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AMSEC BFII7250 Gun & Rifle Safe – 2023 Model


Color: *
Satin Black Textured
Sandstone Textured
Granite Textured
Black Diamond Gloss/Satin Black Textured Two-Tone +$1,218.75
Granite/Charcoal Two-Tone +$1,218.75
Onyx/Satin Black Two-Tone +$1,218.75
Pearl Essence High Gloss +$1,413.75
Onyx High Gloss +$1,413.75
Platinum High Gloss +$1,413.75
Charcoal Metallic High Gloss +$1,413.75
Sapphire Blue High Gloss +$1,413.75
Burnt Orange High Gloss +$1,413.75
Lazer Red +$1,413.75
Logo Color: *

When ordering a safe with black nickel hardware, the standard color for the American Security logo is black. However, the logo will not display too well on darker safe colors, such as black textured or High Gloss Onyx. Feel free to choose a different logo color than the hardware color you selected above.

Hardware Color: *
Black Nickle
50 Caliber 5-spoke Handle +$37.50
Lock: *

Interior Shelves: *

Door Swing: *

Interior Drawers: *

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  • Outside Dimensions: 71.25″H x 50″W x 28″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 65.50″H x 46″W x 21″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 36.62
  • Weight: 2,438 lbs.
  • Gun Capacity: 14-14-14-28-42+2 or 73+2
  • Fire Rating: 2 Hours ETL certified
  • Burglar Rating: RSC Level II
  • 1/2″ solid steel door
  • High Gloss and Textured paint options
  • Lifetime warranty against theft and fire


AMSEC BFII7250: Elevating Gun Safe Standards to New Heights

The AMSEC BFII7250 gun safe stands as a monumental achievement in the BFII series, embodying the pinnacle of burglary and fireproof capabilities within a gun safe. Designed for those who demand the utmost in security and protection for their firearms and valuables, the BFII7250 merges American Security’s robust construction with innovative security features and comprehensive fire protection, solidifying its status as the world’s most unique gun safe.

Exceptional Burglary Deterrence: Fortified Security

Central to the BFII7250’s impressive security credentials is its UL certified RSC burglary protection, backed by a 1/2″-thick steel plate door and a 2-1/4”-thick body. This formidable barrier is specifically engineered to resist severe burglary attempts, providing unparalleled peace of mind to owners. Enhanced by TL-15 boltwork with 10 massive 1½” chrome-plated bolts and four pre-cut anchor holes, the BFII7250 is not just a safe; it’s a veritable fortress against unauthorized access.

Advanced Fire Protection: A Sanctuary Against Flames

Fire protection in the BFII7250 is second to none, with an ETL certified 120-minute fire rating that stands as a testament to its capability to shield contents from extreme heat and smoke. Utilizing Seamless DryLight fill for superior insulation, along with dual door seals, the safe ensures that firearms, documents, and other precious items are preserved even under the most adverse fire conditions. This level of fireproof protection categorizes the BFII7250 as a large gun safe that doesn’t compromise on safeguarding its contents.

Customization and User-Centric Design

Acknowledging the unique needs and preferences of its users, the BFII7250 boasts the industry’s most flexible interior, allowing for highly customizable storage solutions. Whether it’s organizing a diverse collection of rifles, pistols, or valuable heirlooms, this gun safe adapts to various configurations. The door organizer maximizes storage efficiency, the LED light kit and mirrored back enhance visibility, and an AC power outlet with removable cord introduces convenience for charging devices within the safe. Two-tone combinations and custom color options are available, providing the opportunity to personalize the safe to align with individual styles or decor preferences.

Advanced Security Enhancements

The BFII7250’s commitment to security is unmatched, featuring a 1/2”-thick steel plate door and a 2-1/4”-thick body, which together create an impenetrable barrier against unauthorized access. The UL Level II RSC Burglary Classification signifies its ability to withstand rigorous break-in attempts, equivalent to the standards of a TL-15 rated safe. This classification is supported by the TL-15 boltwork system, which includes 10 massive 1½” chrome-plated bolts that anchor the door securely, preventing prying and drilling.

The inclusion of a proprietary patented hard plate alongside dual external relockers and one internal relocker ensures the locking mechanism is safeguarded against tampering and lock-picking attempts. These security features are foundational to the BFII7250’s design, offering a level of protection that is essential for storing high-value firearms and valuables securely.

Comprehensive Fire Protection

The BFII7250 extends its protective capabilities to fire hazards, boasting an ETL certified 120-minute fire rating. This rating reflects the safe’s ability to maintain internal temperatures within safe limits, ensuring the preservation of its contents even during severe fire conditions. The Seamless DryLight fill provides exceptional insulation, while dual door seals offer additional defense against smoke and heat, making the BFII7250 a leading fireproof gun safe in terms of fire resistance.

User-Focused Features for Maximum Convenience

Understanding the importance of accessibility and organization, the BFII7250 offers the industry’s most flexible interior, allowing owners to customize their storage layout to accommodate an extensive range of firearms, from handguns to rifles. The door organizer enhances this customization, providing additional space for ammunition and accessories.

LED lighting and a mirrored back improve visibility within the safe, facilitating easy access to stored items. The AC power outlet with removable cord is a thoughtful addition, enabling the charging of electronic devices inside the safe. For those seeking a personalized touch, two-tone combinations and custom color options allow for aesthetic customization, ensuring the safe complements any interior design.

Setting New Benchmarks in Gun Safe Excellence

The AMSEC BFII7250 gun safe is a testament to the fusion of high-level security, sophisticated fire protection, and thoughtful design. With its UL certified RSC burglary protection and ETL certified 120-minute fire protection, the BFII7250 ensures that firearms and valuable possessions are safeguarded against both theft and extreme fire conditions. This comprehensive approach to security makes the BFII7250 an indispensable asset for those seeking the utmost in protection.

Unrivaled Security and Fire Protection

The BFII7250’s robust 1/2”-thick steel plate door and 2-1/4”-thick body, combined with TL-15 boltwork and dual relocker systems, offer unmatched deterrence against unauthorized access. The advanced fire protection capabilities further underscore its role as a fireproof gun safe, providing unparalleled defense against fire damage. These features collectively ensure that the safe’s contents remain secure and intact, even under the most challenging conditions.

Customizable and User-Centric Features

Beyond its protective capabilities, the BFII7250 shines with its industry’s most flexible interior, accommodating a wide array of firearms and accessories. The inclusion of door organizers, LED lighting, and mirrored backs enhances usability and access, while AC power outlets add convenience for modern needs. The availability of two-tone combinations and custom color options allows owners to personalize their safe, ensuring it complements any setting or personal preference.

A Legacy of Trust and Reliability

American Security’s commitment to excellence is evident in the BFII7250, offering a lifetime warranty against theft and fire and a 5-year parts and labor warranty with factory-installed locks. This commitment reflects a deep understanding of the importance of reliability and customer satisfaction in the security industry.

Additional information

Weight2438 lbs
Dimensions28 × 50 × 71.25 in


Burglary Rating

RSC Level II

Fire Rating

2 Hours

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