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Hollon PM-1014C TL-15 Burglary 2 Hour Fire Safe


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  • Outside Dimensions: 16”H x 19.13”W x 19”D
  • Inside Dimensions: 10.25’H x 14’’W x 10.25”D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 0.91
  • Weight: 450 lbs.
  • Burglar Rating: TL-15
  • Fire Rating: 2 Hours
  • Single Lock only
  • Special Design Burglary Resistant Handle
  • UL listed Hollon group II dial lock
  • Glass re-locker
  • Hard plate
  • Bolt down hole


The Hollon PM-1014C: A New Epoch of High-Security Safes

In an era where the protection of valuables transcends mere convenience and becomes a paramount concern, the Hollon PM-1014C emerges as a beacon of inviolability. This TL-15 rated safe represents not just a secure storage option but a veritable fortress designed to stand against the most arduous challenges. Crafted with precision and fortified with the most advanced security features, the Hollon PM-1014C is more than a safe; it’s a promise of unparalleled peace of mind.

Unmatched Resistance to Fire and Burglary

The Hollon PM-1014C sets a new benchmark in the domain of fire safes for sale, with a formidable 2-hour fire-resistant rating that has been rigorously factory tested. This certification signifies that valuables stored within can withstand external temperatures reaching up to 1750° F, ensuring protection during intense fire scenarios, akin to forest fires. The internal temperature remains at a safe 350° F, safeguarding everything inside from damage.

But the prowess of the Hollon PM-1014C isn’t limited to its fireproof capabilities. As a TL rated safe, it boasts features that offer resistance to sophisticated burglary attempts. The safe comes equipped with a special design burglary-resistant handle, a testament to Hollon’s commitment to innovation in security. The inclusion of a Group 2M UL listed S&G dial or EMP Resistant Type 1 S&G Spartan D-Drive Electronic Lock further cements its status as a high-security stronghold, adaptable to the user’s preference for traditional or modern locking mechanisms.

Engineered to Outperform

Delving deeper into its defense mechanisms, the Hollon PM-1014C integrates a glass re-locker and a hard plate among its security features. These elements are critical in thwarting expert burglary attempts, ensuring that the safe’s contents remain untouched even in the face of aggressive safe-cracking tools and techniques. The presence of a bolt-down hole (5/8″ inside diameter) adds an extra layer of security, anchoring the safe firmly in place to resist removal or relocation attempts.

At the heart of the Hollon PM-1014C lies a highly compressed proprietary concrete mixture, a cornerstone of its defense strategy. This innovative material not only enhances the safe’s resilience against physical attacks but also contributes to its impressive fireproofing capabilities. Weighing in at 450 lbs and with dimensions crafted to optimize space without compromising security, this safe embodies the fusion of form and function.

A Testament to Durability and Trust

The Hollon PM-1014C’s cubic feet of 0.85 provides ample storage for a variety of valuables, from important documents to precious heirlooms, ensuring they are safeguarded under the most extreme conditions. Its exterior and interior dimensions are meticulously designed to offer maximum protection while maintaining an accessible and user-friendly interface.

This TL-15 rated safe doesn’t just meet the standard; it redefines it. The Hollon PM-1014C thinks it’s a TL-30, and for a good reason. Its performance in tests — subjected to everything short of dynamite and plastic explosives — has demonstrated its resilience. Experts wielding sledgehammers, pickaxes, crowbars, power saws, chisels, drills, and rotating disc cutters have all failed to breach its defenses.

Advanced Security Features of the Hollon PM-1014C: Beyond the Standard

The Hollon PM-1014C high-security safe transcends conventional expectations, offering features and protections that cater to the most discerning individuals. Its construction and capabilities are not just about safeguarding valuables but embodying a fortress-like defense against both fire and burglary. This section delves into the sophisticated security mechanisms and innovative design elements that make the PM-1014C a pinnacle of modern safe technology.

Sophistication in Locking Mechanisms

Central to the Hollon PM-1014C’s defense is its choice of locking mechanisms. Owners can select between a Group 2M UL listed S&G dial, renowned for its reliability and resistance to manipulation, and an EMP-resistant Type 1 S&G Spartan D-Drive electronic lock. This flexibility allows for personalized security, accommodating preferences for traditional mechanical operation or modern electronic convenience. The EMP resistance of the electronic lock option ensures functionality even in the most extreme conditions, offering an added layer of security in today’s technologically advanced landscape.

Reinforced Against Expert Attacks

The Hollon PM-1014C is equipped with a glass re-locker, a critical feature in the event of a breach attempt. This mechanism is designed to trigger an additional locking mechanism if the safe is subjected to a forceful entry attempt, effectively locking out the intruder. Coupled with the safe’s hard plate, designed to resist drilling and cutting, these features form a formidable barrier against even the most determined burglars. The TL-15 rating of the PM-1014C speaks to its ability to withstand severe attacks using common burglary tools, ensuring that the contents remain secure.

