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Hollon MJ-1814C TL-30 Burglary 2 Hour Fire Safe


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  • Outside Dimensions: 23.75″H x 19.75″W x 19.75″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 18.50″H x 14.25″W x 11.50″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 1.71
  • Weight: 657 lbs.
  • 2 Hour Fire Resistant Factory Tested
  • Special Design Burglary Resistant Handle
  • Group 2M UL listed S&G Spyproof Dial
  • Glass re-locker
  • Hard plate
  • Highly Compressed Proprietary Concrete Mixture


Introduction to the Hollon MJ-1814C: A Synthesis of Security and Resilience

The Hollon MJ-1814C emerges as a superior safe in the realm of high-security protection, embodying the essence of a fortress designed to safeguard valuables against the most aggressive attempts at breach and extreme environmental conditions. As part of the esteemed TL-30 MJ Series, this safe is engineered to exceed the expectations of both commercial entities and homeowners seeking the ultimate in security and fire resistance.

Unparalleled Burglary and Fire Protection

The Hollon MJ-1814C is crafted to offer unmatched protection. Its robust outside dimensions of 23¾” by 19¾” by 19¾” and a substantial weight of 657 lbs underscore a commitment to durability and security. This TL-30 rated safe is equipped to withstand severe burglary attempts using sophisticated tools, thanks to a series of advanced security features:

Special Design Burglary Resistant Handle: Enhances the safe’s resistance against forced entry attempts, ensuring that the handle remains intact under duress.
Group 2M UL listed S&G dial or EMP Resistant Type 1 S&G Spartan D-Drive Electronic Lock: Offers flexible and secure access options, providing peace of mind through reliable locking mechanisms that cater to different user preferences.
Glass re-locker and Hard plate: Serve as critical lines of defense, reinforcing the safe’s lock and mechanism against drilling, picking, and other forms of tampering.

Fireproofing for Ultimate Peace of Mind

Beyond its formidable defense against burglaries, the Hollon MJ-1814C offers significant protection against fires. Factory tested for 2-hour fire resistance, this safe ensures that its contents remain protected even in extreme heat, withstanding temperatures reaching up to 1750° F externally while maintaining an internal temperature of 350° F. This level of fireproofing makes the MJ-1814C an ideal solution for securing important documents, digital media, and other sensitive items against fire damage.

Advanced Construction for Maximum Durability

The durability of the Hollon MJ-1814C is further enhanced by its construction with a highly compressed proprietary concrete mixture, a cornerstone of its TL-30 rating. This unique blend not only contributes to the safe’s fire resistance but also enhances its resilience against physical attacks, providing a formidable barrier against any attempt at forced entry. Additionally, the inclusion of a bolt-down hole ensures secure anchoring, adding an extra layer of theft deterrence.

Operational Advantages and Security Innovations

The Hollon MJ-1814C offers a unique combination of features that enhance both the security and usability of the safe, making it an integral component of any robust security strategy.

Tailored Access Options

Equipped with either a Group 2M UL listed S&G dial or an EMP Resistant Type 1 S&G Spartan D-Drive Electronic Lock, the MJ-1814C provides flexible access solutions tailored to user preferences and security requirements. These options ensure reliable protection against unauthorized access, while also accommodating different operational needs, from business settings requiring multiple user access to personal use where convenience and quick access are paramount.

Comprehensive Fire Resistance

The safe’s 2 Hour Fire Resistant rating is a testament to its exceptional design and construction, providing significant peace of mind for homeowners and businesses alike. The ability to withstand extreme temperatures ensures that documents, digital media, and valuables are protected against the devastating effects of fire, making the MJ-1814C an ideal choice for storing critical and irreplaceable items.

Enhanced Durability and Resilience

The Hollon MJ-1814C is built to offer unmatched durability and resilience, featuring:

  • Highly Compressed Proprietary Concrete Mixture: This specialized construction material not only enhances the safe’s fireproofing capabilities but also significantly increases its resistance to physical attacks and attempts at forced entry.
  • Special Design Burglary Resistant Handle: A design that adds an additional layer of security, making the safe even more resistant to tampering and burglary attempts.
  • Bolt Down Hole: The inclusion of a bolt-down option is crucial for securing the safe in place, providing an added deterrent against theft by ensuring the safe cannot be easily removed or relocated.

A Fortress Against Threats

Describing the Hollon MJ-1814C as a fortress is apt, given its comprehensive protection against both sophisticated burglary tools and extreme fire conditions. The TL-30 rating signifies that this safe has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it can withstand intense efforts to break in, including the use of sledgehammers, drills, and power saws, without compromise.

The MJ-1814C: A Testament to Security Excellence

The Hollon MJ-1814C embodies Hollon Safe’s commitment to providing top-tier security solutions. Its rigorous TL-30 certification indicates that it can withstand severe burglary attempts using high-grade tools for up to 30 minutes, a testament to its superior construction and innovative security features.

Unmatched Fire Protection

In addition to its formidable defense against burglary, the MJ-1814C’s 2-hour fire resistance ensures that valuables remain protected even under extreme heat. This capability is particularly crucial in areas prone to wildfires or for storing heat-sensitive items such as documents, digital media, and personal mementos. The assurance that the MJ-1814C provides in terms of fire protection sets it apart as a leading choice for fire safes for sale.

Innovations for Enhanced Security and Usability

The inclusion of either a Group 2M UL listed S&G dial or an EMP Resistant Type 1 S&G Spartan D-Drive Electronic Lock offers flexibility in access while maintaining uncompromised security. This adaptability, combined with the safe’s special design burglary-resistant handle and glass re-locker, enhances its defense mechanisms, making the MJ-1814C virtually impervious to unauthorized entry.

A Foundation for Comprehensive Asset Protection

Integrating the Hollon MJ-1814C into your security strategy not only safeguards your valuables against theft and fire but also serves as a crucial component of a holistic approach to asset protection. Whether securing business assets, family heirlooms, or critical documents, the MJ-1814C provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing your valuables are protected by one of the most advanced safes on the market.

Elevating Standards in Security

The Hollon MJ-1814C stands as a beacon of security, offering unmatched protection in a world where the preservation of valuables is increasingly paramount. For businesses and individuals alike, investing in the MJ-1814C is not just a choice but a statement of the utmost priority placed on security and protection. As part of the esteemed TL-30 MJ Series, the MJ-1814C goes beyond conventional safes, offering a level of security and fire protection that is unrivaled, ensuring that your most precious assets are safeguarded under all circumstances.

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