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Hollon HS-1600E 2 Hour Office Safe


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  • Outside Dimensions: 59.75”H x 31.50”W x 25”D
  • Inside Dimensions: 53”H x 24.80”x 18.11”D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 13.76
  • Weight: 902 lbs.
  • Fire Rating: 2 Hours
  • 30-foot Impact rated
  • 3-way locking chrome bolt work
  • Interior adjustable shelves in all models
  • Interior drawer
  • Door détente device automatically locks safe
  • S&G UL Listed, Type 1 Electronic Lock
  • Recessed curvature provides virtually airtight construction preventing smoke damage
  • Anchor Bolt for bolting safes to the floor on all models except HS-1750E
  • Factory Warranty


The Hollon HS-1600E: A Paragon of Security and Innovation

In the world of safes, the Hollon HS-1600E stands as a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence in protecting valuables. Crafted with precision and care, this model embodies the pinnacle of security technology, offering unrivaled protection for both personal and professional assets. The HS-1600E isn’t just a safe; it’s a guardian for your most prized possessions, combining robust features with sophisticated engineering to deliver a security solution that is second to none.

Unmatched Fire and Impact Resilience

At the core of the HS-1600E’s design is its formidable 2-hour fireproof capability, ensuring that valuables remain safeguarded against extreme temperatures up to 1850 Degrees Fahrenheit. This level of protection is vital for anyone seeking a fireproof safe that can withstand severe conditions without faltering. Moreover, the safe’s 30-foot impact rating affirms its ability to endure and protect in the event of significant impacts, such as those experienced during natural disasters or structural collapses. These features underscore the HS-1600E’s superiority in providing peace of mind to those looking to buy home safes that offer more than just basic security.

Advanced Security Features

The HS-1600E is fortified with 4-way locking chrome bolt work, ensuring that each access point is securely protected against unauthorized entry. This locking mechanism is enhanced by the safe’s recessed curvature, which offers virtually airtight protection against environmental damage, including smoke and water. Such comprehensive security measures make the HS-1600E an ideal choice for safeguarding important documents and valuables, epitomizing what it means to have a home safe fireproof and resilient against intrusion.

Customizable and User-Friendly

Beyond its robust protective features, the HS-1600E is designed with the user in mind, featuring interior adjustable shelves and an interior key locking drawer for organizing valuables efficiently. Whether for document fire safes or gun safes, the flexibility in storage allows for a tailored security experience. Additionally, the choice between an S&G Type 1 electronic lock or Group 2 dial lock, both made in the USA, offers personalized access that meets the highest standards of reliability and ease.

The HS-1600E also includes a re-locker or secondary locking system as standard, providing an extra layer of security in the event of attempted tampering. Coupled with the anchor bolt for concrete installation, this safe is not only a deterrent against burglary but also a fixture that firmly stands its ground.

Enhanced Security and Innovative Features of the HS-1600E

The HS-1600E safe represents a pinnacle of security technology, designed to offer unbeatable protection for both personal and professional valuables. This advanced fireproof safe not only meets but exceeds the expectations of those looking to buy home safes that offer comprehensive security solutions. With the HS-1600E, Hollon Safe showcases its commitment to innovation, integrating features that provide peace of mind and ensuring that your most cherished possessions are guarded against all forms of threat.

State-of-the-Art Locking Mechanism

Choosing the right lock is crucial for the security of your safe, and the HS-1600E offers the flexibility to select from the best. Whether you prefer the traditional Group 2 dial lock or the modern convenience of the S&G Type 1 electronic lock, Hollon ensures your needs are met with high-quality options. Made in the USA, these locks are renowned for their reliability, providing an extra layer of security to the already formidable 4-way locking chrome bolt work. This safe is not just a secure storage solution but a fortress for your valuables, making it an ideal gun safe made in USA.

Robust Construction for Ultimate Protection

The HS-1600E’s impressive build quality extends beyond its locking mechanism. With a 2-hour fireproof rating, it can withstand external temperatures of up to 1850 Degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring that the contents remain protected at a safe internal temperature of 350 Degrees. This feature is essential for document fire safes, where the preservation of paper-based materials is critical. Moreover, the safe’s 30-foot impact rating and recessed curvature design provide an additional layer of defense, ensuring that your valuables are safe from physical damage and environmental threats such as smoke and water.

Practical Features for Ease of Use

Understanding that security should not come at the expense of convenience, the HS-1600E includes practical features to enhance user experience. Interior adjustable shelves offer flexibility in organizing contents, while an interior key locking drawer provides a secure space for smaller, more sensitive items. The door détente device ensures that the safe automatically locks upon closing, adding a convenient safety feature that protects against accidental oversight.

This safe is not just a place to store valuables; it’s a comprehensive security solution designed to meet the needs of a wide range of users. From homeowners seeking a home safe fireproof option to businesses in need of reliable fire safes for sale, the HS-1600E delivers unmatched protection and peace of mind.

In the next section, we will explore the broader implications of choosing the Hollon HS-1600E for your security needs, focusing on the brand’s legacy, customer trust, and the unique advantages that set the HS-1600E apart in the world of safes. Stay tuned to learn how investing in a Hollon safe is not just a purchase but a long-term investment in security and peace of mind.

Securing Your Legacy with the Hollon HS-1600E

The HS-1600E stands not just as a pinnacle of safe technology but as a testament to the commitment of Hollon Safe towards providing superior protection for your valuables. This final section encapsulates why choosing the HS-1600E is more than an investment in a fireproof safe; it’s an investment in peace of mind and security for your most precious assets. Let’s delve into the integral aspects that make the HS-1600E an unrivaled choice for both personal and professional use.

A Legacy of Trust and Innovation

When you choose the HS-1600E, you’re not just buying a safe; you’re entrusting your valuables to a brand that has built a reputation on reliability, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Hollon has consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible, offering safes that meet the rigorous demands of fire protection and burglary deterrence. The HS-1600E is a reflection of this legacy, incorporating state-of-the-art technology and craftsmanship to protect against fire and theft.

Comprehensive Protection for Every Need

Whether it’s for safeguarding critical document fire safes, securing gun safes, or protecting irreplaceable personal items, the HS-1600E provides comprehensive security solutions. Its 2-hour fireproof capability and 30 foot impact rating ensure that your documents, firearms, and valuables are safe from extreme conditions. Furthermore, the 4-way locking chrome bolt work, choice of S&G Type 1 electronic lock or Group 2 dial lock, and re-locker or secondary locking system fortify against unauthorized access, making the HS-1600E an ideal gun safe made in USA.

Beyond Security: The Hollon Advantage

Choosing the HS-1600E means benefiting from Hollon’s unparalleled customer support and warranty services, ensuring that your safe is not just a purchase but a long-term security solution. The anchor bolt for concrete installation feature underscores the safe’s ease of integration into your home or office, while the interior adjustable shelves and key locking drawer offer organizational flexibility. This safe is designed not just to secure but to complement your security strategy, making it a perfect choice for those looking to buy home safes that offer both functionality and peace of mind.

The HS-1600E as Your Ultimate Security Companion

The HS-1600E embodies the essence of what a modern safe should be—secure, versatile, and reliable. It represents a smart investment in protecting what matters most, from valuable heirlooms and important documents to firearms and personal valuables. With Hollon, you’re not just securing your valuables against fire and theft; you’re securing your peace of mind. Choose the HS-1600E, and rest assured that your legacy is protected by one of the best fire safes for sale on the market today.

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Weight902 lbs
Dimensions25 × 31.50 × 59.75 in


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