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Hollon FDD-3020EE Depository Safe


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  • Outside Dimensions: 30″H x 20″W x 20″D
  • Inside Dimensions:
    • Top: 8.25″H x 19.75″W x 17″D
    • Bottom – 8.25″H x 19.75″W x 17″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 3.65
  • Weight: 200 lbs.
  • Burglary Rating: B
  • Anti-Fish Baffle prevents theft through the deposit door
  • Internal spring-loaded relocking device
  • Dual UL Listed Type 1 Securam Basic II
  • Four anchor holes provided to secure your safe to the floor
  • ½” thick solid steel door
  • 1.20″ diameter solid steel live locking bolts
  • Drill/Ballistic Resistant Hardplate protects internal lock and re-locker
  • Heavy duty dead bar prevents door removal during a forced entry attempt


Introducing the Hollon FDD-3020EE: A Paradigm of Security and Efficiency

In the dynamic world of business operations, the Hollon FDD-3020EE emerges as a beacon of security and operational excellence. This B-rated double door depository safe is meticulously engineered to offer unmatched protection for cash, documents, and valuables, catering to the rigorous demands of commercial environments. With its robust features and versatile design, the FDD-3020EE stands as an indispensable asset for businesses aiming to enhance their security posture without compromising on efficiency.

Unparalleled Construction for Maximum Security

The Hollon FDD-3020EE boasts a formidable construction, designed to withstand attempts at unauthorized access. With exterior dimensions of 30 inches by 20 inches by 20 inches and a weight of 200 lbs, it offers a sturdy defense mechanism against potential breaches. The safe’s durability is further reinforced by a ½-inch thick solid steel door and 1 1/4″ solid steel active locking bolts, ensuring a high level of security for stored assets.

Advanced Security Features for Comprehensive Protection

Equipped with two UL Listed Type 1 S&G Electronic Locks, the FDD-3020EE provides sophisticated security that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each business. These electronic locks allow for secure and controlled access, offering peace of mind to business owners and managers.

The inclusion of an anti-fish baffle is a testament to Hollon’s commitment to security, preventing theft through the deposit door. This feature ensures that once deposits are made, they cannot be tampered with, making the FDD-3020EE an ideal solution for businesses that handle cash transactions regularly.

An internal spring-loaded relocking device offers an additional layer of security, automatically securing the safe in the event of an attempted breach. This, coupled with a drill/ballistic resistant hardplate, protects the internal lock and re-locker from sophisticated attacks, ensuring the integrity of the safe’s locking mechanism.

Designed to Meet the Needs of Modern Businesses

The Hollon FDD-3020EE is not merely a safe; it’s a solution crafted to address the operational needs of modern businesses. Its double door feature, with separate compartments for the top and bottom, offers flexible storage solutions and enhanced security by allowing businesses to manage access and organize their valuables efficiently.

With an interior dimension of 8 ¼ inches by 19 ¾ inches by 17 inches for both the top and bottom compartments, providing a total of 3.6 cubic feet of storage space, the FDD-3020EE is equipped to store a variety of items securely. This versatility is crucial for businesses looking to safeguard cash, documents, and other valuable assets in a secure, organized manner.

Operational Efficiencies and Security Synergies

The Hollon FDD-3020EE stands at the intersection of security and operational efficiency, offering features that streamline daily business processes while ensuring the utmost in asset protection. This synergy is critical for businesses across all sectors, particularly those where cash handling and secure storage are daily considerations.

Streamlined Cash Handling with Drop Slot Safes

For businesses that deal extensively in cash transactions, such as retail outlets, restaurants, and convenience stores, the FDD-3020EE’s drop slot feature is invaluable. This allows for quick and secure deposits of cash into the safe without the need to open the main compartment, significantly reducing the risk of theft or tampering. The anti-fish baffle further ensures that once cash is deposited, it cannot be “fished out,” providing an additional layer of security.

Enhanced Cash Management with Money Counter Safe

The Hollon FDD-3020EE also excels as a money counter safe, with its spacious interior dimensions allowing for the organization and storage of cash in a manner that facilitates easy counting and management. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses that need to process large volumes of cash, enabling them to do so securely and efficiently within the confines of the safe.

Customizable Security for Diverse Business Needs

Recognizing that businesses have varied security needs, the FDD-3020EE comes equipped with two UL Listed Type 1 S&G Electronic Locks. This dual-lock system not only enhances the safe’s security but also offers flexibility in access control, allowing businesses to designate specific access protocols for different users or departments.

Robust Construction and Advanced Protection Features

The construction of the FDD-3020EE is a testament to Hollon’s commitment to quality and durability. The safe’s B-rated designation indicates its robustness, capable of withstanding attempts at forced entry. This is further supported by features such as 1 1/4″ solid steel active locking bolts and a drill/ballistic resistant hardplate, which safeguard the lock and re-locker from being compromised.The Hollon FDD-3020EE is more than just a secure storage option; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to meet the complex needs of modern businesses. Its blend of advanced security features, operational efficiencies, and customizable access options make it an ideal choice for businesses seeking to enhance their security protocols without compromising on functionality. Whether for securing cash, documents, or other valuable assets, the FDD-3020EE provides peace of mind and supports the overall success and sustainability of business operations.

The Strategic Impact of the Hollon FDD-3020EE on Business Security

Integrating the Hollon FDD-3020EE into your business’s security strategy signifies a proactive approach to asset protection. This depository safe’s dual-door design, equipped with two UL Listed type 1 S&G Electronic Locks, provides a multifaceted security solution that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. The FDD-3020EE not only secures cash and valuables but also streamlines deposit and retrieval processes, minimizing the risk of internal and external theft.

Beyond Security: A Catalyst for Operational Excellence

The FDD-3020EE’s drop slot safes feature, with its anti-fish baffle, ensures that deposits are secure and tamper-proof, facilitating efficient cash management without compromising security. This feature is invaluable for businesses with high-volume cash transactions, enabling employees to make deposits quickly and securely. Furthermore, the money counter safe functionality allows for the organized storage and easy access of cash, enhancing the efficiency of financial operations.

Customizable Access for Enhanced Control

The flexibility offered by the FDD-3020EE’s electronic locks allows businesses to implement customized access protocols, ensuring that sensitive assets are accessible only to authorized personnel. This level of control is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your business’s assets and can be instrumental in preventing unauthorized access and potential breaches.

A Long-term Investment in Peace of Mind

Choosing the Hollon FDD-3020EE is an investment in the long-term security and viability of your business. Constructed with solid steel plates and featuring 1 1/4″ Solid Steel Active Locking Bolts, this B-rated safe is designed to offer durable protection against physical attacks. The inclusion of drill/ballistic resistant hardplate and a heavy-duty dead bar further underscores the safe’s resilience, providing businesses with peace of mind knowing their assets are well-protected.

Elevating Business Security with the Hollon FDD-3020EE

The Hollon FDD-3020EE embodies the ideal fusion of security, functionality, and reliability, making it an unparalleled choice for businesses seeking to enhance their security measures. Its comprehensive design and advanced features not only protect against theft and unauthorized access but also contribute to the streamlining of operational processes, making it a valuable addition to any business’s security strategy.

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Weight200 lbs
Dimensions20 × 20 × 30 in


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