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Mesa MBF5922E Gun & Rifle Safe


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  • Outside Dimensions: 59″H X 22″W X 20″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 55.38″H X 18.25″W X 13″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 7.6
  • Weight: 484 lbs.
  • Fire Rating: 1 Hour
  • Up to 14 rifles capacity
  • All steel body construction
  • Sturdy unitized 12 gauge body
  • Entirely upholstered interior
  • Interior outlet strip includes:
    • 3 Electrical Sockets
    • 2 USB Ports
    • Power source cord included
  • 1.5″ diameter solid steel live locking bolts
  • 4 pre-drilled anchor holes


Discover Unparalleled Security with the Mesa MBF5922E Gun Safe

Introduction to Superior Protection

In the quest for the ultimate protection of your firearms and valuables, the Mesa MBF5922E stands out as a paragon of security. Meticulously engineered to cater to enthusiasts who prioritize the safeguarding of their rifles, handguns, and other precious items, this gun safe blends the robust features of a burglar safe with the reassurance of a fireproof haven. Its formidable all-steel construction sets the standard for durability and reliability, ensuring your possessions are shielded against any adversity.

Robust Construction for Unmatched Security

At the heart of the Mesa MBF5922E’s design is its all-steel construction, embodying strength and resilience. This large gun safe, capable of holding 14 rifles, is constructed from high-strength 12 gauge steel, presenting a formidable barrier against unauthorized access. The safe’s heavy-duty steel hinges and a solid steel door, 5 ⅛ inches thick and lined with fire-resistant material, are testament to its impenetrable design. With a weight of 551 lbs and equipped with four anchor holes, the safe promises steadfastness and resistance to any removal attempts.

Advanced Protection Features

The Mesa MBF5922E is not just a rifle gun safe; it’s a comprehensive security solution. It features an advanced electronic lock with a classic brass finish, protected by a drill-resistant hardplate and a punch-activated relocking system, ensuring your valuables remain inaccessible to intruders. The inclusion of 1 ½” diameter live locking bolts further reinforces the safe against forced entry. Furthermore, its innovative design includes an interior outlet strip with 3 electrical sockets and 2 USB ports, allowing you to keep electronic devices charged and ready within the secure confines of your safe.

Fireproof Assurance for Peace of Mind

Understanding the paramount importance of fire safety, the Mesa MBF5922E excels as a 2-hour fireproof safe. It has been rigorously tested to withstand temperatures up to 1750°F, ensuring that your firearms and valuables remain intact even in extreme conditions. The heat-activated seal expands to seal the door edges, keeping the interior cool and your belongings safe from fire damage.

Enhanced Storage and Convenience

The Mesa MBF5922E is thoughtfully designed with your storage needs in mind. Its spacious interior, offering 7.6 cubic feet of space, is fully upholstered and includes adjustable shelving, making it versatile for storing not just firearms but also other valuables. The PDO (Personal Door Organizer) is now included, featuring 2 large pockets and 12 elastic slots, maximizing door storage space for small items and accessories. Whether you’re storing rifles, shotguns, handguns, or ammunition, this safe keeps your items organized and readily accessible.

Advanced Security Technology and Customizable Features

Cutting-Edge Electronic Lock System

The heart of the Mesa MBF5922E’s security is its sophisticated electronic gun safe lock, which combines ease of use with advanced protection features. This lock is not just about keeping unauthorized users out; it’s about providing you with quick, reliable access to your belongings when you need it. The lock is equipped with a low battery warning, ensuring you’re never caught off guard. For added security, it includes a concealed emergency key system and a wrong code penalty, deterring would-be thieves. The ability to easily change your personal code and the option for two user codes make this lock exceptionally user-friendly, catering to the needs of both individuals and families. Furthermore, the battery-operated design (9V battery required, not included) ensures consistent performance, while the drill-resistant hardplate and punch-activated relocking system offer an extra layer of security.

