Gardall 4820 Two Hour Fire Rated Large Record Safe with Dial Combination Lock

Gardall 4820 Two Hour Fire Rated Large Record Safe


Technical Features:

  • Outside Dimensions: 55.50″H x 25.75″W x 26.75″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 48.25″H x 20.5″W x 19.50″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 11.16
  • Weight: 975 lbs.
  • Color: Gray, Sandstone
  • Shelf Count: 4
  • Fire Rating: Two Hours
  • Burglar Rating: B
  • Independent locking device

*Add 2” to outside depth for dial and handle. 



*Not an actual color.

Lock: *

Order total:
  • Protect valuables from burglary and fire for up to two hours
  • Versatile and practical residential or commercial safe
  • With a top-notch locking system
  • Stress-free installation

Protect your valuables from burglary and fire up to two hours

With the Gardall 4820 Safe, you can avoid destroying or losing an important document or precious object due to burglary or fire. This safe has a Two-Hour Fire-Rated Large Record and can withstand temperatures of up to 1850°F with an interior temperature of no more than 350°F (paper chars at 405°F) for up to two hours till cooldown time.

Versatile and practical residential or commercial safe

If you own a business, you must secure several vital flammable objects such as contracts, checks, inventories, and money. These objects may be stolen or damaged as a result of a burglary or a fire. Because these sad situations occur not only in the office but also in your neighborhood, Gardall 4820 Record Safe should be installed in both locations. It has an 11.16 cubic feet storage capacity with four adjustable shelves to suit your needs. Depending on your current storage needs, you can use all of the shelf dividers or just a few. This safe is available in two colors: gray and sandstone, and will fit perfectly with any home or workplace decor.

With a top-notch locking system

Gardall 4820 Record Safe features a UL-listed Group II high-security lock with mechanical or electronic options. Its locking system includes 5 locking bolts and a relocking device, which prevents forceful access through the hinge removal method. It also has a strong plate between the lock and the dial ring for further security.

Stress-free installation

Gardall 4820 Record Safe has casters (wheels) welded to the bottom to allow for easy positioning of the safe. When determining where to put it, keep in mind its external dimensions of 55.50″H x 25.75″W x 26.75″D and its weight of 975 pounds.

The fundamental question is why safety is vital and what you could benefit from it

The major reasons are to keep your private documents and assets safe, as well as to protect not only yourself, but your family and others, through harmful materials out of the hands of unskilled people.

There are many various types of safes to select from, but one thing you must consider is how it will store and secure the things you value the most from burglary, improper use, fire, natural calamities, and any other hazards.

Alpine Safes will provide you with the protection and security you are looking for!

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Weight975 lbs
Dimensions26.75 × 25.75 × 55.5 in


Burglary Rating


Fire Rating

2 Hours

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