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Hollon PB20 Pistol Safe


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  • Outside Dimensions: 8.63″H x 9″W x 11.50″D
  • Weight: 14 lbs.
  • 3 Digit Push Button Entry
  • Override Key Available
  • Lock Out Mode after 3 wrong entries
  • 4 AA Batteries Included
  • Bolt Down Hardware Included


Introducing the Hollon PB20: Compact, Secure, and Accessible

The Hollon PB20 gun safe represents a significant advancement in personal security solutions, offering a compact yet highly secure environment for handguns, valuables, and important documents. This model stands as a testament to Hollon’s commitment to integrating advanced security technologies with user-friendly features, making it an essential tool for enhancing home and personal security.

Advanced Biometric Access for Unparalleled Security

At the forefront of the PB20’s features is its biometric access control, providing secure and easily controlled access with just the touch of a finger. This technology ensures that access to the safe’s contents is limited to authorized users, offering a high level of security for stored firearms or valuables.

Biometric Security: Employs sophisticated biometric technology to ensure quick and secure access, ideal for situations requiring immediate response.
Backup Key Access: In addition to biometric access, the PB20 includes a backup key feature, ensuring that contents remain accessible even in the event of electronic failure or battery depletion.

Compact Design for Versatile Placement

With its dimensions (Outside Dimension: 8 ⅝” x 9″ x 11 ½”) and lightweight design (Weight: 14 lbs), the Hollon PB20 is designed for ease of placement and versatility. Its compact size makes it perfect for various storage needs, offering discreet placement without sacrificing security.

Home Security: Ideal for storage in a closet, drawer, or mounted under a bed, providing secure and accessible storage for firearms and valuables within the home.
Automobile Security: The PB20’s compact and robust construction also makes it suitable for securing valuables or a handgun within a vehicle, offering peace of mind while on the move.
Office Use: Perfect for securing sensitive documents, cash, or personal valuables in an office environment, offering added security against unauthorized access.

Practical Features for Enhanced Usability

Battery Operation: Powered by 4 AA batteries, the PB20 is designed for ease of use and consistent performance, with the added convenience of retaining the biometric data even when the batteries are changed.
Foam-Lined Interior: Ensures that firearms, jewelry, or documents are protected from scratches and damage, highlighting Hollon’s attention to the preservation of your valuables.

Enhanced Security with Biometric Technology

The cornerstone of the Hollon PB20’s security is its advanced biometric access control. This technology affords users a seamless and secure method to access their valuables, minimizing the risk associated with traditional lock and key or combination systems.

Quick Access: The biometric system is engineered for rapid recognition, allowing for swift access in critical situations. This feature is particularly beneficial for handgun owners who may need to access their firearm quickly in a home defense scenario.
Reliable Performance: Designed to retain the biometric data even during battery replacement, the PB20 ensures that your access settings remain intact, providing consistent operational reliability without the need for frequent reprogramming.

Compact and Versatile Design for Diverse Applications

The Hollon PB20 distinguishes itself with a design that is both space-efficient and highly adaptable, catering to various storage needs and environments.

Space-Saving Storage: Its compact size allows for easy placement in discreet locations, such as drawers, closets, or even under beds, making it an ideal small gun safe for closet storage or for safeguarding personal items in limited spaces.
Portable Security: Weighing just 14 lbs, the PB20 offers portability, allowing users to transport the safe between locations—such as from home to office or in a vehicle—ensuring that valuables remain secure on the go.

Practical Features for User Convenience

The Hollon PB20 incorporates several user-centric features that enhance its usability and maintenance, making it a practical choice for everyday security needs.

Battery Operated: The use of 4 AA batteries for power provides flexibility and ease of use, ensuring that the safe is operational even in settings without direct electrical access.
Foam-Lined Interior: The inclusion of a foam-lined interior is a testament to Hollon’s attention to detail, offering additional protection for stored items against scratches and damage, thereby preserving the condition of valuables and firearms.

Tailored for User Needs: Security, Accessibility, and Peace of Mind

The Hollon PB20 is designed not just to secure possessions but to integrate seamlessly into the daily lives of its users, offering quick access and peace of mind.

Emergency Readiness: For gun owners, the PB20’s biometric access ensures that firearms are readily accessible in emergencies, aligning with the needs for both security and swift response.
Versatile Storage: Beyond firearms, the PB20 serves as a secure location for jewelry, cash, or important documents, its compact size making it ideal for various settings, including homes, offices, and vehicles.

Emphasizing Security and Durability

The PB20 stands as a testament to Hollon’s expertise in creating safes that provide not only advanced protection against unauthorized access but also a durable solution for long-term use.

Advanced Biometric Technology: At the heart of the PB20’s security features is its reliable biometric system, ensuring that only registered fingerprints can gain access, backed up by a key for redundancy.
Durable Construction: Despite its compact size, the PB20 is built to withstand attempts at unauthorized entry, with a focus on maintaining a secure environment for its contents.

A Commitment to Satisfaction and Quality

Hollon’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in the PB20, which includes user-friendly features designed to enhance the overall experience.

  • Battery Operation with Memory Retention: The convenience of battery operation, coupled with the safe’s ability to retain access settings even when batteries are replaced, speaks to Hollon’s understanding of user needs.
  • Protective Interior: The foam-lined interior of the PB20 ensures that stored items are kept in pristine condition, free from scratches or damage.

The Hollon PB20 as a Comprehensive Security Solution

The Hollon PB20 represents a pinnacle of personal security solutions, offering unmatched ease of access, security, and versatility. Whether for securing handguns in a responsible manner, protecting valuables, or safeguarding personal documents, the PB20 provides a reliable solution that meets the diverse needs of modern users. Its integration into personal security strategies reflects a proactive approach to safeguarding against potential threats, emphasizing preparedness and responsible ownership.

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Weight14 lbs
Dimensions11.5 × 9 × 8.63 in


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Electronic Lock


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Fits Closet


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