Fire Protection That Goes Beyond the Norm

In an industry where fire protection standards are critically important, the Mesa MBF5922E sets itself apart as a 2-hour fireproof safe. This remarkable fire rating is a testament to its ability to protect not only firearms but also invaluable personal items from extreme temperatures. The safe’s design incorporates fire-resistant material lining the interior, including the 5 ⅛” thick solid steel door, ensuring comprehensive protection. In the event of a fire, the heat-activated seal expands, securing the door’s perimeter and safeguarding the safe’s contents against heat and smoke damage. This level of fire protection makes the Mesa MBF5922E an ideal choice for preserving important documents, digital media, and other sensitive materials, in addition to firearms.

Versatile Storage Solutions for Every Need

The Mesa MBF5922E distinguishes itself with its versatile interior, designed to accommodate an array of storage needs. With an interior capacity of 7.6 cubic feet and the ability to hold up to 14 rifles, this large gun safe meets the demands of serious firearm collectors and enthusiasts. The inclusion of adjustable shelving and a fully upholstered interior allows for a customized storage solution, ensuring every item, from rifles and handguns to ammunition and accessories, finds its place. The factory-installed PDO enhances door storage capabilities, offering additional pockets and elastic slots for smaller items, maximizing the use of space while keeping your valuables organized and accessible.

Unmatched Durability and the Mesa Safe Brand Promise

Engineered for Lifetime Durability

The Mesa MBF5922E’s commitment to durability is evident in every aspect of its design. Constructed with a high-strength, unitized 12-gauge body, this safe is built to withstand not only attempts at unauthorized entry but also the test of time. Its heavy-duty steel hinges and solid steel bolts, 1 ½ inches in diameter, ensure that the door operates smoothly and securely, year after year. The safe’s substantial weight of 551 lbs and the provision of four anchor holes for securing it to the floor underscore its permanence and deterrence against theft. Mesa Safe’s dedication to quality means that the MBF5922E is not just a storage solution but a long-term investment in the security of your valuables and firearms.

A Fireproof Safe with Unparalleled Peace of Mind

Beyond its physical robustness, the Mesa MBF5922E embodies peace of mind through its exceptional fireproof capabilities. With a 2-hour fire rating, this safe goes beyond the industry standard, offering extended protection against the ravages of fire. This commitment to fire safety ensures that even in the worst-case scenarios, your most precious and irreplaceable items are protected. Whether it’s family heirlooms, important documents, or your valued firearms, the MBF5922E guards against both theft and the elements, making it a uniquely comprehensive safe for all your storage needs.

Customization Meets Elegance

The Mesa MBF5922E also stands out for its customizable features and elegant design. The interior’s adjustable shelving and gun storage options cater to a wide variety of needs, ensuring that each user can tailor the space to their specific requirements. The addition of an interior outlet strip with electrical sockets and USB ports brings modern convenience into the safe, allowing for the charging of devices and the use of electronic accessories within a secure environment. The decorative 3-spoke brass handle not only adds a touch of elegance but also ensures easy access, blending form with function in a way that enhances any room’s aesthetic.

The Mesa Safe Brand: A Legacy of Trust

Choosing a Mesa gun safe means investing in a legacy of trust and security. The Mesa Safe brand is synonymous with quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. The MBF Series, with models like the MBF5922E, exemplifies the company’s commitment to providing superior security solutions that meet the diverse needs of its customers. From the meticulous construction and advanced lock features to the fireproof design and customizable interior, every aspect of the MBF5922E reflects Mesa Safe’s dedication to excellence. When you choose Mesa, you’re not just buying a safe; you’re becoming part of a family of satisfied customers who trust their most valuable possessions to Mesa’s unmatched protection.

 Why the Mesa MBF5922E is the Ultimate Choice

The Mesa MBF5922E gun safe represents the pinnacle of security, durability, and convenience. Its all-steel construction, advanced electronic lock, comprehensive fire protection, and customizable storage options set it apart as the premier choice for anyone serious about safeguarding their firearms and valuables. Whether you’re a seasoned gun collector, a family looking to protect precious memories, or a business in need of secure storage, the MBF5922E offers the peace of mind that comes from knowing your items are protected by the best in the business. Invest in the Mesa MBF5922E and experience the ultimate in security and satisfaction.

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Weight484 lbs
Dimensions20 × 22 × 59 in


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