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Hollon HS-880C 2-Hour Office Safe


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  • Outside Dimensions: 32”H x 23.25”W x 21.75”D
  • Inside Dimensions: 26.22”H x 17.56”W x 13.57”D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 3.62
  • Weight: 374 lbs.
  • Fire Rating: 2 Hours
  • 30-foot impact rated
  • Lock: Dial combination lock
  • 3-way locking chrome bolt work
  • Interior drawer & adjustable shelves
  • Door détente device automatically locks safe
  • Airtight construction preventing smoke damage
  • Anchor Bolt for bolting safes except HS-1750E
  • Factory Warranty


The Hollon HS-880C: Comprehensive Protection Encased

The Hollon HS-880C stands as a testament to the blend of innovative security technology and user-centric design. Measuring at 32 inches in height, 23 ¼ inches in width, and 20 inches in depth, and weighing 374 lbs, it provides a spacious interior of 3.61 cubic feet, ensuring ample room for a variety of valuables, from documents to digital media and beyond.

Unyielding Defense Against Fire and Impact

Central to the HS-880C’s design is its 2-hour fireproof rating, allowing it to withstand external temperatures reaching up to 1850 Degrees Fahrenheit. This ensures the preservation of contents at a safe internal temperature below 350 Degrees, making it an essential asset for those in need of reliable fire safes for sale. Complementing this feature is the safe’s 30-foot impact rating, providing peace of mind that the integrity of your valuables is safeguarded against physical shocks and falls.

Advanced Security Features

Security is paramount with the HS-880C, featuring 4-way locking chrome bolt work and a robust re-locker, known as a secondary locking device. These mechanisms work in tandem to offer an added layer of protection against burglary attempts, ensuring that your possessions are well-protected. The safe’s door détente device automatically locks the safe upon closing, enhancing security by ensuring that the safe is always secured.

Versatility and Accessibility

Understanding the diverse needs of its users, Hollon offers the HS-880C with a choice between the S&G Type 1 electronic lock or Group 2 dial lock, both made in the USA. This flexibility allows users to choose the locking mechanism that best suits their access preferences without compromising on security. Additionally, the interior adjustable shelves and key locking drawer provide customizable storage options, accommodating everything from small fireproof safe for home needs to commercial security requirements.

A Beacon of Hollon Quality

The Hollon HS-880C embodies Hollon’s commitment to providing safes that not only meet but exceed the highest standards of fire protection, burglary deterrence, and usability. Its recessed curvature and construction contribute to a virtually airtight seal, protecting against smoke and water damage, and making it an ideal home safe fireproof solution.
Enhanced Security and Customization
The Hollon HS-880C is engineered to provide not just security but also flexibility in storage solutions. With interior adjustable shelves and an interior key locking drawer, it caters to a diverse array of storage needs, enabling efficient organization and easy access to valuables, documents, and firearms. This level of customization is pivotal for users looking for a small fireproof safe for home that can also accommodate the nuanced needs of document fire safes.

Robust Burglary Protection

In today’s security-conscious world, the HS-880C’s 4-way locking chrome bolt work and re-locker (secondary locking device) stand as critical defenses against unauthorized access. These features, combined with the 30-foot impact rating, ensure that the safe remains a formidable barrier against attempted burglaries, setting a new standard for safes in terms of burglary protection.

State-of-the-Art Locking Mechanisms

Recognizing the importance of accessibility without compromising security, Hollon offers the HS-880C with a choice between the S&G Type 1 electronic lock and Group 2 dial lock. Both options are renowned for their reliability and ease of use, allowing users to select the locking mechanism that best fits their security preferences. This choice underscores the HS-880C’s role as a versatile fireproof safe, adaptable to the unique needs and preferences of each user.

Integration and Durability

A key feature of the HS-880C is its recessed curvature design, which not only enhances the safe’s aesthetic appeal but also contributes to its structural integrity. This design feature aids in creating a virtually airtight construction, effectively protecting against smoke and water damage and further enhancing the safe’s overall resilience.

Moreover, the inclusion of an anchor bolt for concrete installation ensures that the HS-880C can be securely anchored to the floor, providing an additional layer of theft deterrence and stability. This feature is particularly beneficial for commercial entities requiring a steadfast fire safe that integrates seamlessly with their security protocols.

A Comprehensive Security Asset

The HS-880C emerges as a comprehensive solution for those seeking advanced fire safes for sale or aiming to buy home safes that offer superior fire protection, burglary deterrence, and customizable storage options. Its innovative features, combined with Hollon’s commitment to quality and reliability, make the HS-880C a premier choice for safeguarding valuables against a spectrum of threats.

The HS-880C: Synthesizing Security and Peace of Mind

The Hollon HS-880C stands as a beacon of security, offering unparalleled peace of mind to those who prioritize the safety of their documents, valuables, and firearms. With its 2-hour fireproof rating and 30-foot impact resistance, the HS-880C ensures that its contents are shielded from the most extreme conditions, making it an indispensable fireproof safe for safeguarding critical items against fire and physical damage.

Tailored Security for Diverse Needs

Beyond its robust protective capabilities, the HS-880C is celebrated for its adaptability and user-focused design. The option to choose between an S&G Type 1 electronic lock and Group 2 dial lock, along with interior adjustable shelves and a key locking drawer, allows users to customize their security experience to their specific needs. Whether for personal or professional use, the HS-880C’s versatile features ensure that it can serve as a home safe fireproof solution or a small fireproof safe for home and business use with equal efficacy.

A Commitment to Excellence

Choosing the HS-880C means investing in a brand that is synonymous with reliability and excellence. Hollon’s commitment to providing high-quality safes is evident in every aspect of the HS-880C’s construction, from its 4-way locking chrome bolt work to its recessed curvature design that offers additional protection against environmental threats. This commitment extends to Hollon’s customer service and support, ensuring that users have a reliable partner in securing their valuables.

The Ultimate Protection for Valuables

In the HS-880C, individuals and businesses will find a security solution that exceeds expectations, offering not just a safe space for valuables but a fortress against a range of threats. Its comprehensive protection capabilities, combined with Hollon’s reputation for quality and innovation, make the HS-880C a prudent choice for anyone serious about securing their valuables against fire, theft, and environmental damage.

Choosing the HS-880C is more than a practical decision; it’s a statement of the value you place on security, quality, and peace of mind. Whether for securing personal treasures or critical business documents, the HS-880C provides the ultimate safeguarding solution, ensuring that what matters most to you is protected now and in the future.

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Weight374 lbs
Dimensions21.75 × 23.25 × 32 in


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