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Hollon WSE-2114 Wall Safe


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  • Outside Dimensions: 22.25″H x 15″W x 4″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 19″H x 14″W x 3.13″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 0.50
  • Weight: 34 lbs.
  • Code entry
  • 1 Master Code and 1 User code
  • Key override included


Robust Construction and Security

Heavy Duty Gauge Steel: Constructed with heavy-duty gauge steel and featuring a 1/8-inch steel door, Hollon WSE-2114 offers substantial resistance against unauthorized access. This build quality ensures that valuables are protected by a durable barrier.

Digital Electronic Locking System: Equipped with a protective digital electronic locking system, the WSE-2114 provides state-of-the-art security to safeguard your belongings. This advanced locking mechanism is complemented by a key lock override system, ensuring that you have access to your safe even in the event of electronic failure.

Thoughtful Design for Home Integration

Discreet Installation: The WSE-2114 is designed for recessed wall safe installation, fitting snugly between wall studs and offering a flush mount that blends with interior décor. Its dimensions (Exterior: 22 3/16” x 14 15/16” x 4”) make it an ideal choice for installation in various locations around the home, from closets to behind wall art.

Interior Storage Solutions: With approximately .50 cubic feet of storage space and two interior shelves, the WSE-2114 allows for organized storage of jewelry, documents, and other small valuables. The depth behind the keypad (1 ⅜”) is thoughtfully designed to maximize the usable space within the safe.

Enhanced Security Features

  • Concealment and Protection: The intrinsic value of the WSE-2114 lies in its ability to be hidden, leveraging concealment as a primary security feature. For added protection, homeowners have the option to have the safe concreted in place, further securing it against removal attempts.
  • Key Lock Override System: The inclusion of a key lock override provides a reliable backup access method, ensuring that valuables are always reachable by authorized users, regardless of electronic contingencies.

Ideal for Various Home Settings

The Hollon WSE-2114 is not just a wall mount safe but a comprehensive security solution for homeowners seeking to protect their valuables without compromising on the aesthetic appeal of their living spaces. It represents the best wall safe option for those who prioritize both security and style.

Advanced Security for Peace of Mind

Digital Electronic Locking System: The WSE-2114 is fortified with a cutting-edge digital electronic locking system, offering both security and convenience. This system allows for quick and secure access to the safe’s contents, ensuring that valuables are both well-protected and readily accessible to authorized individuals.

Key Lock Override System: Providing an essential backup, the key lock override system ensures that access to the safe is maintained even in the event of battery failure or electronic lock malfunction. This feature underscores the safe’s reliability, ensuring that valuables are always within reach when needed.

Thoughtful Design and Integration

Optimized Interior Space: Inside the WSE-2114, approximately .50 cubic feet of storage space is smartly designed to maximize organization and accessibility. With two interior shelves and a thoughtful depth behind the keypad, the safe offers ample room for a variety of items, from documents and jewelry to small heirlooms.

Seamless Home Integration: The design of the WSE-2114 emphasizes discreet integration into home environments. Its sleek exterior allows for a flush mount between wall studs, making it an ideal hidden wall safe that can be easily concealed behind artwork, mirrors, or in closets, maintaining the aesthetic integrity of your living space.

Enhanced Durability and Installation Flexibility

Heavy-Duty Gauge Steel Construction: Crafted from heavy-duty gauge steel, the WSE-2114 boasts a robustness that provides a solid defense against tampering and unauthorized access. The 1/8-inch steel door enhances this protection, making the safe a durable safeguard for your most precious belongings.

Flexible Installation Options: Recognizing the diverse needs of homeowners, the WSE-2114 includes four pre-drilled anchor holes, allowing for secure mounting and installation flexibility. For those seeking additional security, the option to have the safe concreted in place offers an extra layer of deterrence against removal.

Ideal for Various Home Security Needs

The Hollon WSE-2114 is not merely a safe but a comprehensive security solution, ideal for homeowners who require a reliable and accessible method to secure their valuables. Whether installed in a master bedroom, office, or hidden within communal areas, the WSE-2114 provides unparalleled security without compromising on design or functionality.

Superior Security Meets Elegant Design

Advanced Locking Mechanism: The digital electronic locking system, complemented by a key lock override, ensures that homeowners have reliable and versatile access to their valuables. This dual-access approach guarantees that the contents are secure yet accessible in any situation, highlighting the safe’s blend of innovation and practicality.

Discreet and Aesthetic Integration: Designed for seamless incorporation into various home settings, the WSE-2114’s slim profile and the ability to be recessed into a wall make it an ideal choice for those seeking a hidden wall safe. It offers peace of mind without disrupting the home’s decor, making it a perfect match for sophisticated interiors.

Enhanced Protective Features

Robust Build Quality: Crafted from heavy-duty gauge steel with a 1/8-inch steel door, the WSE-2114 provides formidable resistance against forced entry. This level of durability ensures that valuables are well-protected against any external threats, reinforcing the safe’s status as a best wall safe.

Optimized for Home Use: With approximately .50 cubic feet of storage space and two interior shelves, the WSE-2114 is adept at securing a range of items, from important documents to jewelry and heirlooms. This capacity, combined with the safe’s discreet nature, makes it a versatile security solution for any homeowner.

A Commitment to Quality and Security

The Hollon WSE-2114 embodies Hollon’s commitment to providing high-quality, secure storage solutions for homeowners. Its construction and design reflect a deep understanding of the needs of modern homeowners, offering a wall safe for home that doesn’t compromise on security or style.
The Hollon WSE-2114 wall safe stands out as an exceptional choice for anyone looking to enhance their home security with a reliable, discreet, and elegantly designed safe. Its combination of advanced security features, durable construction, and seamless integration into home environments makes it an invaluable asset for protecting valuables and sensitive items.

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Weight34 lbs
Dimensions4 × 15 × 22.25 in


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