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Hollon PM-2819C TL-15 Burglary 2 Hour Fire Safe


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  • Outside Dimensions: 33.50”H x 24”W x 22”D
  • Inside Dimensions: 28’’H x 18.13’’W x 12.38”D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 4.35
  • Weight: 1,060 lbs.
  • UL listed TL-15 Rated Safe
  • 2 Hour Fire Resistant Factory Tested
  • Single Lock only
  • Special Design Burglary Resistant Handle
  • UL listed Hollon group II dial lock
  • Glass re-locker
  • Hard plate
  • Bolt down hole


Introduction to the Hollon PM-2819C: The Pinnacle of High-Security Protection

In the realm of security, the Hollon PM-2819C stands as a colossus, embodying the zenith of theft and fire resistance technology. Crafted for those who demand the highest level of protection, this TL-15 rated safe combines unparalleled strength with sophisticated engineering, ensuring your valuables are safeguarded against the most extreme threats.

Unmatched Security Features

Robust Dimensions and Structure: With an imposing weight of 1060 lbs and generous dimensions (33 ½” x 24” x 22”), the PM-2819C offers 3.5 cubic feet of secure storage space. Its size and weight are a testament to its robust construction, designed to deter and resist attempts at unauthorized access.

Advanced Locking Mechanisms: The safe offers a choice between a Group 2M UL Listed S&G dial or an EMP Resistant Spartan or Titan D-Drive Electronic Lock, catering to diverse preferences for security access while maintaining the highest standards of reliability.

Comprehensive Defense System: Featuring a glass re-locker and a hard plate cage throughout the entire body and door, the PM-2819C is fortified against sophisticated burglary tools and techniques. This comprehensive defense system ensures that even the most determined efforts to breach the safe are thwarted.

Superior Fire Protection

The Hollon PM-2819C is not only a high-security safe but also a formidable barrier against fire. Factory tested for 2-hour fire resistance, it can maintain an internal temperature of 350° F, even when external temperatures soar to 1750° F. This level of fireproofing provides unparalleled protection for your documents, digital media, and other sensitive items against high-intensity fires.

A Fortress Against Burglary and Fire

Dubbed a fortress rather than just a safe, the Hollon PM-2819C exceeds every TL-15 test it has been subjected to, rivaling even TL-30 safes in terms of security features. Its ability to withstand brutal attacks from sledgehammers, pickaxes, crowbars, power saws, chisels, drills, and rotating disc cutters without breach is a clear demonstration of its superior build and design. Coupled with its advanced fire protection capabilities, the PM-2819C offers a level of security and peace of mind that is unrivaled.

Designed for Versatility and Ease of Use

Despite its formidable protection features, the PM-2819C is designed with the user in mind. The bolt-down hole feature ensures easy installation and secures the safe against removal. Its spacious interior is adaptable for various uses, from storing sensitive documents to safeguarding precious valuables, making it an ideal choice for both home and business use.

Conclusion: The Ultimate in Security and Fire Protection

The Hollon PM-2819C redefines the standards for home fire safes and high-security safes. It is an exemplary model of what Hollon Safe represents: innovation, reliability, and unparalleled protection. For those seeking the ultimate safeguard for their valuables against theft and fire, the PM-2819C offers a comprehensive solution that blends high-tech security features with superior fire resistance, ensuring that your most prized possessions are protected under all circumstances.

Technical Innovations and Security Enhancements

The Hollon PM-2819C integrates state-of-the-art security technologies to offer a high security safe that is impervious to both sophisticated burglary attempts and extreme environmental conditions.

EMP Resistant Locking Options: The inclusion of EMP-resistant electronic locks, such as the Spartan or Titan D-Drive, showcases Hollon’s commitment to modern security needs, ensuring access to your valuables is maintained even in the face of electromagnetic threats. This advanced feature, coupled with the traditional Group 2M UL Listed S&G dial, provides a dual-layer of security, allowing for personalization of access methods based on user preference.

