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Hollon RG-39C Republic Gun Safe

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  • Outside Dimensions: 59″H x 39″W x 24″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 56″H x 26.50″W x19″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 22.50
  • Weight: 925 lbs.
  • Fire Rating: 2 Hours
  • Burglar Rating: UL RSC
  • Can hold 39 guns
  • Electric Outlet
  • LED Motion Light Kit
  • Active bolts on all sides
  • Pistol Pocket Organizer
  • 1 ½” bolts
  • Drill/Ballistic resistant armored ball bearing hard plate to protect lock
  • Active spring-loaded re-locker to prevent Black Trim Package
  • Removable gun racking
  • 4 pre-drilled bolt down holes

Unmatched Security Features
Robust Construction: With a 10 gauge solid steel body and a 3 gauge solid steel door, Hollon RG-39C offers formidable resistance against unauthorized access and pry attacks. This construction not only ensures the physical security of the contents but also contributes to the safe’s overall fireproof capabilities.

Advanced Locking System: The RG-39C is equipped with (14) 1 1/2″ active chrome-plated solid steel live locking bolts and four-way active locking bolts that provide coverage on all four sides of the door. This locking mechanism is complemented by a drill/ballistic resistant armored ball bearing hard plate and an active spring-loaded re-locker, enhancing the safe’s resilience against sophisticated burglary techniques.

Exceptional Fire Protection
Torch Resistant Fire Rating: Certified with a 120-minute fire resistance at 1400°F, the RG-39C stands as a testament to Hollon’s engineering prowess in creating fireproof safes that protect against extreme conditions. This rating not only safeguards firearms but also critical documents and valuables from heat damage.

Intumescent Door Seal: A heat-activated expandable intumescent door seal is designed to seal out smoke and water, further protecting the safe’s contents from the elements and ensuring that the RG-39C exceeds the California Department of Justice Regulatory Standards for Residential Security Containers.

User-Centric Design and Functionality
Versatile Interior: The RG-39C’s interior is a marvel of organization and capacity, featuring ultra-plush fully adjustable interior racking, a removable gun rack, and multiple adjustable/removable shelves. This allows for a tailored storage solution that can accommodate a diverse collection of firearms, from rifles to handguns, as well as ammunition and accessories.

Convenience Features: Understanding the needs of modern gun owners, Hollon has outfitted the RG-39C with an electric outlet and an LED motion light kit, enhancing visibility and usability within the safe. The newly designed pocket door organizer maximizes storage space, allowing for the efficient organization of smaller items and valuables.

Hollon’s Legacy of Protection
The RG-39C is part of the esteemed Republic Gun Safe series, assembled in America and boasting steel that is 300% thicker than that used by many competitors. This commitment to using superior materials not only underscores the safe’s durability but also its status as a gun safe made in the USA. Hollon’s dedication to providing secure, reliable, and functional safes is evident in every aspect of the RG-39C, from its construction and protection features to its thoughtful design and capacity.
Advanced Technology for Enhanced Security
The RG-39C incorporates cutting-edge security technologies that set it apart in the realm of gun safes. With 14 active chrome-plated solid steel live locking bolts and comprehensive coverage on all four sides of the door, the safe offers an impenetrable defense mechanism against unauthorized entry. The inclusion of a drill/ballistic resistant armored ball bearing hard plate underscores the safe’s resilience against sophisticated attacks, ensuring the utmost protection for firearms and valuables.

Superior Fire Resistance
Hollon’s RG-39C is not merely a large gun safe but a fireproof safe designed to withstand extreme conditions, offering 120 minutes of protection at 1400°F. This exceptional level of fire resistance is achieved through advanced engineering and materials, including a heat-activated expandable intumescent door seal designed to seal out smoke and water, further safeguarding the contents against fire damage.

Thoughtful Design for Optimal Functionality
Interior Organization: The RG-39C’s ultra-plush fully adjustable interior racking system allows for a highly customizable setup, accommodating up to 39 guns. This flexibility ensures that each firearm, from rifles to handguns, is stored securely and is easily accessible. The removable gun rack and adjustable/removable shelves enhance the safe’s versatility, providing ample space for ammunition, accessories, and other valuables.

User-Centric Features: Recognizing the importance of accessibility and convenience, the RG-39C features an electric outlet and an LED motion light kit, facilitating the use of electronic devices within the safe and enhancing visibility. The newly designed pocket door organizer offers additional storage solutions, maximizing the utility of every inch within the safe.

Durability and Aesthetic Appeal
Constructed with 10 gauge solid steel and reinforced with a 3 gauge solid steel door, the RG-39C not only provides formidable security but also exhibits Hollon’s commitment to durability and quality. The extra durable textured finishes and upgrade chrome-plated package lend the safe an aesthetic appeal without compromising its integrity or functionality.

Hollon’s Legacy of Excellence
As a part of the Republic Gun Safe series, the RG-39C embodies the brand’s legacy of excellence and innovation. Assembled in the USA and reinforced with steel significantly thicker than competing brands, the RG-39C is a testament to Hollon’s dedication to providing gun owners with safes that offer both superior protection and peace of mind.
A Fortress for Firearms and Valuables
The RG-39C embodies the ideal of a gun safe designed to offer impenetrable protection against both physical attacks and fire damage. Its robust construction, featuring 10 gauge solid steel body and a 3 gauge solid steel door, provides a security stronghold that is nearly unrivaled in the market. The safe’s capacity to hold up to 39 guns within its 22.5 cubic feet interior makes it a versatile solution for collectors and enthusiasts alike, ensuring ample space for rifles, handguns, and various accessories.

Beyond Security: A Commitment to Quality
Fireproof Safe Excellence: With a 120-minute fire rating at 1400°F, the RG-39C goes beyond standard fire protection measures, offering peace of mind that extends to extreme conditions. This fireproof gun safe capability ensures that valuables, documents, and firearms are preserved even in the face of catastrophic events, setting a new benchmark for what owners can expect from a large gun safe.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Usability: The inclusion of modern conveniences such as an electric outlet, LED motion light kit, and a newly designed pocket door organizer reflects Hollon’s understanding of the modern gun owner’s needs. These features not only enhance the safe’s functionality but also its ease of use, making the RG-39C a standout choice in the gun safe made in USA category.

Hollon’s Legacy of Protection
As a prominent piece of the Hollon Republic Gun Safe series, the RG-39C represents the culmination of Hollon’s dedication to creating safes that provide unparalleled protection. Reinforced with steel that is 300% thicker than other leading brands, the RG-39C is akin to storing firearms inside a Sherman tank, offering unmatched security and durability.

The Ultimate in Gun Safety and Security
For those seeking a gun safe that offers extensive capacity, unmatched fire protection, and advanced security features, the Hollon RG-39C emerges as the definitive choice. Its meticulous design, combined with Hollon’s commitment to excellence, ensures that firearms and valuables are safeguarded with the utmost reliability. The RG-39C is not just a safe; it’s a comprehensive security solution that represents the pinnacle of firearm protection, embodying Hollon’s legacy as a leader in the safe industry.

Weight 925 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 39 × 59 in
Biometric Lock




Combo Lock


Cubic Inches


External Depth


External Height


External Width


Fire Rating


Fire Rating Degrees


Fits Closet


Gun Capacity


Home Safe


Internal Depth


Internal Height


Internal Width



Free Standing

Total Body Thickness

0.13 (10 Ga)

Total Door Thickness

.259 (3 Ga)

Total Steal in body

0.13 (10 Ga)

Total Steel on Door

.259 (3 Ga)

USA or Foreign Made

USA Assembled

Weight (lbs)


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