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Hollon FB-450E 2 Hour Fire and Burglary Safe – Electronic Lock


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  • Outside Dimensions: 17.71”H x 20”W x 20.50”D
  • Inside Dimensions: 11.67”H x 14”W x 13”D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 1.23
  • Weight: 242 lbs.
  • Fire Rating: 2 Hours
  • Burglar Rating: B
  • S&G electronic keypad
  • 2 moving front bolts
  • 1 vertical locking bar
  • 1 adjustable shelf
  • Anchor bolt hole
  • Bolt down hardware included
  • Tri-spoke Handle
  • High Intensity Auxiliary Relock Device
  • Heavy Duty Vault Hinges


Hollon FB-450E: Unmatched Security and Fire Protection

Dimensions and Build: With its compact outside dimensions of 17 5/7” by 20” by 20 ½”, and an interior space of 11 ⅔” by 14” by 13”, the FB-450E combines space efficiency with a solid build, weighing in at 242 lbs. This design ensures it can be accommodated within various settings, from office corners to residential closets, without compromising on security.

Fireproof Rating: The FB-450E is rigorously tested to withstand extreme conditions, holding a 2-hour fireproof rating. Subjected to temperatures of 1850 degrees externally while maintaining an internal temperature of just 350 degrees, it offers exceptional protection against fire damage, safeguarding everything from important documents to irreplaceable personal items.

Advanced Security Features

  • Locking Mechanism: Equipped with 2 massive 1.5″ moving front bolts and a vertical locking bar, the FB-450E’s locking system is engineered for impenetrability. This setup provides robust defense against unauthorized access, making it an ideal fire safe and gun safe.
  • Electronic Keypad: The inclusion of an S&G UL Listed, Type 1 Electronic Keypad enhances user access convenience while maintaining high security standards. This feature allows for quick and secure entry, backed by a high-intensity auxiliary relock device that activates to secure the safe further during attempted breaches.
  • Construction and Durability: Highlighted by heavy-duty vault hinges and a full-length 1-inch thick locking bar, the FB-450E’s design ensures that even with the hinges compromised, the door remains steadfastly in place—a critical feature for document fire safes and safes for home security.

Installation and Design

The FB-450E includes an anchor bolt hole and bolt down hardware for concrete installation, ensuring it remains anchored against removal attempts. Its tri-spoke handle and grey-white color not only enhance its functional appeal but also complement home and office décors, offering a blend of aesthetic appeal with unmatched security.

A Compact, Yet Mighty Protector

The Hollon FB-450E epitomizes the blend of compact design and mighty security features, setting a new standard for safes, fire safes for sale, and those looking to buy home safes. Its comprehensive protection against fire and burglary attempts makes it an indispensable asset for safeguarding precious belongings, offering peace of mind and reliability in a world of uncertainties.

Enhanced Security Measures for Ultimate Peace of Mind

The Hollon FB-450E is fortified with a range of security features designed to thwart burglary attempts:

Two Massive 1.5″ Moving Front Bolts and a Vertical Locking Bar create a formidable barrier against unauthorized entry, ensuring that valuables, from jewelry to firearms, are securely stored.
The High-Intensity Auxiliary Relock Device acts as a critical line of defense, automatically engaging to secure the safe’s contents in the event of an attack on the lock or locking mechanism.
Heavy Duty Vault Hinges and a comprehensive locking bar that extends the full door height provide additional security, making the door virtually impenetrable even if the hinges are targeted.

Fire Resistance That Stands Up to Extreme Conditions

The FB-450E’s 2-hour fireproof rating signifies its ability to protect against extreme heat, a feature rigorously tested through the KIS and JIS 2 Hour Fire Test. This level of protection is indispensable for document fire safes, ensuring that critical paperwork, digital media, and personal mementos remain intact even in the face of a blaze.

Convenience and Accessibility

The inclusion of an S&G UL Listed, Type 1 Electronic Keypad offers streamlined access to the safe’s contents, providing a balance between robust security and ease of use. This feature is particularly valued in home safes and home safe fireproof models, where frequent access may be necessary.
One Adjustable Shelf within the FB-450E allows for the organized storage of various items, enhancing the safe’s versatility. Whether storing passports, legal documents, or small heirlooms, users can customize the interior layout to meet their specific needs.

Design and Installation Features

The FB-450E’s design is thoughtfully crafted not only for security but also for ease of integration into any space. Its grey-white finish and tri-spoke handle add a modern touch to its appearance, allowing it to blend seamlessly with home or office decor. Additionally, anchor bolt holes and bolt-down hardware facilitate secure installation, ensuring the safe remains fixed in place, a crucial consideration for safes for the home and home security safes.

A Trusted Guardian for Your Valuables

The Hollon FB-450E embodies the pinnacle of security technology, fire resistance, and user-focused design, making it an ideal solution for safeguarding valuables against both theft and fire. As we prepare to conclude our examination of the FB-450E, it’s clear that this safe stands as a reliable protector for those who value peace of mind in securing their most precious belongings.

Comprehensive Security and Fire Protection

The Hollon FB-450E provides top-tier security features, including a robust locking mechanism with 2 massive 1.5″ moving front bolts and a vertical locking bar, ensuring formidable resistance against forced entry. The 2-hour fireproof rating stands testament to its ability to protect valuables from extreme heat, maintaining internal temperatures at a safe level during fire outbreaks. This level of protection is crucial for safeguarding sensitive documents, electronic media, and personal valuables.

Advanced Access and Durability

Electronic Keypad: The inclusion of an S&G UL Listed, Type 1 Electronic Keypad offers a sophisticated yet user-friendly access method. This keypad, coupled with a high-intensity auxiliary relock device, ensures that valuables are accessible to authorized users while remaining secure against unauthorized attempts.
Heavy-Duty Construction: The FB-450E’s design features heavy-duty vault hinges and a full-length 1-inch thick locking bar, providing additional security and peace of mind. Even if the hinges are compromised, the door remains securely in place, underscoring the safe’s resilience and durability.

Installation and Aesthetic Appeal

The FB-450E’s anchor bolt hole and provided bolt down hardware allow for secure installation on concrete, preventing the safe from being easily removed or relocated. Its sleek grey-white color and tri-spoke handle not only enhance the safe’s appearance but also its functionality, making it a stylish addition to any setting while offering easy operation.

The Optimal Choice for Security-Conscious Users

The Hollon FB-450E emerges as the optimal choice for those seeking a reliable, high-quality safe to protect their valuables from fire and theft. Its blend of advanced security features, fire protection capabilities, and user-friendly design makes it an indispensable asset for homes and businesses alike. Whether you’re looking to secure important documents, precious heirlooms, or firearms, the FB-450E provides the necessary protection to give you peace of mind.

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Weight242 lbs
Dimensions20.5 × 20 × 17.714 in


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Electronic Lock


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