Unyielding Structure: The Proprietary Concrete Mixture

At the core of the Hollon PM-1014C’s resilience is its highly compressed proprietary concrete mixture. This material is not only integral to the safe’s fireproofing capabilities but also enhances its resistance to physical attacks. The dense, formidable barrier it creates is key to the safe’s TL-15 rating, indicating that it has been tested and verified to withstand concentrated attacks for at least 15 minutes using a range of tools. This level of protection is akin to what one might expect from a TL-30 safe, but the PM-1014C achieves it within a more compact, manageable form factor.

Designed for the Ultimate Protection

Beyond its resistance to burglary and fire, the Hollon PM-1014C includes thoughtful design elements like the special burglary-resistant handle and a bolt-down hole. These not only enhance security but also ensure ease of use and installation. The safe’s size and weight are balanced to provide substantial protection without sacrificing the ability to integrate seamlessly into a home or office environment. Its cubic feet capacity of 0.85 offers ample space for storing valuables, documents, and other important items, all while maintaining a footprint that is conducive to a variety of settings.

The Hollon PM-1014C redefines what it means to be a fireproof safe, offering not just fire resistance but a comprehensive suite of features aimed at deterring and resisting burglary attempts. Its innovative use of materials, advanced locking mechanisms, and design focused on both security and usability make it a standout choice for those seeking a fire safe, home safe fireproof, or a high-security solution for their valuables.

The Hollon PM-1014C: Beyond Security to Peace of Mind

The journey through the robust features and indomitable spirit of the Hollon PM-1014C has illustrated not just a safe, but a fortress designed for the utmost protection. This final exploration delves into the unparalleled security, innovative features, and the trust Hollon Safe instills in its users, ensuring that the PM-1014C is not just a purchase but an investment in serenity and security.

Innovative Security That Sets Standards

At the core of the Hollon PM-1014C’s unparalleled security are its TL-15 rating and fireproof capabilities, a combination that places it in a league of its own among home fire safes. The TL-15 rating is a testament to its resilience against aggressive entry attempts, making it a formidable opponent against burglars armed with the most advanced tools. This rating, coupled with the safe’s ability to withstand blistering temperatures for up to two hours, provides a level of security and fire protection that is unmatched, ensuring that valuables and documents remain secure even in the face of calamities.

The Hollon PM-1014C is not just a fireproof safe; it’s a beacon of innovation in fire safety, offering a sanctuary for your most precious belongings. Its certification for internal temperatures maintains the integrity of your valuables, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a fireproof safe sale that offers more than just the standard protection.

A Legacy of Trust and Durability

Choosing a Hollon safe means investing in a legacy of durability and trust. The PM-1014C embodies this legacy, with its construction featuring a highly compressed proprietary concrete mixture that provides both burglary and fire resistance. This safe is a testament to Hollon’s commitment to quality and innovation, offering users a high-security safe that goes beyond mere storage to become a trusted guardian of their valuables.

The Hollon PM-1014C also features a Group 2M UL listed S&G dial or EMP-resistant Type 1 S&G Spartan D-Drive Electronic Lock, showcasing Hollon’s dedication to providing options that cater to the security preferences of all users. Whether you prioritize traditional security methods or modern electronic solutions, the PM-1014C is designed to meet your needs, reinforcing Hollon’s position as a leader in the safe industry.

Designed for the Discerning User

The design and functionality of the Hollon PM-1014C speak to the discerning user who values not just the security but the convenience and aesthetic of their safe. The sophisticated burglar-resistant handle and the option for a dial or electronic lock interface provide an ease of use that does not compromise on security. The bolt-down hole further enhances this by ensuring the safe remains immovable, a feature particularly valued in high-security environments.

Moreover, the Hollon PM-1014C’s size and weight are indicative of its solid construction and the serious protection it offers. Yet, its design remains sleek and unobtrusive, allowing it to blend seamlessly into the decor of a home or office, embodying the ideal home safe fireproof solution for those who do not wish to compromise on style or security.

The Hollon PM-1014C – A Symbol of Uncompromising Security

The Hollon PM-1014C stands as a pinnacle of security, offering unmatched protection against fire and burglary. Its TL-15 rating, combined with exceptional fire resistance, sets a new standard for what homeowners and businesses can expect from a safe. Hollon Safe’s dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction is embodied in every aspect of the PM-1014C, making it the ultimate choice for those seeking a fire safe that offers more than just peace of mind but a promise of impenetrable security.

In choosing the Hollon PM-1014C, you’re not just securing your valuables against theft and fire; you’re investing in a legacy of safety and reliability that Hollon Safe guarantees. This safe isn’t just a place to store your belongings; it’s a fortress that guards your peace of mind, ensuring that the things that matter most to you are protected at all times.

The Hollon PM-1014C isn’t just a product; it’s a commitment to security, a testament to innovation, and a beacon of trust in the world of safes. For those who demand the highest level of protection, the PM-1014C offers an unrivaled solution, standing as a symbol of uncompromising security and enduring peace of mind.

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