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Mesa MD12 Dehumidifier Rod with Detachable Plug

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  • Outside Dimensions: 12″ (length)
  • Weight: 1.50 lbs.
  • Lightweight aluminum tubing body
  • Easy to install. 2 clips with screws included
  • Reduces rust, mildew & moisture in humid, tightly closed spaces
  • Great for use in safes, home, auto, boats and much more
  • Easy detachable plug for quick install


Introducing the Mesa MD12 Dehumidifier: Your Solution to Moisture Control

In the battle against moisture and its damaging effects on valuable items, the Mesa MD12 Dehumidifier emerges as a guardian. This compact yet powerful device is designed to eliminate moisture, protecting your most valuable items from the irreversible damage caused by rust and mildew. Ideal for use in environments where ventilation is minimal or non-existent, the MD12 is a crucial tool for maintaining the integrity of your possessions, particularly in gun safes and weapon storage areas.

Compact Design, Powerful Impact

The Mesa MD12 Dehumidifier boasts a lightweight aluminum tubing body, combining durability with ease of installation. Measuring just 12 inches in length and covering an area of up to 100 cubic feet, this dehumidifier is perfectly sized for small to medium spaces that require moisture control. Despite its modest weight of approximately 7 ounces, the MD12 packs a significant punch in moisture elimination, ensuring that your valuables are protected in even the most humid environments.

Maintenance-Free Operation

One of the most appealing features of the MD12 is its no-maintenance design. Free from chemicals to replace and devoid of moving parts, this dehumidifier offers a hassle-free solution to moisture control. This ease of use does not compromise its effectiveness; the MD12 continues to reduce rust, mildew, and moisture without the need for ongoing maintenance, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking a reliable, set-and-forget moisture solution.

Versatile Installation Options

The MD12 Dehumidifier is not only easy to use but also easy to install. Equipped with two clips and screws, it can be quickly set up in a variety of tightly closed spaces where moisture is a concern. Whether it’s safeguarding firearms in a gun safe, preserving the condition of tools in a storage container, or protecting belongings in boats and autos, the MD12 provides flexible installation options to meet your specific needs.

Broad Spectrum of Applications

Beyond its primary function in gun safes and weapon storage, the MD12’s utility extends to a wide range of applications. Its effectiveness in reducing humidity makes it suitable for use in homes, autos, boats, trailers, attics, and large storage containers. This versatility ensures that wherever moisture poses a threat to your valuable items, the MD12 Dehumidifier stands ready to offer protection.

Technological Innovation and Practical Benefits of the Mesa MD12 Dehumidifier

The Mesa MD12 Dehumidifier is not just a device; it’s a culmination of Mesa Safe’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that enhance the longevity and preservation of valuable items. Its design and functionality reflect a deep understanding of the challenges posed by humid environments, especially in spaces where air circulation is limited.

Engineered for Durability and Efficiency

The MD12’s lightweight aluminum tubing body is more than just an aesthetic choice; it’s a testament to Mesa’s dedication to durability and efficiency. Aluminum’s corrosion-resistant properties ensure that the dehumidifier itself remains unaffected by the very conditions it’s designed to mitigate, guaranteeing long-term performance and reliability. This material choice, coupled with the dehumidifier’s detachable plug feature, exemplifies the thoughtful engineering behind the MD12, allowing for quick installation and immediate impact on moisture levels.

Protecting a Range of Valuables

While the MD12 is an excellent tool for gun safes and weapon storage, its utility extends far beyond. Its capacity to cover up to 100 cubic feet makes it suitable for a variety of applications, from securing important documents in a home office to preserving the integrity of electronic equipment in storage areas. The MD12’s versatility makes it an essential safe accessory, ensuring that whatever your storage needs, your items are protected from the damaging effects of moisture.

Easy Installation, Immediate Results

The ease of installing the Mesa MD12 Dehumidifier cannot be overstated. With its simple yet effective mounting system, consisting of two clips and screws, the MD12 can be integrated into any space in need of moisture control. This straightforward installation process ensures that you can quickly set up the dehumidifier and begin protecting your valuables without delay. The immediate impact of the MD12 on reducing humidity levels highlights its effectiveness as a moisture control solution, providing peace of mind that your belongings are safeguarded against rust and mildew.

A Comprehensive Approach to Moisture Control

The MD12 Dehumidifier embodies Mesa Safe’s holistic approach to security and preservation. Recognizing that moisture is a pervasive threat to valuable items, Mesa has designed the MD12 to offer a comprehensive solution that complements their range of safes and security products. This dehumidifier is an example of Mesa’s broader commitment to creating environments where valuables are not only secure from theft but also from environmental factors that can cause irreversible damage.The Strategic Advantage of the Mesa MD12

Dehumidifier: Long-Term Protection and Peace of Mind

The Mesa MD12 Dehumidifier stands as a testament to Mesa Safe’s innovation in creating solutions that extend beyond traditional safekeeping. It exemplifies a strategic approach to combating the pervasive issue of moisture, offering users a robust solution to protect their valuables from the damaging effects of humidity over time.

Unparalleled Versatility and Coverage

With its capacity to effectively control moisture in areas up to 100 cubic feet, the MD12 offers unparalleled versatility. Whether placed in a gun safe to protect valuable firearms, used within a closet to safeguard important documents, or deployed in storage areas to preserve electronic equipment, the MD12 adapts to a wide range of needs. This adaptability is a cornerstone of its design, making it a must-have accessory not only for Mesa safe owners but for anyone seeking reliable moisture control solutions.

Seamless Integration with Everyday Security

Integrating the MD12 into your daily security and preservation routines is effortless, thanks to its easy installation and maintenance-free operation. This seamless integration enhances the overall effectiveness of your protective measures, ensuring that valuables remain in optimal condition without the need for constant oversight or intervention. The MD12’s design complements Mesa’s suite of safes and security products, offering a holistic approach to safeguarding your belongings against both theft and environmental damage.

A Commitment to Longevity and Durability

The investment in a Mesa MD12 Dehumidifier is an investment in the longevity of your valuables. By actively controlling the moisture levels in enclosed spaces, the MD12 helps prevent the onset of rust, mildew, and mold, which can cause irreversible damage over time. This proactive approach to moisture control is indicative of Mesa’s commitment to providing durable, long-lasting solutions that support the preservation of your most cherished items.

Embracing the Mesa MD12 for Comprehensive Protection

Choosing the Mesa MD12 Dehumidifier is a decision to embrace comprehensive protection for your valuables, marrying the security of physical safes with advanced moisture control technology. It represents a proactive step towards ensuring that your belongings are not only secure from external threats but also from the subtle, often overlooked dangers posed by humidity.

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