Robust Construction for Maximum Security: Featuring a heavy-duty design with a 4-inch thick door and a 3-inch thick body, the FB2714’s composite construction enhances its resistance to both thermal and physical attacks. An independent glass re-locking system acts as a secondary line of defense, activating to secure the safe’s contents even if the primary lock is compromised, ensuring an added layer of security.

Ease of Use and Installation: Designed with user convenience in mind, the FB2714 includes a three-spoke chrome-plated vault handle, allowing for easy operation without sacrificing security. The center bolt-down feature facilitates secure installation, enhancing the safe’s defense by preventing easy removal or relocation, thus bolstering its overall security posture within any space.

Versatile Locking Mechanisms and Aesthetic Appeal

Flexible Security Options: Recognizing the diverse security needs of its users, the FB2714 offers a UL-listed, Group II combination lock as a standard feature, providing reliable and time-tested protection. For those seeking additional customization, options for U.L. electronic or key-operated locks are available, allowing users to tailor the locking mechanism to their specific preferences and requirements.

Designed for Durability and Style: Beyond its security features, the FB2714 boasts an attractive two-tone paint finish, enhancing its durability and visual appeal. This design consideration ensures that the safe not only offers unparalleled protection but also complements the aesthetic of its environment, whether it’s placed in a home, office, or commercial setting.

The Gardall FB2714 represents a pinnacle of safe design, offering unmatched protection against fire and burglary with its advanced features and robust construction. Ideal for those seeking a reliable solution for securing their valuables, the FB2714 stands as a testament to Gardall’s commitment to providing high-quality security solutions.

Operational Efficiency and Security Integration

Streamlined Access with Enhanced Security Features: The Gardall FB2714 facilitates secure and convenient access to stored items without compromising on safety. Equipped with a UL-listed, Group II combination lock, it offers a high level of security that is both reliable and time-tested. For users seeking modernized security solutions or specific lock preferences, the FB2714 also provides options for U.L. electronic or key-operated locks, enhancing customization and flexibility to meet diverse security needs.

Durable Construction for Long-term Reliability: Emphasizing resilience, the FB2714 features a robust build with a 4-inch thick door and a 3-inch thick body. This heavy-duty construction is complemented by composite materials for both the door and body, ensuring superior resistance against fire and burglary attempts. The inclusion of an independent glass re-locking system adds a critical layer of security, activating to secure the contents even in the event of a lock compromise.

Customizable Features for Diverse Security Needs

Adaptable to Various Settings: The FB2714’s design, characterized by an attractive two-tone paint finish and a three-spoke chrome-plated vault handle, combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. This ensures that the safe not only provides top-notch security but also fits seamlessly into the decor of any environment, from home offices to commercial spaces. The presence of two shelves inside the safe allows for organized storage, maximizing space utilization and accessibility.

Easy Installation with Enhanced Security: The center bolt-down feature of the FB2714 underscores its focus on security, offering an effective deterrent against physical removal or relocation of the safe. This feature, coupled with the provision of hardware for installation, ensures that setting up the safe is straightforward and enhances its overall security by anchoring it firmly in place.

The Gardall FB2714 emerges as a comprehensive solution for those seeking advanced fire and burglary protection. Its combination of high-quality security features, operational efficiency, and thoughtful design makes it an invaluable asset for protecting valuables and important documents.

Strategic Value and Comprehensive Protection

Unmatched Security Measures: The Gardall FB2714 stands as a fortress for valuables, documents, and other irreplaceable items, offering peace of mind with its 1 Hour K.S 350°F Fire Label and U.L. RSC Burglary Label. This dual certification signifies the safe’s ability to withstand extreme conditions, ensuring comprehensive protection against the most common threats to valuables.

Robust and Reliable Construction: Featuring a heavy-duty build with a 4-inch thick door and a 3-inch thick body, the FB2714’s design prioritizes security without compromise. Its composite construction enhances its defensive capabilities against physical attacks and fire, while the independent glass re-locking system provides an additional layer of security, activating in the event of tampering or lock compromise.

Designed for User Convenience: Beyond its protective features, the FB2714 is engineered for ease of use, incorporating a three-spoke chrome-plated vault handle for accessible operation. The center bolt-down installation feature not only simplifies the setup process but also enhances the safe’s security by firmly anchoring it to prevent unauthorized removal.

Enduring Benefits for Users

Customizable Locking Mechanisms: Catering to diverse preferences and security needs, the FB2714 offers a standard UL-listed, Group II combination lock with options for U.L. electronic or key-operated locks. This flexibility allows users to tailor their security setup, ensuring optimal protection aligned with individual or organizational requirements.

Aesthetic Appeal and Functional Design: Gardall FB2714’s attractive two-tone paint finish and elegant design make it a seamless addition to any space, enhancing the environment while providing top-tier security. The inclusion of two shelves optimizes interior space, allowing for organized and accessible storage of various items.

Lifetime Replacement Warranty: Reflecting Gardall’s confidence in their products, the FB2714 comes with a Gardall Lifetime Replacement Warranty, offering users additional assurance in the longevity and reliability of their investment. This commitment to quality underscores the safe’s role as a long-term security solution.

The Gardall FB2714 embodies the pinnacle of safe design, offering unmatched protection, operational efficiency, and adaptability. Ideal for those seeking a secure environment for their valuables and critical documents, the FB2714 stands as a testament to Gardall’s leadership in providing high-quality security solutions.

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Weight412 lbs
Dimensions22.75 × 20 × 33.5 in


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Business Safe


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Home Safe


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