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Mesa PDO-32 Gun Safe Pocket Door Organizer (PDO)

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Technical Features:

  • Maximum Height: 49″H
  • Maximum Width: 26.50″W
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Heavy-Duty, lightweight canvas material
  • 2 large velcro-flap pockets
  • 12 durable elastic slots
  • Easy installation
  • Attaches internally to safe door

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  • Gun’s accessories organizer
  • Sturdy fabric
  • Easy installation
  • Spacious storage

Gun’s accessories organizer

Mesa PDO-32 Gun Safe Pocket Door Organizer (PDO) is a flexible and useful addition made to increase the amount of storage space in your gun safe with its maximum height of 49″H and maximum width of 26.50″W . This pocket door organizer offers practical storage for handguns, magazines, papers, and other small items. It is specially made to suit the interior of Mesa gun safes. You may simply alter the design to meet your storage needs thanks to the many compartments and adjustable straps.

Sturdy fabric

Mesa PDO-32 has strong fabric and stitching that has been strengthened so it can resist severe wear and deliver long-lasting performance. The pockets are cushioned to guard against scratches and damage to your weapons and accessories. The organizer attaches easily to the inner of the door of the gun safe, making advantage of the frequently unused area to keep your valuables arranged and accessible.

Easy installation

Installation of Mesa PDO-32 Gun Pocket Door Organizer takes only a short amount of time and effort with its weight of only 2 pounds. The adjustable straps make it simple to customize and store your stuff securely and 2 large velcro-flap pockets. Mesa PDO-32 offers a practical method to organize your possessions and keep them secure, whether you’re a gun enthusiast or you just need some sensible storage for your priceless goods.

Spacious storage

Anyone who wants to increase their gun safe’s storage capacity should consider purchasing the Mesa PDO-32 Gun Safe Pocket Door Organizer because it has 12 durable elastic slots. This pocket door organizer offers a useful option for keeping your pistols, magazines, and other tiny objects organized and safe thanks to its sturdy construction, adaptable design, and simple installation. Improve the interior of your gun safe with the convenience of a well-organized storage safe.

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Weight2 lbs
Dimensions26.50 × 49 in
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