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Mesa MRX1000E Double Door Pharmacy Safe


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  • Outside Dimensions: 60”H x 32”W x 16”D
  • Inside Dimensions: 59.75″H X 31.75″W X 12.50″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 13.72
  • Weight: 292 lbs.
  • All steel body construction
  • 11 gauge steel body
  • Durable adjustable shelves
  •  SecuRam® Advanced electronic lock
  • Drill-resistant hardplate and heavy-duty deadbar
  • Tamper-proof hinges for added security
  • (7) ¾” diameter solid steel live locking bolts
  • 10 pre-drilled anchor holes


Designed for High-Capacity Storage Needs

Spacious Interior for Extensive Inventory: Mesa MRX1000E boasts an impressive interior cubic footage of 18, housed within a robust exterior frame measuring 60″ x 32″ x 16″. This generous space is ideal for pharmacies and medical facilities that need to secure a large volume of pharmaceuticals, providing ample room for organized storage while maintaining easy access to medications.

Adjustable and Removable Shelving: To accommodate the diverse shapes and sizes of pharmaceutical packaging, the MRX1000E features high-strength, adjustable, and removable shelving. This adaptability ensures that every inch of interior space can be optimized, allowing for a customized organization system that meets the specific storage requirements of any pharmacy or healthcare setting.

Advanced Security Features for Ultimate Protection

SecuRam® Advanced Electronic Lock: At the forefront of Mesa MRX1000E’s security features is the SecuRam® advanced electronic lock, known for its reliability and ease of use. Protected by a drill-resistant hardplate and bolstered by a punch-activated relocking system, this lock provides an added layer of security against forced entry attempts. The lock’s design includes user-friendly features such as a low battery warning, wrong code penalty, and the ability to easily change personal codes, enhancing both security and convenience.

Robust Construction and Tamper-Proof Design: Constructed from 11-gauge steel, Mesa MRX1000E’s heavy-duty body is designed to withstand attempts at unauthorized access. The safe’s doors are secured with seven ¾” diameter solid steel live locking bolts and a heavy-duty deadbar, preventing door removal during a forced entry attempt. Additionally, tamper-proof hinges contribute to the overall security of the unit, ensuring that the doors operate smoothly while remaining impervious to tampering.

Integration into Pharmacy Operations

Anchor Holes for Added Stability: Recognizing the need for secure installation, the MRX1000E includes 10 pre-drilled anchor holes, allowing the safe to be firmly secured to the floor. This feature not only enhances the safe’s resistance to physical attacks but also ensures stability, preventing the safe from being moved or tipped over.

Tailored Access Control: The advanced electronic lock permits the designation of two user codes, enabling pharmacies to control access with precision. This capability is crucial for managing employee access to sensitive medications, ensuring that only authorized personnel can reach the inventory. The option for additional lock features, such as access audit trails or time delays, offers further customization to fit the security needs of any establishment.

Enhanced Security Protocols

Dual User Code System: The MRX1000E’s advanced electronic lock supports two distinct user codes, enabling pharmacies to implement hierarchical access control. This system allows for the differentiation between managerial and staff access, ensuring that sensitive medications and controlled substances are accessible only to authorized personnel. Such a feature is instrumental in adhering to regulatory requirements and maintaining a secure pharmaceutical environment.

Drill-Resistant Hardplate and Relocking System: Security is further amplified by the inclusion of a drill-resistant hardplate, safeguarding the lock from drill attacks—a common method employed by burglars. Complementing this, a punch-activated relocking system provides an additional security measure, automatically engaging to secure the safe’s contents in the event of a lock tampering attempt.

Operational Efficiency and Compliance

Compliance with Healthcare Regulations: Mesa MRX1000E is designed not just for security but also to assist pharmacies and healthcare establishments in complying with stringent regulations regarding the storage of medications and controlled substances. The safe’s secure locking mechanisms and audit trail capabilities (available with additional lock options) enable facilities to monitor and control access, an essential aspect of regulatory compliance.

Large Capacity and Organizational Flexibility: With 18 cubic feet of interior space and seven adjustable shelves, Mesa MRX1000E offers unparalleled organizational flexibility. This allows for the efficient management of a vast inventory, from over-the-counter medications to prescription drugs, ensuring that each item is stored securely and is readily accessible when needed. The safe’s design facilitates a streamlined workflow, enhancing operational efficiency in busy pharmacy environments.

Durable Construction and Aesthetic Integration

Heavy-Duty Steel Build: Emphasizing durability, the MRX1000E is constructed from 11-gauge steel, providing a formidable barrier against physical attacks. This construction not only ensures the long-term protection of stored items but also contributes to the safe’s overall longevity, making it a wise investment for any commercial setting.

Designed to Complement Professional Environments: Despite its robust security features and substantial storage capacity, Mesa MRX1000E is designed with aesthetics in mind. Its sleek, powder-coated white finish allows it to integrate seamlessly into the clean, professional interiors of medical facilities and pharmacies, underscoring Mesa’s commitment to combining functionality with style.

Operational Efficiency and Regulatory Compliance

Enhancing Workflow with Large-Capacity Storage: Mesa MRX1000E’s expansive interior, capable of accommodating a vast array of pharmaceuticals, streamlines the workflow within busy pharmacies and healthcare facilities. By providing organized and accessible storage, it reduces the time staff spend retrieving medications, allowing for more efficient patient care.

Meeting Regulatory Standards: In an era where the security of controlled substances is under intense scrutiny, the MRX1000E offers pharmacies a way to meet and exceed regulatory requirements for medication storage. Its advanced security features, including the SecuRam® advanced electronic lock and robust construction, ensure that pharmacies can maintain the highest standards of compliance, protecting both their inventory and their professional reputation.

A Trusted Solution for Securing Pharmaceuticals

Unmatched Security Measures: Mesa MRX1000E sets a benchmark for security in pharmaceutical storage, combining Mesa’s all-steel construction with advanced electronic locks, drill-resistant plates, and live locking bolts. These features collectively provide a formidable defense against both burglary and unauthorized access, ensuring that medications remain secure.

Customizable Access and Security: With the ability to program multiple user codes and the option for additional security features like access audit trails, the MRX1000E allows pharmacy managers to implement a comprehensive access control system. This level of customization not only enhances the safe’s security but also provides pharmacies with valuable insights into access patterns, further bolstering internal controls and accountability.

The Mesa MRX1000E as an Integral Component of Pharmacy Security

In summary, the Mesa MRX1000E Pharmacy Safe emerges as an essential component of any comprehensive pharmacy security plan. Its large-capacity storage, coupled with cutting-edge security technology and design tailored to the needs of pharmacies, makes it an ideal choice for establishments looking to secure their pharmaceuticals effectively. Beyond merely storing medications, the MRX1000E enhances operational efficiency, aids in regulatory compliance, and plays a crucial role in safeguarding patient health by ensuring that medications are kept secure and accessible only to authorized personnel.

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Weight292 lbs
Dimensions16 × 32 × 60 in


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