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Hollon FB-845E 2 Hour Fire and Burglary Safe – Electronic Lock


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  • Outside Dimensions: 33.25”H x 21”W x 22.50”D
  • Inside Dimensions: 27.25”H x 15”W x 15.29”D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 3.63
  • Weight: 440 lbs.
  • Burglar Rating: B
  • Fire Rating: 2 Hours
  • 30-foot impact rated
  • S&G electronic keypad lock
  • 3 moving front bolts
  • 1 top moving bolt, 1 bottom moving bolt
  • 1 vertical locking bar
  • 2 adjustable shelf
  • Anchor bolt hole
  • Bolt down hardware included
  • Tri-spoke Handle
  • Glass Relocker
  • Heavy Duty Vault Hinges


Superior Construction for Unmatched Security

The Hollon FB-845E is engineered to defy expectations, offering unparalleled protection through its robust construction and innovative security features. With an exterior dimension of 33 ¼ inches in height, 21 inches in width, and 22 ½ inches in depth, this safe presents a formidable barrier against both physical and elemental threats. Its interior, generously spanning 27 ¼ inches by 15 inches by 15 2/7 inches, provides a spacious 3.63 cubic feet of storage capacity, accommodating everything from important documents to precious heirlooms.

Weighting in at a solid 440 pounds, the Hollon FB-845E is not just a safe but a steadfast guardian of your valuables. This considerable weight is a testament to the safe’s durable construction and the heavy-duty materials used in its creation, ensuring that it remains immovable and secure against any attempt at unauthorized removal.

Innovative Fire Protection

The Hollon FB-845E boasts a remarkable 2-hour fireproof rating, a feature that sets it apart in the realm of fire safes for sale. Subjected to the rigorous KIS and JIS 2 Hour Fire Test, this safe has demonstrated an exceptional ability to withstand external temperatures of up to 1850 degrees Fahrenheit while maintaining an internal environment that does not exceed 350 degrees. This level of protection is crucial for safeguarding sensitive documents, electronic media, and other valuables from fire damage.

Burglary Deterrence at Its Finest

Security is the cornerstone of the Hollon FB-845E, equipped with three massive 1.5-inch moving front bolts, a vertical locking bar, and additional top and bottom moving bolts. This comprehensive locking mechanism ensures that the safe’s contents are guarded against even the most determined burglars. The inclusion of a glass relocker adds an extra layer of security, activating in the event of a drilling attack to secure the contents until rightful access is restored.

The safe’s tri-spoke handle not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also provides a practical function, allowing for easy operation. Coupled with the heavy-duty vault hinge, the Hollon FB-845E’s door operates with smooth reliability, ensuring that access is both secure and convenient.

A Trustworthy Companion for Your Valuables

Choosing the Hollon FB-845E means investing in peace of mind. Its grey-white color scheme exudes sophistication, making it a stylish addition to any space, while its functional design ensures that your valuables are protected under all circumstances. Whether you’re looking to buy a home safe or a small fireproof safe for the home, the Hollon FB-845E meets and exceeds expectations, offering a secure haven for your possessions.

Advanced Security Measures for Ultimate Peace of Mind

The Hollon FB-845E elevates security to new heights with its comprehensive array of protective features. Beyond the three massive 1.5-inch moving front bolts, this safe adds an additional layer of security with one top moving bolt and one bottom moving bolt. This configuration ensures a lockdown seal that is nearly impervious to unauthorized entry. The vertical locking bar fortifies the safe’s defense, making it a formidable barrier against any attempt at forced entry.

Equipped with a glass relocker, the FB-845E responds to drilling attacks by automatically engaging an additional locking mechanism, thereby safeguarding the contents even if the primary lock is compromised. This feature is a testament to Hollon’s commitment to providing safes that offer both reactive and proactive security measures.

Ingenious Design and User-Friendly Features

The Hollon FB-845E is designed not just for security but also for ease of use and aesthetic appeal. The tri-spoke handle is engineered for comfort and durability, providing a satisfying tactile interaction each time you access your valuables. This user-centric design is a hallmark of the Hollon brand, reflecting a deep understanding of the practical needs of safe owners.

Inside, the safe offers 3.63 cubic feet of storage space, ample room for a wide range of items from documents to jewelry, and even small firearms. Two adjustable shelves allow for customized organization, enabling you to store and access your belongings efficiently and effectively. Whether it’s for personal or business use, the FB-845E adapts to your storage requirements, providing a secure and organized environment for your valuables.

Bolt Down for Added Security

Understanding the importance of a secure installation, the Hollon FB-845E includes an anchor bolt hole and the necessary hardware for concrete installation. This feature ensures that the safe can be securely anchored in place, preventing it from being removed or relocated by unauthorized individuals. The added stability and security provided by bolting down the safe are invaluable, offering an extra layer of protection and peace of mind.

A Safe for Every Need

Whether you’re looking to buy home safes for personal valuables, seeking a fireproof safe to protect important documents, or in need of a small fireproof safe for home use, the Hollon FB-845E meets and exceeds expectations. Its robust construction, advanced security features, and fire protection capabilities make it an ideal choice for anyone serious about protecting their valuables.

The Hollon Oyster Series: A Testament to Superior Security

The Hollon FB-845E, as part of the Oyster Series, represents a pivotal link in the chain of ultimate security solutions offered by Hollon. This series is celebrated for its formidable resistance to both burglary and fire, placing it squarely between the Office Safes and the formidable TL-15 series in terms of security level. The Oyster Series undergoes rigorous testing, including the KIS and JIS 2 Hour Fire Test at 1850 degrees external temperature and a 30-foot impact test, ensuring that each safe within the series can withstand extreme conditions without faltering.

Innovations in Security: Beyond the Basics

Innovation is at the heart of the Hollon FB-845E’s design, featuring a glass re-locker for an added layer of security during drilling attacks—a testament to Hollon’s foresight in anticipating and neutralizing potential vulnerabilities. Additionally, the detent system for automatic re-locking of the door upon closing, specifically with the electronic lock, showcases a blend of convenience and security, ensuring that the safe remains locked without requiring manual re-engagement of the locking mechanism.

Aesthetics Meets Functionality

The Hollon FB-845E is a study in the balance of aesthetics and functionality. Its sleek grey-white finish and robust tri-spoke handle not only enhance the visual appeal of the safe but also affirm its sturdy construction and ease of use. This design consideration ensures that the safe complements any interior décor, making it a seamless addition to homes or businesses seeking a blend of style and security.

Making the Choice for Unmatched Protection

Choosing the Hollon FB-845E means investing in a safe that goes beyond mere storage; it means securing a guardian for your valuables and confidential documents. With its expansive 3.63 cubic feet interior, this safe provides ample space for a wide array of items, from documents to jewelry, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to buy a home safe or a small fireproof safe for home use.

The Hollon FB-845E as Your Ultimate Safeguard

In wrapping up our comprehensive review, the Hollon FB-845E emerges not just as a product but as a commitment to the highest standards of safety and security. Whether for personal, home, or business use, the FB-845E stands as a bulwark against the unpredictable threats of fire and burglary. Its place within the revered Oyster Series is a testament to its superior design and functionality, offering peace of mind to those who refuse to compromise on security.

For individuals and businesses alike, the Hollon FB-845E represents the pinnacle of protective technology, marrying advanced security features with user-friendly design elements. As we conclude, it’s clear that the Hollon FB-845E isn’t just an option; it’s the choice for those who seek to safeguard their most precious assets with unwavering confidence and sophistication.

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