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Hollon RG-22E Republic Gun Safe


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  • Outside Dimensions: 59″H x 30″W x 24″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 56″H x 27.50″W x 19″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 16.93
  • Weight: 800 lbs.
  • 120-Minute Fire Rating
  • UL RSC Rated
  • Can hold 22 guns
  • Electric Outlet
  • LED Motion Light Kit
  • Active bolts on all sides
  • Pistol Pocket Organizer
  • 1 ½” bolts
  • Drill/Ballistic resistant armored ball bearing hard plate to protect lock
  • Active spring-loaded re-locker to prevent punch attacks
  • Black Trim Package
  • Removable gun racking
  • 4 pre-drilled bolt down holes


Unmatched Construction and Security

Robust Build: The RG-22E features a formidable 10 gauge solid steel body and a 3 gauge solid steel door, offering unmatched resistance to pry and drill attacks. This level of construction not only ensures the physical security of the firearms stored within but also significantly exceeds the California Department of Justice Regulatory Standards for Residential Security Containers.

Advanced Locking Mechanism: Equipped with (14) 1 1/2″ active chrome-plated solid steel live locking bolts and coverage on all four sides of the door, the RG-22E provides comprehensive protection against unauthorized access. The inclusion of a drill/ballistic resistant armored ball bearing hard plate and an active spring-loaded re-locker further fortifies the safe against sophisticated burglary attempts.

Superior Fire Protection

The Hollon RG-22E is not just a large gun safe; it’s a fireproof gun safe designed to protect your firearms and valuables from extreme temperatures. With a torch-resistant fire rating for 120 minutes of protection at 1400°F, the RG-22E ensures that its contents are safeguarded against fire damage, making it an ideal solution for those looking for fire safes for sale that offer more than just basic security.

Thoughtful Design Features

Capacity and Organization: Capable of holding up to 22 guns, the RG-22E maximizes storage space with ultra-plush fully adjustable interior racking, a removable gun rack, and multiple shelves, including one full-length adjustable/removable shelf reinforced with steel beams. This allows for a customizable storage solution that can accommodate long guns, handguns, and various accessories.

User Convenience: The inclusion of an electric outlet and an LED motion light kit installed within the safe enhances visibility and usability, making it easy to access your firearms safely. Additionally, the newly designed pocket door organizer offers extra storage for smaller items and valuables.

Durability and Finish: The RG-22E boasts an extra durable textured finish and an upgrade chrome-plated package, ensuring that the safe not only provides superior protection but also adds a touch of elegance to any room.

Hollon’s Commitment to Excellence

As part of the Hollon Republic Gun Safe series, the RG-22E represents the pinnacle of American craftsmanship, assembled in the USA and reinforced with steel that is 300% thicker than other leading brands. This commitment to excellence and durability underscores Hollon’s dedication to providing gun owners with safes that offer both unparalleled security and peace of mind.

The Hollon RG-22E emerges as a premier choice for those in search of a gun safe made in USA that does not compromise on security, fire protection, or capacity. Its robust construction, advanced security features, and exceptional fire resistance set a new standard in gun safe design, making it a true fortress for your firearms and valuables.

Enhanced Functionality and Security

Innovative Security Enhancements: The RG-22E’s security features are meticulously engineered to protect against both forced entry and sophisticated burglary techniques. The active chrome-plated solid steel live locking bolts, combined with a drill/ballistic resistant armored ball bearing hard plate, establish a defense mechanism that is difficult to breach. This comprehensive security approach ensures that firearms and valuables are safeguarded with the utmost reliability.

Fire Resistance That Exceeds Expectations: Beyond its robust burglary defenses, the RG-22E is designed to offer exceptional fire protection. The 120-minute fire rating at 1400°F not only provides peace of mind but also positions the RG-22E as a leading fireproof gun safe in its class. This level of fire resistance is essential for gun owners who prioritize the safety of their investments against all potential threats.

User-Centric Design

Maximizing Storage Capacity: The RG-22E’s interior design is thoughtfully crafted to accommodate up to 22 firearms, catering to enthusiasts with extensive collections. The ultra-plush fully adjustable interior racking and removable gun rack facilitate a customizable organization, ensuring that each firearm is securely stored and easily accessible.

