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Mesa MP916 Hotel Safe Pedestal

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  • Outside Dimensions: 18″H x 18″W x 15″D
  • Weight: 35 lbs.
  • Color: Cream & Black
  • All Steel Construction
  • Pre-drilled anchor holes for mounting
  • Pedestal places hotel safe 18″ off the ground for convenient access
  • Quick & easy installation


Optimized for User Convenience

Elevated Access: Mesa MP916 pedestal places any compatible Mesa hotel safe 18 inches off the ground, providing an ergonomic height for easier access. This design consideration is pivotal for ensuring that users can access their valuables comfortably, without the need to bend or stoop, enhancing the user experience in hotel rooms, dormitories, or residential settings.

All-Steel Construction for Durability: Embodying Mesa’s commitment to quality, the MP916 features high-strength all-steel construction. This robust build not only supports the weight of a fully loaded safe with ease but also contributes to the overall security system by deterring any attempts to compromise the safe’s position or integrity.

Designed for Versatile Installation

Pre-Drilled Anchor Holes: The MP916 comes equipped with pre-drilled anchor holes, facilitating quick and easy installation. These anchor points allow for the pedestal, and the safe mounted atop it, to be securely fastened to the floor. This feature is crucial for preventing the removal of the safe, thereby enhancing theft prevention and ensuring that valuables remain secured.

Compact and Space-Efficient: With dimensions of 18″ x 18″ x 15″, the MP916 pedestal is designed to be compact and space-efficient, ensuring that it can be conveniently placed in a variety of settings without occupying excessive space. Its thoughtful design ensures that it can seamlessly integrate into the aesthetic and functional layout of hotel rooms, hospital rooms, or personal spaces, providing a secure yet unobtrusive solution for safe storage.

Enhancing the Security Ecosystem

Complementary to Mesa’s MH Series Safes: The MP916 is specifically designed to complement Mesa’s MH series Residential & Hotel Safes, creating a cohesive and comprehensive security solution. When paired together, the pedestal and safe offer an optimized storage solution that prioritizes ease of access, security, and space efficiency.

Versatile Utility Across Various Settings: The versatility of the MP916 makes it an excellent choice not only for hotels looking to enhance guest security but also for universities, hospitals, and homeowners seeking reliable and accessible safe storage solutions. Its ability to adapt to different environments, coupled with the ease of installation and use, underscores its value as a multifaceted security accessory.

Enhancing Security and Convenience

Ease of Installation and Use: The MP916 Pedestal distinguishes itself with its straightforward installation process, courtesy of pre-drilled anchor holes. These allow for quick and secure mounting, ensuring the pedestal—and the safe it supports—is firmly anchored in place. This feature is particularly beneficial in hotel environments where safes must be easily accessible yet securely attached to prevent unauthorized removal.

Optimal Safe Height for User Comfort: Designed with user convenience in mind, the pedestal raises hotel safes to an ideal height of 18 inches off the ground. This thoughtful design ensures guests can comfortably access their valuables without the need to stoop or bend, enhancing the user experience in hotels, dormitories, or residential settings. Such accessibility is crucial for fostering a positive perception of the facility’s attention to guest comfort and security.

Robust Construction for Enhanced Security

All-Steel Durability: Mesa MP916’s all-steel construction forms a solid foundation for the safes it supports. Its high-strength body is built to withstand attempts at tampering or forced removal, embodying Mesa’s commitment to security. This robust construction ensures that the pedestal, in conjunction with a compatible Mesa safe, provides a formidable barrier against unauthorized access to stored valuables.

Designed for Versatile Security Needs: Whether used in hotels to secure guests’ laptops and jewelry, in university dorms for safeguarding textbooks and electronics, or in hospitals and homes for protecting sensitive documents and medications, the MP916 offers a versatile solution to a wide range of security needs. Its compatibility with Mesa’s MH series Residential & Hotel Safes further underscores its utility across various settings, ensuring valuables are kept secure yet accessible to authorized users.

A Key Component of Comprehensive Safe Systems

Integrated Security System: The MP916 Pedestal is not just an accessory but a critical component of a comprehensive safe system. By elevating the safe, it not only enhances user accessibility but also complements the safe’s security features. This integration is vital for establishments that prioritize the safety and satisfaction of their guests or residents, making the MP916 an essential addition to any security-conscious environment.

Future-Proofing Security Investments: Investing in the MP916 alongside Mesa’s hotel safes represents a forward-thinking approach to security. Facilities that deploy this integrated system demonstrate a commitment to protecting guests’ and residents’ valuables, thereby future-proofing their investment in security infrastructure.

Integral to Security Ecosystems

Universal Application Across Various Settings: The MP916’s design and functionality make it an ideal fit not just for hotels but also for educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and private residences. Its ability to elevate safes to a more accessible height transforms the user experience, making it easier for individuals to secure and retrieve their belongings. This versatility underscores the pedestal’s value in enhancing the security infrastructure of any establishment or home.

Reinforcing Safe Security: While the MP916 serves the practical purpose of raising the safe for easier access, its all-steel construction and anchor holes add a layer of theft deterrence. By securely bolting the pedestal (and the safe it supports) to the floor, the risk of unauthorized removal is significantly reduced. This feature is particularly crucial in public and commercial settings, where the potential for tampering or theft is higher.

Commitment to User Satisfaction and Safety

Enhanced Guest and Resident Experience: In the hospitality industry, and in residential contexts alike, convenience and security are paramount. The MP916 enhances both by providing a secure, easily accessible location for storing valuables. This attention to detail can significantly impact guest satisfaction and perceptions of safety, making it an invaluable addition to the amenities offered by hotels and residential complexes.

Compliance with Safety Standards: The MP916, when used in conjunction with Mesa’s MH series safes, helps facilities meet and exceed safety standards for guest and resident property storage. This compliance not only protects the establishment from potential liabilities but also assures guests and residents that their valuables are well-protected.

The Mesa MP916 as a Foundation of Trust

The Mesa MP916 Hotel Safe Pedestal is a testament to Mesa Safe’s innovative approach to security solutions. By enhancing the accessibility and security of safes, the MP916 plays a vital role in building trust between establishments and those they serve. Its robust construction, ease of installation, and thoughtful design make it an essential component of any comprehensive security strategy aimed at protecting valuables.

Investing in the MP916 is a clear statement of an establishment’s commitment to the highest standards of security and customer care. Whether for a hotel seeking to offer guests peace of mind, a university providing safe storage solutions for students, a hospital securing patient belongings, or a homeowner safeguarding personal valuables, the MP916 elevates the security environment to new heights.

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Weight35 lbs
Dimensions15 × 18 × 15 in


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