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Hollon PB-BIO-2 Biometric Pistol Safe


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  • Outside Dimensions: 5″H x 15.75″W x 13.75″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 4″H x 13.75″W x 13.25″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 0.42
  • Weight: 24 lbs.
  • Pistol Safe, perfect for Drawer
  • Quick access with Fingerprint/Biometric reader
  • 20 Fingerprints can be registered
  • Key override included
  • Code Entry option, only one user code


Advanced Biometric Access for Enhanced Security

The Hollon PB-BIO-2 is at the forefront of gun safe technology, offering biometric access control that allows for secure storage and easily controlled access to your valuables or firearms with just the touch of a finger. This feature is pivotal for gun owners who require quick access to their firearms in emergencies, ensuring that access is restricted to authorized users only.

Biometric Security: The safe’s biometric scanner improves security by requiring a physical attribute unique to the authorized user, reducing the risk associated with traditional combination or key-entry safes. This technology ensures that access to the contents is both secure and exclusive.

Designed for Convenience and Versatility

The compact dimensions of the Hollon PB-BIO-2 (Outside Dimension: 5″ x 15 ¾″ x 13 ¾″, Inside Dimension: 4″ x 13 ¾″ x 13 ¼″) make it an ideal choice for various storage needs, whether for keeping handguns safe or securing jewelry, cash, or important documents. Its size and weight (27 lbs) allow for easy placement in a drawer, mounting under a bed, or even installation in an automobile, providing flexibility in how and where you can secure your valuables or firearms.

No Fireproofing: It’s important to note that the PB-BIO-2 does not offer fireproofing. This specification is crucial for buyers to consider based on what they plan to store in the safe.

User-Friendly Features for Immediate Access

Battery Operation: The safe operates on 4 AA batteries, ensuring that it remains functional even without direct power access. Importantly, it retains your combination even when the batteries are changed, removing concerns about data loss or the need for reprogramming after battery replacement.

Foam-Lined Interior: Comes standard with a foam-lined interior to help keep your handguns, valuables, or documents free from scratches, further emphasizing Hollon’s commitment to preserving the condition of your belongings.

Practical Applications for Diverse Needs

The Hollon PB-BIO-2 is not limited to securing handguns; it offers versatile storage solutions for a range of valuables, including jewelry, cash, and sensitive documents. Its design and size make it an ideal choice for discreet placement in various settings:

Home Use: Fits conveniently in a drawer, under a bed, or in a closet, making it a perfect small gun safe for home use. Its biometric access ensures that firearms are accessible to authorized users, particularly in emergency situations where quick access is critical.

Automobile Security: The compact size and robust construction of the PB-BIO-2 also make it suitable for securing valuables or a handgun in your vehicle, providing peace of mind while traveling.

Office Security: Ideal for securing sensitive documents or personal valuables in an office environment, offering an added layer of security against unauthorized access.

Enhancing Responsible Gun Ownership

The Hollon PB-BIO-2 contributes significantly to responsible gun ownership by providing a secure storage solution that prevents unauthorized access to firearms. Its biometric technology allows for quick access by the gun owner while keeping the weapon safely out of reach of children or unauthorized individuals.

Quick and Easy Access: In situations where every second counts, the biometric access control of the PB-BIO-2 ensures that authorized users can quickly and easily retrieve their firearm, potentially averting disaster.

Advanced Security Features

Biometric Access Control: The cornerstone of the PB-BIO-2’s security features, offering a high level of protection by utilizing unique physical attributes for access, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized entry.

Durable Construction: Despite its compact size, the PB-BIO-2 is built to last. Its highly compressed proprietary concrete mixture and special design features like the burglary-resistant handle, glass re-locker, and hard plate provide an extra layer of security against physical attacks.

User-Centric Design

Battery Operation with Memory Function: The PB-BIO-2’s operation on 4 AA batteries ensures it remains functional in any setting, with the added convenience of retaining the biometric data even when the batteries are changed.

Foam-Lined Interior: Protects the contents from scratches and damage, highlighting Hollon’s attention to detail and commitment to preserving the integrity of stored items.
Embracing Modern Security with Biometric Technology
The Hollon PB-BIO-2 represents a leap forward in safe security, employing biometric technology to provide unrivaled access control. This approach not only enhances security but also streamlines the process of accessing firearms and valuables, ensuring they are readily available to authorized users while securely out of reach from unauthorized access.

Biometric Access: By utilizing fingerprint recognition, the PB-BIO-2 offers a personalized security experience, allowing for immediate access to contents in urgent situations without compromising on safety.

A Compact, Versatile Safe for Every Setting

The design and size of the Hollon PB-BIO-2 make it an ideal choice for a variety of environments, from residential to mobile settings. Its compact nature does not sacrifice capacity, offering ample space for handguns, jewelry, cash, or important documents.

Versatility and Portability: Whether placed in a closet for home defense, secured in an office drawer for sensitive documents, or mounted in a vehicle for traveling, the PB-BIO-2 adapts to your security needs, providing peace of mind wherever it is utilized.

Fostering Responsible Ownership and Protection

The PB-BIO-2 plays a crucial role in promoting responsible gun ownership. It ensures that firearms are stored safely, preventing accidental access while maintaining readiness for authorized users. Beyond firearms, this safe protects valuables and sensitive documents, embodying a holistic approach to personal and property security.

Safeguarding Valuables: Beyond gun safety, the PB-BIO-2’s protective features make it an invaluable asset for securing personal valuables, underscoring its multifunctionality as a security tool.

The Hollon PB-BIO-2 as a Keystone of Security

The Hollon PB-BIO-2 biometric gun safe is more than just a storage solution; it’s a commitment to the highest standards of security and responsibility. With its advanced biometric access, durable construction, and thoughtful design, it offers a sophisticated yet user-friendly way to secure firearms and valuables. Whether for home defense, personal valuables, or official use, the PB-BIO-2 stands as a testament to Hollon’s leadership in the safe industry, providing peace of mind through state-of-the-art security technology.

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Weight27 lbs
Dimensions13.75 × 15.75 × 5 in
Biometric Lock




Cubic Inches


Electronic Lock


External Depth


External Height


External Width


Fits Closet


Gun Capacity


Home Safe


Internal Depth


Internal Height


Internal Width




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