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Hollon HS-610E 2 Hour Office Safe with Electronic Lock


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  • Outside Dimensions: 21.75”H x 19.75″W x 18.50”D
  • Inside Dimensions: 16”H x 14”W x 11.63”D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 1.51
  • Weight: 187 lbs.
  • Fire Rating: 2 hours
  • 30-foot impact rated
  • Lock: Electronic keypad
  • Adjustable shelves
  • 2-way locking chrome boltwork
  • Door détente device
  • Anchor bolt on all models except HS-1750E
  • Airtight construction
  • Factory warranty


The Hollon HS-610E: Unparalleled Protection and Sophistication

The Hollon HS-610E stands out with its substantial dimensions (21¾” x 19¾” x 18½”) and a weight of 187 lbs, offering a generous internal volume of 1.45 cubic feet. This balance of size and weight ensures ample storage capacity while maintaining a solid stance against potential breaches, making it a perfect small fireproof safe for home or office environments.

Exceptional Fire and Impact Resistance

At the core of the HS-610E’s design is its two-hour fire rating at an intense 1850 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring that contents within are protected at a safe internal temperature of just 350°F. This level of fire protection significantly surpasses the average home safe fireproof standards, offering 100% more fire protection. Furthermore, the HS-610E is 30-foot impact rated, adding an extra layer of resilience against physical disturbances or attempts at forced entry.

Advanced Security Features

The HS-610E is equipped with a CE Rated Electronic Lock designed for up to 4 users, providing a modern and secure access mechanism. This electronic lock is complemented by 2-way locking chrome bolt work, enhancing the safe’s defense against unauthorized access. The inclusion of interior adjustable shelves and an interior sliding drawer offers unparalleled organizational flexibility, allowing users to tailor the storage space to their specific needs.

Comprehensive Protection Against Elements

In addition to its robust construction and locking mechanisms, the HS-610E features a recessed curvature and a grooved door seal, providing virtually airtight construction that protects against smoke and water damage. This water-resistant design is crucial for those seeking a reliable document fire safe or home safe that offers comprehensive protection beyond just fire and impact.

Seamless Installation and Integration

With one anchoring hole and included bolting hardware for concrete installation, the HS-610E can be securely fixed in place, enhancing its theft deterrence capabilities. Its Gray-White color and sleek design ensure that it can integrate discreetly into any setting, offering a sophisticated home safe fireproof solution that does not compromise on style or security.

Advanced Security for Peace of Mind

The HS-610E incorporates a CE Rated Electronic Lock capable of accommodating up to 4 users, blending high-tech security with user-friendly operation. This feature ensures personalized and secure access, making it ideal for settings where multiple individuals require entry. Complemented by 2-way locking chrome bolt work, the safe’s security measures are rigorously designed to thwart unauthorized access, establishing it as a formidable hollon safe.

Organizational Excellence

Inside the robust exterior lies an interior adjustable shelf and an interior sliding drawer, enhancing the safe’s organizational capabilities. These features allow for a tailored storage solution, accommodating everything from personal heirlooms to sensitive business documents. This level of customization underscores the HS-610E’s versatility as both a small fireproof safe for home and a secure repository for commercial assets, ensuring that each item is not only protected but also easily accessible.

Superior Protection Against Fire and Water

The HS-610E’s two-hour fire rating at a scorching 1850°F offers maximum defense against extreme heat, while its 30-foot impact rating provides additional resilience against physical shocks. This combination of fire and impact resistance ensures that valuables remain secure under the most demanding conditions. Furthermore, the safe’s design includes a recessed curvature and a grooved door seal, creating a virtually airtight barrier against smoke and water damage. Such comprehensive protection is critical for those in need of a reliable fire safe that safeguards against all potential threats.

Designed for Durability and Aesthetics

Equipped with one anchoring hole and bolting hardware for concrete installation, the HS-610E’s secure anchoring system enhances its theft deterrence capabilities. Its Gray-White finish not only contributes to its aesthetic appeal but also allows for seamless integration into any interior design scheme, offering a home safe fireproof solution that complements any environment without compromising on security or style.

A Convergence of Security and Functionality

The HS-610E represents the pinnacle of safe design, merging advanced security features with comprehensive protection against fire and water. Whether for personal valuables, critical business documents, or firearms, the HS-610E delivers on the promise of comprehensive protection and reliability. Its thoughtful design, including organizational features and ease of installation, makes it an exceptional choice for anyone seeking a fire safe, home safe, or document fire safe.

The Hollon HS-610E: A Synthesis of Security and Innovation

The HS-610E integrates robust fireproof capabilities with an advanced CE Rated Electronic Lock, suitable for up to 4 users, offering a level of security that is both sophisticated and accessible. Its two-hour fire rating at 1850 degrees Fahrenheit ensures valuables are protected under extreme conditions, while the seamless body and door construction enhance its strength and aesthetic appeal. This safe is not just a storage solution but a comprehensive security system, making it an essential fireproof safe and home safe fireproof solution.

Enhanced Protection and Organizational Flexibility

With its interior adjustable shelves and interior sliding drawer, the HS-610E offers organizational flexibility, allowing users to customize the storage space to fit their specific needs. Whether for document fire safes, small fireproof safe for home use, or as a comprehensive home safe, the HS-610E’s design caters to a wide range of storage requirements, ensuring valuables are not only protected but also neatly organized.

Superior Fire and Impact Resistance

The HS-610E’s capability to maintain an internal temperature of only 350°F, even when exposed to external temperatures of 1850°F, sets it apart as an elite fire safe. The added 30-foot impact rating underscores its durability and resilience under extreme conditions, highlighting Hollon’s commitment to maximum protection from fire and water.

Aesthetic Appeal and Secure Installation

Featuring a sleek Gray-White color and a design that includes one anchoring hole for concrete installation, the HS-610E not only enhances the security of your valuables but also adds a touch of elegance to any setting. This blend of aesthetic appeal and functional design ensures that the HS-610E integrates seamlessly into any environment, making it a stylish and effective home safe fireproof option.

The Ultimate Choice for Comprehensive Security

Choosing the Hollon HS-610E means investing in peace of mind and the assurance that your most valuable assets are protected by one of the best safes on the market today. Whether for personal treasures, critical business documents, or everyday items, the HS-610E provides the ultimate safeguard, ensuring that what matters most to you is secure now and in the future.

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Weight187 lbs
Dimensions18.50 × 19.75 × 21.75 in


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