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Hollon MJ-1814E TL-30 Burglary 2 Hour Fire Safe with Electronic Lock


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  • Outside Dimensions: 23.75″H x 19.5″W x 19 .5″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 18.50″H x 14.25″W x 11 .50″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 1.71
  • Weight: 657 lbs.
  • Fire Rating: 2 Hours
  • Burglar Rating: TL-30
  • Special Design Burglary Resistant Handle
  • EMP Resistant Type 1 S&G Spartan D-Drive Electronic Lock
  • Glass re-locker
  • Hard plate
  • Highly Compressed Proprietary Concrete Mixture


Introducing the Hollon MJ-1814E: A Beacon of Security and Durability

The Hollon MJ-1814E stands as a testament to the pinnacle of safe security technology, merging unparalleled burglary resistance with exceptional fire protection. This safe, part of the esteemed TL-30 MJ Series, is engineered for those who demand the ultimate in security, whether for commercial applications or the safeguarding of personal treasures at home.

Unmatched Protection Against Intrusion

Crafted to defy sophisticated burglary attempts, the Hollon MJ-1814E embodies resilience and strength. With its formidable outside dimensions of 23¾” by 19¾” by 19¾” and a substantial weight of 657 lbs, this safe is designed to resist aggressive attacks from determined thieves wielding advanced tools.

Superior Locking Mechanism

The choice between a Group 2M UL listed S&G dial or an EMP Resistant Type 1 S&G Spartan D-Drive Electronic Lock provides users with flexible, yet secure access options. These high-security locks are complemented by additional features such as a glass re-locker and hard plate, enhancing the safe’s defense against drilling, picking, and other forms of safe-cracking techniques.

Advanced Fire Resistance for Ultimate Peace of Mind

The Hollon MJ-1814E is not only a bastion against burglaries but also offers significant protection against fires. Factory tested for 2-hour fire resistance, this safe ensures the preservation of its contents even in extreme heat conditions, withstanding external temperatures of up to 1750° F while maintaining an internal temperature of 350° F. This exceptional level of fireproofing makes it a prime choice for securing documents, digital media, and other sensitive items from fire damage.

Robust Construction and Thoughtful Design

The MJ-1814E’s durability is further reinforced by its highly compressed proprietary concrete mixture construction, a hallmark of the TL-30 rating that offers both burglary and fire protection. The safe’s special design burglary-resistant handle and bolt-down hole (5/8″ Inside Diameter) provide not only additional security features but also ease of installation and integration into various settings, from business environments to personal home use.

Specialized Features for Enhanced Security

The Hollon MJ-1814E is equipped with a suite of features that collectively fortify its defenses against both burglary and fire, ensuring that valuables are secure under all circumstances.

Advanced Locking Systems

The choice between a Group 2M UL listed S&G dial lock and an EMP Resistant Type 1 S&G Spartan D-Drive Electronic Lock provides flexibility and security tailored to the user’s preferences. These locking mechanisms are renowned for their reliability and resistance to tampering, offering peace of mind that access to the safe’s contents is tightly controlled.

Glass Re-locker and Hard Plate

Integral to the MJ-1814E’s defense strategy is the glass re-locker and hard plate. The glass re-locker acts as a fail-safe, ensuring that even if attackers manage to compromise the lock, an additional barrier secures the safe’s contents. The hard plate adds a robust layer of protection against drilling, further enhancing the safe’s resistance to physical attacks.

Operational Benefits and Fire Resistance

Beyond its formidable security features, the Hollon MJ-1814E offers significant operational advantages, particularly in its fire resistance capabilities.

Unparalleled Fire Protection

With a 2-hour fire-resistant rating, the MJ-1814E stands as a bulwark against extreme temperatures, capable of protecting its contents from heat damage. This level of fireproofing is critical for preserving not only documents and cash but also digital and electronic media that are susceptible to heat. The ability to maintain an internal temperature of 350° F, even when external temperatures soar to 1750° F, underscores the safe’s exceptional construction and insulation properties.

Durable Construction for Long-Term Security

The MJ-1814E’s resilience is further underscored by its construction with a highly compressed proprietary concrete mixture, which not only contributes to its fireproof qualities but also bolsters its burglary resistance. This specialized concrete mixture, combined with the safe’s bolt-down capability, ensures that the MJ-1814E is not only difficult to penetrate but also challenging to physically remove or relocate.

A Safe That Thinks It’s a Fortress

Embodying the essence of a fortress, the Hollon MJ-1814E has been subjected to rigorous testing, facing off against extreme burglary attempts and fire conditions. Its performance in these tests reaffirms its status as a TL-30 rated safe, capable of withstanding the most determined efforts to breach its defenses.

Strategic Security Solution for Comprehensive Protection

The Hollon MJ-1814E represents the pinnacle of safe technology, providing a strategic security solution that encompasses comprehensive protection against both forced entry and fire damage. Its exceptional construction and innovative security mechanisms offer a multifaceted approach to safeguarding valuables, combining the best in burglary deterrence with unparalleled fire resistance.

Beyond Security: A Commitment to Peace of Mind

Choosing the MJ-1814E is not merely a decision for securing physical assets; it’s an investment in peace of mind. Knowing that your valuables, whether they be irreplaceable family heirlooms, critical business documents, or significant financial assets, are protected against the most extreme threats allows individuals and businesses alike to focus on what matters most without the constant worry of asset vulnerability.

The MJ-1814E: A Foundation for Future-Proof Security

The forward-thinking design of the Hollon MJ-1814E ensures that it remains relevant and effective in the face of evolving security challenges. The safe’s adaptable features, such as the choice between a Group 2M UL listed S&G dial lock and an EMP Resistant Type 1 S&G Spartan D-Drive Electronic Lock, allow for customization according to specific security needs and preferences. This adaptability, coupled with the safe’s robust construction and fireproof capabilities, positions the MJ-1814E as a future-proof solution for asset protection.

Embracing the MJ-1814E: A Decision for Ultimate Security

Integrating the Hollon MJ-1814E into your security framework signifies a proactive stance on asset protection, reflecting an understanding of the critical importance of safeguarding against both burglary and fire. The MJ-1814E is more than a safe; it’s a comprehensive security measure that encapsulates Hollon’s promise of delivering the highest level of protection available on the market.

The Hollon MJ-1814E as a Pillar of Uncompromised Security

The Hollon MJ-1814E emerges not just as a product but as a cornerstone of modern security strategies, offering unmatched protection and serving as a reliable guardian of valuables. Its superior burglary resistance, formidable fire protection, and thoughtful design make it an indispensable asset for those who refuse to compromise on security. Whether for securing business assets or protecting personal valuables, the MJ-1814E stands as a beacon of safety and reliability in an uncertain world.

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Weight657 lbs
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Electronic Lock


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