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Hollon HS-310D 2 Hour Home Safe


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  • Outside Dimensions: 11.75”H x 16.50”W x 14”D
  • Inside Dimensions: 8”H x 12.33”W x 9.25”D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 0.53
  • Weight: 81 lbs.
  • Fire Rating: 2 Hours
  • Seamless body and door
  • Lock: Dial combination lock
  • 2-Active rectangle locking bolts PLUS fixed hinge side bolts
  • 1 anchoring hole & bolting hardware included


The Hollon HS-310D: Compact Security, Maximum Protection

The Hollon HS-310D is designed for those who require a small fireproof safe for home or office without compromising on the security features found in larger safes. Its dimensions (11 ¾” x 16 ½” x 14”) and weight of 85 lbs provide a compact yet secure solution, fitting seamlessly into smaller spaces while offering a substantial 0.53 cubic feet of internal storage.

Unrivaled Fire Resistance

At the heart of the HS-310D’s appeal is its exceptional two-hour fire rating at 1850 degrees Fahrenheit. This level of protection ensures that, even in the most extreme conditions, the contents remain safe at an internal temperature of just 350°F. Such performance not only surpasses the average home safe fireproof standards but also provides 100% more fire protection, making it an ideal fireproof safe for safeguarding important documents and valuables against fire damage.

Advanced Construction for Enhanced Security

The HS-310D features seamless body and door construction, enhancing both its strength and aesthetic appeal. Equipped with a dial lock, 2-active rectangle locking bolts, and fixed hinge side bolts, this safe offers a robust defense mechanism against unauthorized access. The inclusion of one anchoring hole at the bottom, with bolting hardware provided for concrete installation, ensures the safe can be securely anchored, preventing removal or tampering.

Optimal Protection from Water Damage

In addition to fire protection, the Hollon HS-310D is engineered to offer maximum defense against water intrusion. A grooved door seal effectively protects the safe’s interior from the potential water damage caused by a fireman’s hose or sprinklers, making it an indispensable home safe for those looking to safeguard their possessions from all forms of environmental threats.

The Hollon HS-310D’s blend of compact design, exceptional fire and water resistance, and robust security features positions it as a leading choice for individuals and businesses in need of reliable document fire safes or a small fireproof safe for home use. Its ability to maintain internal temperatures well below the critical threshold for document and digital media preservation, even in the face of extreme external temperatures, sets a new standard for fire safes for sale in today’s market.

Enhanced Security for Diverse Needs

The HS-310D isn’t just a secure container; it’s a comprehensive protection system designed with the user’s diverse security needs in mind. Its robust 4-way locking chrome bolt work, complemented by an internal re-locker, provides a formidable line of defense against unauthorized access, ensuring that valuables remain untouched and secure.

Customization and Convenience

One of the HS-310D’s standout features is its interior adjustable shelves, which offer flexibility in organizing stored items. This adaptability makes the safe not only an ideal document fire safe but also a versatile storage solution for a variety of valuables, including jewelry, small electronics, and personal documents. The interior key locking drawer adds an extra layer of security, perfect for storing items that require additional protection.

Protection Against the Elements

The HS-310D goes beyond safeguarding against theft and fire. Its design incorporates a recessed curvature and a specialized door seal that provide virtually airtight construction, protecting the safe’s contents from smoke and water damage. This feature is particularly crucial in scenarios where the safe might be exposed to the water from firefighting efforts, ensuring that your valuables remain dry and intact.

Seamless Integration into Any Space

With its compact dimensions and Gray-White color, the HS-310D is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, allowing it to blend seamlessly into any home or office décor. The inclusion of bolting hardware for concrete installation facilitates secure anchoring to floors, enhancing the safe’s immovability and deterrence against physical removal.

A Commitment to Quality and Reliability

Choosing the HS-310D means investing in a safe that embodies Hollon’s commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Its two-hour fire rating and 30-foot impact rating underscore the brand’s dedication to providing top-tier protection. Whether for personal use in safeguarding small fireproof safe for home essentials or in a business setting to secure critical documents, the HS-310D delivers security you can trust.

In conclusion, the HS-310D exemplifies cutting-edge security technology and thoughtful design, offering users a reliable solution to protect their most precious assets against fire, theft, and environmental hazards. Its compact size, coupled with its robust protective features, makes it an outstanding choice for anyone in the market for a fire safe that doesn’t compromise on security or functionality.

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Weight85 lbs
Dimensions14 × 16.5 × 11.75 in


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