Convenience Features: Recognizing the importance of accessibility and ease of use, Hollon has equipped the RG-22E with an electric outlet and an LED motion light kit, enhancing the user experience by providing illumination and power within the safe. The newly designed pocket door organizer offers additional storage solutions, making it easy to keep smaller items and valuables organized and within reach.

Commitment to Quality and Durability

Built to Last: The RG-22E’s construction with 10 gauge solid steel and a 3 gauge solid steel door is a testament to Hollon’s commitment to producing safes that offer lasting security. The extra durable textured finishes and upgrade chrome-plated package not only enhance the safe’s aesthetic appeal but also contribute to its durability, ensuring that the RG-22E remains a fixture of security for years to come.

Hollon’s Legacy: As part of the Hollon Republic Gun Safe series, the RG-22E reflects the brand’s commitment to manufacturing safes that provide superior protection. Assembled in the USA and boasting steel reinforcement that is significantly thicker than that of other leading brands, the RG-22E is indicative of Hollon’s dedication to quality and innovation in safe design.

A Fortress for Firearm Protection

The Hollon RG-22E emerges not just as a gun safe but as a fortress designed to offer the utmost protection for firearms and valuables. Its construction and features go beyond standard requirements, making it a standout choice for those who demand the highest level of security.

Unmatched Security Measures: With 14 active locking bolts and comprehensive coverage on all four sides of the door, the RG-22E offers an impenetrable barrier against unauthorized access. The addition of a drill/ballistic resistant armored ball bearing hard plate fortifies its defenses, ensuring that even the most determined attacks are thwarted.

Superior Fireproof Capabilities: The RG-22E’s 120-minute fire rating at 1400°F guarantees that your valuables are protected against extreme heat, setting a new benchmark for fireproof gun safes. This exceptional level of fire resistance ensures that your firearms and important documents remain safe even under the most adverse conditions.

Designed with Precision and Care

Every aspect of the Hollon RG-22E reflects Hollon’s dedication to providing safes that are not only secure but also user-friendly and adaptable to various needs.

Optimized Storage Solutions: The fully adjustable interior racking and removable gun rack accommodate a diverse collection of firearms, from rifles to handguns, ensuring each piece is securely stored and easily accessible. The pocket door organizer and additional shelving offer organized storage for ammunition, accessories, and personal valuables.

Enhanced User Experience: The inclusion of an electric outlet and LED motion light kit within the safe enhances its functionality, allowing for easy access and visibility at any time. These features, combined with the extra durable textured finishes and chrome-plated package, elevate the RG-22E beyond a mere storage solution to a sophisticated addition to any home or office.

Hollon’s Legacy of Trust and Reliability

Choosing the Hollon RG-22E means investing in a product backed by a legacy of trust, reliability, and unparalleled craftsmanship. Assembled in the USA and reinforced with significantly thicker steel than other leading brands, the RG-22E exemplifies the best of American manufacturing, offering a safe that provides both peace of mind and a secure environment for your firearms and valuables.

The Ultimate in Firearm Security

The Hollon RG-22E gun safe represents the pinnacle of firearm security, combining robust protection, advanced fire resistance, and meticulous design to offer a comprehensive solution for safeguarding your most prized possessions. Whether for a seasoned collector or a responsible firearm owner, the RG-22E delivers on the promise of unmatched security, making it an essential investment for anyone serious about protecting their firearms and valuables.

In selecting the Hollon RG-22E, you are not just choosing a safe; you are choosing a commitment to excellence and security that Hollon is renowned for. This large gun safe, with its superior features and construction, stands as a beacon of protection, ensuring that your firearms are secure and protected, today and in the future.

Additional information

Weight800 lbs
Dimensions24 × 30 × 59 in
Biometric Lock




Cubic Inches


Electronic Lock


External Depth


External Height


External Width


Fire Rating


Fire Rating Degrees


Fits Closet


Gun Capacity


Home Safe


Internal Depth


Internal Height


Internal Width



Free Standing

Total Body Thickness

0.13 (10 Ga)

Total Door Thickness

.259 (3 Ga)

Total Steal in body

0.13 (10 Ga)

Total Steel on Door

.259 (3 Ga)

USA or Foreign Made

USA Assembled

Weight (lbs)


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