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Hollon FB-450E 2 Hour Fire and Burglary Safe – Electronic Lock

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Technical Features:

  • Outside Dimensions: 17.71”H x 20”W x 20.50”D
  • Inside Dimensions: 11.67”H x 14”W x 13”D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 1.23
  • Weight: 242 lbs.
  • Fire Rating: 2 Hours
  • Burglar Rating: B
  • S&G electronic keypad
  • 2 moving front bolts
  • 1 vertical locking bar
  • 1 adjustable shelf
  • Anchor bolt hole
  • Bolt down hardware included
  • Tri-spoke Handle
  • High Intensity Auxiliary Relock Device
  • Heavy Duty Vault Hinges

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  • 2 hour fire protection
  • Electronic locking mechanism
  • Heavy-duty hinges and 1″ locking bar

2 hour fire protection
Hollon Safe Fire & Burglary Oyster Series is specifically engineered to withstand both burglary attempts and fires. Hollon FB-450E 2 Hour Fire and Burglary Safe have undergone extensive testing, including the KIS and JIS 2 Hour Fire Test, subjecting them to external temperatures of 1700 degrees and internal temperatures of 350 degrees with B-rating for Hollon FB-450E’s burglary classification , as well as a 30-foot impact test.

Heavy-duty hinges and 1″ locking bar

Hollon FB-450E 2 Hour Fire and Burglary Safe is constructed with heavy-duty vault-style hinges and features a full-length 1-inch-thick locking bar that spans from the top to the bottom of the door. Even if the hinges are cut, the door remains securely in place, ensuring exceptional security.

Electronic locking mechanism

Every safe in the Oyster Series like Hollon FB-450E 2 Hour Fire and Burglary Safe comes with a standard S&G Electronic Lock or UL Listed S&G Group II mechanical dial. Additionally, each Oyster Series safe is equipped with a glass re-locker except for this model, to provide additional security against drilling attacks. Another notable feature is the detent, which enables automatic re-locking (with electronic lock) of the door upon closing.

Moving bolts

Hollon FB-450E 2 Hour Fire and Burglary Safe consists of 3 moving front bolts, 1 top moving bolt, 1 bottom moving bolt and 2 adjustable shelves. It also features anchor bolt hole with bolt down hardware included and a tri-spoke handle.

The fundamental question is why safety is vital and what you could benefit from it

The major reasons are to keep your private documents and assets safe, as well as to protect not only yourself, but your family and others, through harmful materials out of the hands of unskilled people.

There are many various types of safes to select from, but one thing you must consider is how it will store and secure the things you value the most from burglary, improper use, fire, natural calamities, and any other hazards.

Alpine Safes will provide you with the protection and security you are looking for!

Weight242 lbs
Dimensions20.50 × 20 × 17.71 in


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