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AMSEC BFX6030 Gun & Rifle Safe – 2023 Model


Color: *
Satin Black Textured
Sandstone Textured
Granite Textured
Black Diamond Gloss/Satin Black Textured Two-Tone +$851.25
Granite/Charcoal Two-Tone +$851.25
Onyx/Satin Black Two-Tone +$851.25
Pearl Essence High Gloss +$1,113.75
Onyx High Gloss +$1,113.75
Platinum High Gloss +$1,113.75
Charcoal Metallic High Gloss +$1,113.75
Sapphire Blue High Gloss +$1,113.75
Burnt Orange High Gloss +$1,113.75
Lazer Red +$1,113.75
Logo Color: *

When ordering a safe with black nickel hardware, the standard color for the American Security logo is black. However, the logo will not display too well on darker safe colors, such as black textured or High Gloss Onyx. Feel free to choose a different logo color than the hardware color you selected above.

Hardware Color: *
Black Nickle
50 Caliber 5-spoke Handle +$37.50
Lock: *

Interior Shelves: *

Door Swing: *

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  • Outside Dimensions: 59.25″H x 30″W x 26″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 53.50″H x 26″W x 19″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 15.29
  • Weight: 1,081 lbs.
  • Gun Capacity: 11-11-22+2
  • Fire Rating: 2 Hours
  • Burglar Rating: RSC
  • 1/2″ solid steel door
  • High gloss and textured finish options
  • Lifetime warranty against theft and fire


American Security BFX6030: The Ultimate Fireproof Gun Safe

AMSEC BFX6030 redefines what it means to own a gun safe. As part of the elite BFX series, this fireproof safe stands as a testament to the ingenuity and reliability of AMSEC safes. Designed for those who seek not just a large gun safe but a comprehensive security solution, the BFX6030 merges American Security safe technology with unparalleled fire resistance, making it the preferred choice for discerning buyers looking to buy safes online.
Unrivaled Security: A Benchmark for Gun Safes Made in USA
With its robust ½”-thick solid steel plate door and advanced four-way active bolt work, the BFX6030 offers UL-certified RSC burglary protection, positioning it as a leading burglary and fire safe on the market. This American security safe is designed to provide ultimate peace of mind, featuring AMSEC’s patented security innovations that are recognized across the industry.

Exceptional Fire Protection: The Pinnacle of Fireproof Gun Safes

The BFX6030 is not merely a gun safe; it’s an ETL-certified 120-minute fire protection safe, ensuring that your valuables are safeguarded against extreme conditions. This level of protection is what makes the BFX6030 a true fireproof gun safe, setting a new standard for what customers can expect from fireproof safes.
Personalization and Functionality: Redefining American Security Safes
Offering customizable two-tone finishes and a range of hardware options, the BFX6030 caters to personal style without compromising on security or functionality. This adaptability, combined with its sophisticated interior features, solidifies the BFX6030’s position as a top-tier choice among AMSEC safes.
A Legacy of Excellence: Buy Safes Online with Confidence
Choosing the BFX6030 means investing in a legacy of American craftsmanship and innovation known for producing the finest gun safes made in the USA. American Security’s commitment to excellence ensures that each AMSEC safe is built to the highest standards, offering unrivaled protection and reliability.

Customization and Style: Personalized Security

The AMSEC BFX6030 is not just a safe; it’s a statement of style and personal preference. It offers unparalleled customization options, including two-tone combinations with a textured body in any standard color paired with either a high gloss or textured door. This flexibility allows the safe to not only protect but also to enhance the aesthetic of its surroundings. For those seeking an even more personalized touch, American Security provides options for custom finishes, from high gloss to discontinued colors, ensuring your safe is as unique as the valuables it protects. The addition of optional finials in all hardware colors adds a finishing touch of elegance, making the BFX6030 a perfect blend of form and function.

Functionality: Designed for Convenience and Accessibility

AMSEC BFX6030 boasts the industry’s most flexible interior, offering an unmatched level of organizational convenience. It features a comprehensive door organizer and storage options for long guns on the door, maximizing space while keeping items readily accessible. The inclusion of a spy-proof, key-locking dial with a decorative five-spoke handle and a convenient pull handle enhances both security and usability. The mirrored back wall adds to the interior’s visibility, making it easier to locate items quickly. Additionally, the safe is equipped with an AC power outlet with a removable cord and an LED light kit, providing illumination and power where you need it most, ensuring functionality that complements its superior protection.

Warranty and Reliability: A Lifetime of Protection

Emphasizing its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, American Security backs the BFX6030 with a lifetime warranty against theft and fire. This warranty underscores the confidence American Security has in its products, offering owners a lifetime of assurance. Proudly made in the USA, the BFX6030 reflects the craftsmanship and reliability synonymous with American Security, ensuring that your investment is protected for years to come.

The BFX Series: Unparalleled Security Meets Innovation

The BFX6030 is a cornerstone of the BFX series, American Security’s premier line of gun safes known for merging state-of-the-art security with innovative fire protection technology. Standing as the “world’s most unique gun safe,” the BFX6030 elevates the series’ reputation by offering features that are both revolutionary and reliable. Its advanced four-way active bolt work, coupled with the highest burglary and fire ratings, sets a new standard within the series, distinguishing itself not only through its robust security measures but also through its adaptability to owner preferences with extensive customization options. The BFX series represents American Security’s commitment to excellence, with each model, especially the BFX6030, embodying the pinnacle of protection and personalized security solutions.

American Security: A Legacy of Trust and Innovation

For over seven decades, American Security has been a beacon of innovation and trust in the security solutions industry. From its humble beginnings to becoming a leader in the market, American Security has continuously set the bar higher for what consumers can expect from their safes. The introduction of the BFX6030 into the market is a testament to this enduring legacy, showcasing American Security’s ability to integrate cutting-edge technology with user-centric design. Each safe, proudly made in the USA, is a product of meticulous craftsmanship, rigorous testing, and an unwavering dedication to quality.
American Security’s journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of perfection, aiming to provide customers not just with a safe, but with a comprehensive security solution that meets the evolving challenges of protection and fire resistance. The BFX6030, with its superior design, customizable features, and unmatched durability, is a reflection of American Security’s vision to offer the best protection available. Owners of the BFX6030 are not just purchasing a safe; they are investing in a legacy of security, becoming part of a tradition that values the safety of their valuables as much as they do.
By choosing the BFX6030, you entrust your most precious belongings to a safe that offers unparalleled security and fire protection, backed by a lifetime of support from a company revered for its commitment to excellence and innovation. American Security invites you to experience the peace of mind that comes with owning a BFX6030, a safe that not only secures your valuables but also stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of American craftsmanship and innovation.

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Weight1081 lbs
Dimensions26 × 30 × 59.25 in


Burglary Rating


Fire Rating

2 Hours

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