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Hollon FB-450C 2 Hour Fire and Burglary Safe – Dial Lock


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  • Outside Dimensions: 17.71”H x 20”W x 20.50”D
  • Inside Dimensions: 11.67”H x 14”W x 13”D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 1.23
  • Weight: 242 lbs.
  • Fire Rating: 2 Hours
  • Burglary Rating: B
  • Dial Combination Lock
  • 2 moving front bolts
  • 1 vertical locking bar
  • 1 adjustable shelf
  • Anchor bolt hole
  • Bolt down hardware included
  • Tri-spoke Handle
  • High Intensity Auxiliary Relock Device
  • Heavy Duty Vault Hinges


The Hollon FB-450C: Compact Security Powerhouse

The Hollon FB-450C boasts dimensions that make it a versatile option for various settings, with an outside measurement of 17 5/7” x 20” x 20 ½” and an interior space of 11 ⅔” x 14” x 13”, weighing 242 lbs. Despite its relatively compact size, it offers a substantial 1.23 cubic feet of interior space, making it an excellent choice for securing personal valuables, important documents, and even small firearms.

Robust Fire and Burglary Protection

Fireproof Rating: The FB-450C is equipped with a 2-hour fireproof rating, ensuring that its contents are shielded from extreme temperatures up to 1850 degrees externally, while maintaining an internal temperature of just 350 degrees. This level of fire resistance is crucial for protecting sensitive documents and valuables from heat damage.
Impact Resistance: This safe has also undergone a rigorous 30-foot impact test, proving its durability and resilience in maintaining structural integrity and protecting its contents under harsh conditions.

Advanced Security Features

Locking Mechanism: Featuring 2 massive 1.5″ moving front bolts and a vertical locking bar, the FB-450C’s security measures are designed to thwart unauthorized access. The inclusion of a high-intensity internal auxiliary relock device acts as an additional safeguard during attempted security breaches.
Heavy Duty Vault Hinge: Engineered with heavy-duty vault-style hinges and a full-length 1-inch thick locking bar, the FB-450C ensures that the door remains securely in place, bolstering its defense against forced entry.

User-Friendly Design and Customization

Accessibility: Standard with a CHROME UL Listed S&G Group 2 Dial, and the option for a Black Dial, the FB-450C caters to user preference for access mechanisms. The tri-spoke handle enhances the ease of operation, complementing its secure yet accessible design.
Installation and Aesthetics: With an anchor bolt hole and bolt down hardware included for concrete installation, this safe can be securely mounted to enhance theft prevention. Its sleek grey-white color and compact design allow it to integrate seamlessly into any room’s decor.

 Versatile and Secure Safe

The Hollon FB-450C emerges as a versatile and secure safe, offering exceptional fire and burglary protection in a compact form. Ideal for those who need a small fireproof safe for home use without compromising on security, it represents an optimal blend of Hollon’s reliability and advanced safe technology.

Advanced Locking Mechanism for Enhanced Security

The Hollon FB-450C features a formidable locking system consisting of 2 massive 1.5″ moving front bolts and a vertical locking bar, designed to thwart unauthorized access effectively. This setup ensures that the safe remains impervious to common burglary tools and techniques, providing a secure environment for valuables, documents, and other sensitive items.

Fire Resistance and Durability

With a 2-hour fireproof rating, the FB-450C demonstrates exceptional resilience to high temperatures, undergoing rigorous testing at 1850 degrees externally while maintaining an internal temperature of only 350 degrees. This level of protection is essential for safeguarding important documents and valuables against fire damage. Additionally, the safe’s construction is designed to withstand a 30-foot impact test, further attesting to its robustness and durability.

User-Centric Features for Optimal Usability

Interior Organization: The inclusion of 1 adjustable shelf in the FB-450C allows for efficient organization of its contents, making it a versatile storage solution for both homes and offices. This feature is particularly beneficial for those requiring a small fireproof safe for home use, offering flexibility in arranging various items securely.
Accessibility and Security: Equipped with a CHROME UL Listed S&G Group 2 Dial, the safe ensures secure yet convenient access to authorized users. An option for a Black Dial provides personalization according to user preference, enhancing the user experience without compromising security.

Secure Installation and Aesthetic Design

The FB-450C includes bolt down hardware for concrete installation, ensuring that the safe can be securely anchored to prevent tampering or removal. This feature is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the home safe fireproof and document fire safes. Its grey-white color and tri-spoke handle not only contribute to its functional appeal but also complement a variety of interior decors, making it an attractive addition to any setting.

A Secure and Versatile Safe

The Hollon FB-450C stands out as a secure and versatile safe, offering comprehensive protection against fire and burglary. Its advanced locking mechanism, fire resistance, and user-centric features make it an excellent choice for securing valuables and sensitive documents. Whether for personal or professional use, the FB-450C provides peace of mind with its reliable security measures and practical design.
The Hollon FB-450C represents a pinnacle of security and fire protection in the compact safe market. Part of the esteemed Oyster Series, this safe is meticulously engineered to offer unmatched protection for your valuables, documents, and small firearms, making it an ideal choice for those in need of a fireproof safe, home safe fireproof, or a small fireproof safe for home use.

Key Features and Security Enhancements

  • Robust Locking System: Equipped with 2 massive 1.5″ moving front bolts and a vertical locking bar, the FB-450C provides formidable resistance against unauthorized access.
  • Fire and Impact Resilience: With a 2-hour fire rating tested at extreme temperatures and a design capable of withstanding a 30-foot impact test, this safe ensures the utmost protection against environmental and physical threats.
  • Versatile Security Solutions: Whether used as a document fire safe or a gun safe, the FB-450C’s features, including a high-intensity internal auxiliary relock device and heavy-duty vault hinge, offer comprehensive security.

Design and Installation

The compact dimensions (17 5/7” x 20” x 20 ½”) and a weight of 242 lbs make the FB-450C versatile for various settings, from personal offices to residential spaces. Its grey-white finish and tri-spoke handle add a touch of elegance without compromising its inherent strength. The inclusion of bolt down hardware for concrete installation ensures that the safe can be securely anchored, enhancing its theft deterrence capabilities.

A Safe That Stands the Test of Time

The Hollon FB-450C is not just a safe; it’s a commitment to securing your most precious belongings against the unforeseen. Its balance of compact size, extensive security measures, and superior fire protection makes it a standout choice for anyone looking to buy home safes. Whether safeguarding family heirlooms, important documents, or personal defense items, the FB-450C offers peace of mind that your valuables are protected under the most stringent conditions.

Additional information

Weight242 lbs
Dimensions20.50 × 20 × 17.71 in


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