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Hollon HS-1750E 2 Hour Office Safe


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  • Outside Dimensions: 63.50”H x 45.29”W x 25”D
  • Inside Dimensions: 56.89”H x 38.57”W x 18.11”D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 23
  • Weight: 1,650 lbs.
  • Fire Rating: 2 Hours
  • 30-foot Impact rated
  • 3-way locking chrome bolt work
  • Interior adjustable shelves in all models
  • Interior drawer
  • Door détente device automatically locks safe
  • S&G Electronic Lock Upgrade
  • Recessed curvature provides virtually airtight construction preventing smoke damage
  • Ships with wheels
  • Factory Warranty


The Hollon HS-1750E: A Pinnacle of Protection and Reliability

In the quest for the ultimate safe to protect your valuables, the Hollon HS-1750E emerges as a fortress unmatched in its security and durability. This model represents the zenith of Hollon Safe’s commitment to excellence, offering an unparalleled blend of fire resistance, burglary deterrence, and sophisticated locking mechanisms. Whether for personal or professional use, the HS-1750E stands as a guardian of your most precious assets, merging advanced technology with ease of use. Let’s delve into the features that set this safe apart in the realms of safes, fire safes for sale, buy home safes, and gun safes.

Unmatched Fire Protection

At the heart of the HS-1750E’s design is its remarkable 2-hour fireproof rating. Engineered to withstand external temperatures of up to 1850 Degrees Fahrenheit while maintaining an internal environment below 350 Degrees, it offers superior protection against fire damage. This capability ensures that your documents, digital media, and valuables are safeguarded under extreme conditions, making it an essential choice for those in search of a fireproof safe or document fire safes.

Robust Burglary Defense

Beyond its fire resistance, the HS-1750E is built to offer formidable protection against unauthorized access. Equipped with 4-way locking chrome bolt work and a re-locker or secondary locking system, it sets a new standard for security. These features, combined with a 30-foot impact rating, ensure that your belongings remain secure, regardless of the challenges they face. For individuals and businesses alike, the HS-1750E is a gun safe made in USA that stands as a bulwark against intrusion.

Customizable Security for Diverse Needs

Understanding that security needs vary, Hollon offers the HS-1750E with a choice of S&G Group 2 Dial or Type 1 S&G Electronic Lock, allowing users to select the locking mechanism that best suits their preferences. This flexibility, paired with interior adjustable shelves and key locking drawers, provides a tailored security solution that can accommodate a wide range of valuables, from firearms to sensitive documents.

Advanced Features for Comprehensive Protection

The HS-1750E’s recessed curvature and door détente device not only enhance its aesthetic appeal but also its protective capabilities. These design elements contribute to a virtually airtight construction, minimizing the risk of smoke and water damage. With these advanced features, the HS-1750E exemplifies Hollon’s dedication to providing home safe fireproof options that meet the highest standards of protection.

As we prepare to delve deeper into the exceptional qualities of the HS-1750E in the next sections, it’s clear that this safe is not just a place to store valuables—it’s a comprehensive security solution designed to offer peace of mind and reliability in safeguarding your treasures.

Versatility and User-Centric Design

The HS-1750E is not just any safe; it’s a versatile security solution that caters to a wide array of needs. From safeguarding important business documents to protecting personal valuables and firearms, this safe’s generous dimensions and thoughtful interior design ensure that everything you value is kept secure and organized. The interior adjustable shelves and interior key locking drawers provide the flexibility to customize the storage space to your specific requirements, making it an ideal document fire safe or gun safe for discerning users.

Ease of Use and Accessibility

Recognizing that advanced security should not come at the expense of accessibility, the HS-1750E features user-friendly mechanisms that enhance the overall experience. The choice between a S&G Group 2 Dial or Type 1 S&G Electronic Lock allows users to select the locking system that best suits their preferences, ensuring ease of access while maintaining uncompromised security. This customization extends to the safe’s door détente device which automatically locks the safe upon closing, providing an additional layer of security and convenience.

Water and Smoke Damage Protection

In addition to its formidable burglary and fire resistance, the HS-1750E offers exceptional protection against environmental threats. The recessed curvature design of the safe not only contributes to its aesthetic appeal but also to its structural integrity, creating a virtually airtight seal. This innovative feature plays a crucial role in preventing smoke and water damage, safeguarding your valuables from the unpredictable nature of disasters and accidents.

A Safe Built for Unstoppable Security

The HS-1750E represents the pinnacle of safe technology, designed to withstand the most challenging conditions while providing a user-friendly experience. Its 2-hour fireproof capability and 30-foot impact rating are testaments to Hollon’s commitment to manufacturing safes that offer superior protection. Whether you’re looking to buy home safes or need a reliable fire safe for your business, the HS-1750E delivers unmatched security and peace of mind.

With its combination of advanced protection features, customizable interior, and ease of use, the HS-1750E stands out as a premier choice for anyone serious about securing their valuables. As we prepare to conclude our in-depth look at this exceptional safe, it’s clear that the HS-1750E is not just a safe but a comprehensive security solution that meets the diverse needs of today’s homeowners and businesses.

The Hollon Advantage: Unparalleled Security and Peace of Mind

The HS-1750E embodies the pinnacle of safe design, offering unparalleled protection against fire, impact, burglary, and environmental damages. Its robust construction, coupled with cutting-edge locking mechanisms, ensures that your valuables are secured against any threat. This safe is not merely a product; it’s a reflection of Hollon’s commitment to exceeding industry standards and providing users with a reliable fortress for their most prized possessions.

A Commitment to Excellence

Choosing a Hollon safe means investing in a brand that stands behind its products with a deep commitment to excellence. The HS-1750E, with its 2-hour fireproof rating, 30-foot impact resistance, and 4-way locking chrome bolt work, represents the culmination of years of research, development, and innovation. Hollon’s dedication to quality is evident in every aspect of this safe, from its fireproof capabilities to its burglary deterrence and water-resistant construction.

Tailored to Your Needs

The versatility of the HS-1750E is unmatched, offering customizable options that cater to a wide range of storage needs. Whether for document fire safes, gun safes, or general home and office use, this safe’s adjustable interior, key locking drawers, and choice of lock type ensure that it can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. The inclusion of S&G Group 2 Dial or Type 1 S&G Electronic Lock options allows for personalized security, ensuring that access is both secure and convenient.

Investing in Your Security

The decision to choose the HS-1750E is an investment in the security and safety of your valuables. This safe stands as a guardian, offering fire safes for sale that go beyond mere storage to provide comprehensive protection. Whether you’re looking to buy home safes or need a fireproof safe for your business, the HS-1750E offers the assurance that your documents, firearms, and valuables are protected by one of the best safes on the market.

The HS-1750E as Your Ultimate Security Solution

In the HS-1750E, you’ll find not just a safe, but a symbol of unwavering security and reliability. It exemplifies Hollon’s legacy of trust, offering home safe fireproof options that blend seamlessly with any security strategy. For those who demand the best in fire safes for sale, gun safes, and gun safe made in USA, the HS-1750E stands ready to exceed expectations, providing unstoppable protection and peace of mind.

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Weight1650 lbs
Dimensions25 × 45.29 × 63.50 in


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