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AMSEC CSC1913 Burglary & Fire Rated Safe


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  • Outside Dimensions: 24.50″H x 18″W x 19.88″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 19″H x 12.38″W x 12.2″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 1.67
  • Weight: 318 lbs.
  • Shelf Count: 2
  • Fire Rating: Two Hours
  • Burglar Rating: B-Rated
  • Color: Charcoal Gray (Textured)
  • Lock: Combination with Spy-proof Dial Standard
  • 4 ⅝” steel door and 2 ⅞” thick body


Enhanced Burglary and Fire Protection

Burglary Deterrence: AMSEC CSC1913 is engineered with “B” rated heavy-duty construction, ensuring a high level of security suitable for commercial applications. It is equipped with a UL-certified RSC (Residential Security Container) burglary protection rating, indicating its effectiveness in resisting unauthorized access attempts.

Advanced Fire Resistance: This safe offers exceptional fire protection, with a 2-hour 350°F fire rating, tested at temperatures up to 1700°F. Such capability is crucial for businesses and homeowners who need to protect important documents, digital media, and other valuable items from fire damage. The safe’s comprehensive fire protection strategy includes a heat expandable intumescent door seal designed to guard contents against severe fire conditions.

Superior Construction and Locking Mechanism

Robust Composite Door and Body: AMSEC CSC1913 features a 4-5/8″ thick composite door and a 2-7/8″ thick composite body, providing a formidable barrier against both physical attacks and fire. The door’s overall thickness, constructed with a 2″ defense barrier of outer and inner steel plates, enhances the safe’s structural integrity.

Secure Locking Mechanism: Security is further reinforced by the inclusion of two 1-1/2″ diameter solid steel chrome-plated locking bolts and two 1-1/2″ diameter solid steel dead bolts. These components lock deep into the body of the safe, preventing door removal even during a forced entry attempt. The safe is equipped with the AMSEC ESL10 U.L. Listed Type 1 electronic lock, offering a reliable and convenient access mechanism, while a tempered glass relock device provides an added layer of protection against lock tampering.

User-Friendly Features and Durability

Durable and Adjustable Interior: Inside, AMSEC CSC1913 boasts durable powder-coated adjustable shelves, allowing for customized storage solutions that accommodate a variety of item sizes. This flexibility ensures that valuables are not only protected but also organized and easily accessible.

Attractive Design and Easy Operation: The safe’s charcoal gray textured paint finish offers an attractive appearance that can seamlessly blend into any décor. Its design is complemented by heavy-duty steel hinges for smooth door operation, a full-width fascia panel, and a matching three-point handle, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Secure Installation Options: With one internal counter-sunk anchor hole and mounting hardware provided, AMSEC CSC1913 can be securely anchored to prevent unauthorized removal or relocation. This installation feature is vital for maintaining the safe’s integrity and effectiveness as part of an overall security strategy.

Advanced Security Features for Enhanced Protection

Locking Mechanism Precision: The AMSEC CSC1913 is equipped with the AMSEC ESL10, a U.L. Listed Type 1 electronic lock known for its reliability and security. This electronic lock enhances the safe’s defense mechanisms by offering a sophisticated, user-friendly access point that is resistant to tampering and unauthorized entry attempts.

Tempered Glass Relock Device: A standout security feature of the CSC1913 is its tempered glass relock device. In the event of an attack where the lock is targeted, the glass will shatter, activating relock mechanisms that secure the safe even more firmly, providing an additional layer of defense against forced entry.

Fire Resistance and Construction Integrity

Optimized Fire Protection: AMSEC CSC1913’s 2-hour fire protection rating at 350°F, tested up to 1700°F, underscores its ability to safeguard contents against extreme heat and fire conditions. The intumescent door seal expands in the event of a fire, sealing off the interior to protect its contents from heat and smoke.

Composite Construction for Durability: The safe’s body and door are constructed from a composite material that not only contributes to its burglary resistance but also enhances its fireproof capabilities. This double-wall steel construction, filled with a unique proprietary fire-resistant material, encapsulates the safe’s commitment to protecting valuable assets under any condition.

Practical Design Elements

Interior Customization: Inside, the CSC1913 features adjustable shelves coated with durable powder paint, offering flexibility in organizing stored items. This adaptability makes the safe ideal for a variety of uses, from storing sensitive documents to safeguarding precious valuables.

Ease of Use and Aesthetic Appeal: Despite its robust security features, AMSEC CSC1913 does not sacrifice ease of use or aesthetic appeal. Its heavy-duty steel hinges ensure smooth door operation, while the full-width fascia panel and three-point handle add to its attractive design, allowing the safe to blend seamlessly into any environment.

Secure Anchoring for Added Safety: The inclusion of an internal counter-sunk anchor hole, along with provided mounting hardware, means AMSEC CSC1913 can be securely fixed within a chosen location, deterring attempts to remove or relocate the safe. This anchoring capability is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the safe’s protective features.

Comprehensive Protection and Reliability

Superior Burglary and Fire Resistance: AMSEC CSC1913’s “B” rated heavy-duty construction and UL-certified RSC burglary protection underscore its capability to withstand attempted break-ins, while its 120-minute fire protection offers peace of mind that valuables will be safeguarded even under extreme conditions. This safe’s construction, featuring a composite door and body, provides a formidable barrier against both physical attacks and fire damage.

Advanced Locking System for Secure Access: Equipped with the AMSEC ESL10 electronic lock, the CSC1913 offers a secure yet accessible locking mechanism that enhances the safe’s overall security posture. The inclusion of a tempered glass relock device adds an extra layer of security, ensuring that the contents remain protected even if the lock is targeted during an attack.

Designed for Versatility and Ease of Use

Customizable Interior for Organized Storage: The adjustable powder-coated shelves within the CSC1913 allow for a tailored storage solution, enabling efficient organization of documents, digital media, and other valuables. This feature, along with the safe’s spacious interior, ensures that items are not only secure but also easily accessible.

Aesthetically Pleasing and Functional Design: AMSEC CSC1913’s charcoal gray textured paint finish and ergonomic three-point handle complement its robust security features with a design that is both attractive and functional. The heavy-duty steel hinges facilitate easy and smooth door operation, enhancing the user experience without compromising security.

Secure Installation and Long-Term Durability

Anchoring Features for Enhanced Security: With an internal counter-sunk anchor hole and included mounting hardware, the CSC1913 can be securely anchored to a chosen location, further deterring theft by preventing the safe’s removal. This feature is integral to the safe’s design, reinforcing its position as a steadfast protector of valuables.

A Benchmark in Security Excellence

The AMSEC CSC1913 sets a benchmark in security excellence, offering a sophisticated solution for those in need of a safe that provides both high-level burglary deterrence and exceptional fire protection. Its construction, locking mechanism, and fireproof capabilities are complemented by user-friendly features and an attractive design, making the CSC1913 an ideal choice for securing a wide range of valuables.

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Weight318 lbs
Dimensions19.88 × 18 × 24.5 in


Burglary Rating


Fire Rating

2 Hours

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