Comprehensive Hard Plate Cage: Unlike standard safes, the PM-2819C features a hard plate cage throughout its entire body and door, a design choice that significantly elevates its resistance to drilling and cutting. This comprehensive approach to physical security ensures that critical lock and mechanism areas are protected against the most determined of attacks.

Superior Fire Resistance

In the domain of fire safes for sale, the Hollon PM-2819C sets a benchmark with its 2-hour fire resistance rating. This capability is not merely a feature but a testament to Hollon’s engineering prowess, designed to withstand internal temperatures of 350° F amidst external conditions reaching up to 1750° F. Such resilience ensures the preservation of documents, digital media, and other sensitive items under severe heat exposure, making it an ideal home fire safe or fireproof safe for businesses prioritizing document and asset protection.

Rigorous Testing for Unmatched Assurance

The confidence in the PM-2819C’s protective capabilities comes from Hollon’s commitment to rigorous testing. Subjected to conditions that simulate both intense burglary attempts and extreme fire scenarios, the PM-2819C not only meets but exceeds the stringent standards set for TL-15 safes. This fireproof safe sale contender has faced everything short of dynamite and plastic explosives, emerging unscathed and securing its contents against all forms of breach attempts.

User-Centric Design for Everyday Security

Beyond its formidable defenses, the Hollon PM-2819C is designed with the user in mind. Its spacious interior, offering 3.5 cubic feet of storage, is versatile enough to store a wide range of valuables, from jewelry and cash to important legal documents and firearms. The home safe fireproof design includes a bolt-down hole to secure the safe against unauthorized removal, blending seamlessly into residential or commercial settings without compromising on aesthetic appeal or ease of use.

The Hollon PM-2819C: A Culmination of Security Excellence

The Hollon PM-2819C stands as a monument in the landscape of high-security safes, integrating advanced protection technologies and superior fire resistance to offer unmatched safeguarding capabilities. It represents the zenith of Hollon’s craftsmanship, engineered to secure valuables against the most severe threats with unwavering reliability.

A Harmonious Blend of Durability and Innovation

This TL-15 rated safe is more than its specifications—it’s a testament to the relentless pursuit of security innovation. The PM-2819C combines a highly compressed proprietary concrete mixture with a comprehensive hard plate cage, ensuring formidable resistance against physical attacks. Such meticulous construction, coupled with the EMP-resistant locking mechanisms, positions the PM-2819C as a leader in both burglary deterrence and electromagnetic resilience.

Masterful Fire Protection

In the realm of fireproof safes, the PM-2819C excels, offering a sanctuary for items vulnerable to heat damage. Its 2-hour fire-resistant certification underlines a steadfast commitment to protecting your valuables from extreme conditions, making it an indispensable asset for both home fire safes and commercial settings. The assurance of maintaining internal temperatures safe for sensitive items during a fire sets the PM-2819C apart as a pinnacle of fire safe technology.

Designed for the Discerning User

The Hollon PM-2819C merges formidable security with user-focused design. Its spacious interior, accessible yet impenetrable locking options, and sleek aesthetics address the practical needs of users without compromising on security. The inclusion of a bolt down hole ensures stability and deters removal, embodying Hollon’s holistic approach to safe design—where functionality meets uncompromised protection.

The Ultimate Security Companion

Choosing the Hollon PM-2819C is an investment in tranquility and assurance. It stands as a beacon of security, offering unparalleled protection against theft, unauthorized access, and fire. For individuals and businesses that refuse to compromise on the safety of their assets, the PM-2819C offers a comprehensive solution that transcends conventional safety measures. It encapsulates Hollon’s dedication to quality, innovation, and the peace of mind of its clientele, affirming that when it comes to securing what is invaluable, the PM-2819C is not just a choice—it’s the only choice.

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Weight1060 lbs
Dimensions22 × 24 × 33.5 in


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