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Mesa MP101 Hotel Safe Pedestal

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  • Outside Dimensions: 18″H x 15″W x 10″D
  • Weight: 25 lbs.
  • Color: Cream
  • All Steel Construction
  • Pre-drilled anchor holes for mounting
  • Pedestal places hotel safe 18″ off the ground for convenient access
  • Quick & easy installation


Designed for Enhanced Accessibility and Security

Optimal Height for Ease of Access: Mesa MP101 pedestal raises the safe to an ideal height of 18 inches off the ground, making it significantly easier for users to access their valuables without the discomfort of bending or stooping. This feature is particularly beneficial in hotel rooms or residential spaces where convenience and quick access to stored items are paramount.

Compact and User-Friendly: With exterior dimensions of 18″ x 15″ x 10″, the MP101 is compact enough to fit in a variety of spaces while providing a stable platform for Mesa’s MH series Residential & Hotel Safes. Its design is focused on blending into the room’s aesthetics while offering a robust solution for secure storage.

Robust Construction for Lasting Durability

All-Steel Construction: The MP101 embodies Mesa’s commitment to durability through its all-steel construction. This high-strength body ensures that the pedestal, along with the safe it supports, remains secure and resistant to tampering or physical damage. The steel construction also contributes to the overall longevity of the pedestal, making it a long-term investment in security.

Pre-Drilled Anchor Holes for Secure Installation: Equipped with pre-drilled anchor holes, the MP101 can be quickly and securely installed on various surfaces. This feature allows for the safe and pedestal to be anchored firmly to the floor, significantly enhancing security by preventing unauthorized removal or repositioning of the safe.

Versatile Solution for Various Applications

Ideal for a Range of Environments: Mesa MP101’s versatility makes it an excellent choice not only for hotels looking to provide guests with secure storage options but also for universities, hospitals, and homeowners seeking reliable safe solutions. Its compact size does not compromise on the security and functionality required to protect laptops, jewelry, cameras, documents, and other valuables.

Complementary to Mesa’s Hotel Safes: While Mesa MP101 pedestal is designed to integrate seamlessly with Mesa’s MH series safes, its utility and design make it a valuable addition to any setting where the security of personal or sensitive items is a concern. Whether used in a dormitory, hospital room, or residential space, the MP101 enhances the user experience by making safe access more convenient and secure.

Integration with Mesa’s MH Series Safes

Mesa MP101 Pedestal is specifically designed to complement Mesa’s MH series Residential & Hotel Safes, creating a unified security solution. This integration ensures that safes are not only elevated for easier access but also maintain a cohesive aesthetic and functionality within the environment they are placed. The compatibility with Mesa safes underscores the pedestal’s role in providing a seamless user experience, from the ease of accessing valuables to the confidence in their security.

Enhancing Room Aesthetics and Space Utilization
Space-Efficient Design: The compact dimensions of the MP101 Pedestal make it an ideal choice for environments where space is at a premium. Its ability to fit within small areas while still providing secure and convenient access to the safe ensures that room aesthetics are not compromised. This space efficiency is particularly valuable in hotel rooms, dormitories, and hospital rooms, where maximizing usable space is crucial.

Complementary Aesthetics: Beyond its functional benefits, the MP101’s sleek all-steel construction and textured finish enhance the overall aesthetics of the room. The pedestal’s design complements modern interior decors, ensuring that it blends seamlessly with the environment while providing a vital security function.

Security Features Tailored for High Traffic Environments

Pre-Drilled Anchor Holes: The inclusion of pre-drilled anchor holes facilitates quick and secure installation, making the MP101 an immovable part of the room’s infrastructure. This feature is essential in high-traffic environments such as hotels and universities, where the risk of tampering or theft is heightened. By anchoring the safe and pedestal to the floor, establishments can deter potential theft, providing an added layer of security for guests’ and residents’ valuables.

Adaptability to Various Settings: The MP101’s design and functionality make it adaptable to a wide range of settings beyond hotels, including universities, hospitals, and private residences. Its ability to provide secure and convenient access to stored items meets the diverse needs of these environments, from securing student valuables in dormitories to protecting sensitive documents and medications in hospital rooms.

A Versatile and Secure Foundation

Broad Applicability: MesaMP101’s design transcends its initial purpose, proving to be a versatile solution not just for hotels, but also for universities, hospitals, and residential applications. Its ability to raise the safe to a more accessible height addresses a common issue across these environments, making it easier for users to securely store and access their valuables.

Enhanced Security Measures: The all-steel construction and anchorable design of the MP101 provide a solid foundation that significantly enhances the overall security of Mesa’s MH series safes. By enabling the safe to be anchored securely to the floor or another stable surface, the MP101 deters theft and unauthorized removal, adding an extra layer of security and peace of mind for users.

Final Thoughts: The Value of the MP101 Pedestal

Commitment to User Satisfaction: Mesa’s MP101 Hotel Safe Pedestal embodies a commitment to user satisfaction through its blend of security, convenience, and design. By addressing the practical needs of safe access and security, while also considering the aesthetic integration into various spaces, the MP101 demonstrates Mesa’s understanding of the multifaceted requirements of its customers.

A Reflection of Mesa’s Quality and Innovation: The introduction of the MP101 into Mesa’s product line is a reflection of the company’s ongoing pursuit of quality, innovation, and responsiveness to customer needs. This pedestal is more than just an accessory; it’s a critical component of a comprehensive approach to secure storage, designed to meet the highest standards of durability and user-friendliness.

Looking Forward: As we look to the future, Mesa MP101 stands as a model for how thoughtful design and robust construction can come together to address the evolving needs of security in personal, educational, healthcare, and hospitality environments. Its adaptability and effectiveness underscore the importance of investing in solutions that not only secure valuables but also enhance the user experience.

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Weight25 lbs
Dimensions10 × 15 × 18 in


Business Safe


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