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Hollon DP450LK Drop Depository Safe


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  • Outside Dimensions: 18”H x 13.75″W x 11.75″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 9″H x 13.50″W x 11″D
  • Drop slot size: 3/4″H x 11.75″W
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 0.77
  • Weight: 46 lbs.
  • 2 override keys included
  • 11 gauge solid steel body construction
  • Electronic lock operated
  • Runs on 4 AA batteries
  • Code can be changed in seconds using 3-8 digit codes
  • Grey carpet mat padding on inside bottom
  • One removable but non-adjustable shelf


The Hollon DP450LK: Redefining Security for Business Operations

Robust Construction for Enhanced Security

The Hollon DP450LK stands as a testament to advanced security and durability, specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of commercial environments. Constructed from extra thick 11 gauge solid steel, this safe offers exceptional resistance to hand and burglary attacks, setting a new standard for cash safes in terms of protection. With its compact yet secure outside dimensions of 18 inches in height, 13¾ inches in width, and 11¾ inches in depth, and weighing 45 lbs, the DP450LK is perfectly suited for businesses of all sizes, from small retail outlets to larger establishments.

Innovative Deposit Slot Design for Secure Cash Handling

One of the DP450LK’s hallmark features is its easy-access deposit slot, which simplifies the process of leaving deposits at the end of the day. This design element is crucial for businesses that handle cash transactions, providing a secure method for employees to deposit money without direct access to the safe’s contents. Moreover, the introduction of the new double-row anti-theft “Shark Teeth” baffle system represents a significant advancement in preventing the fishing of deposits, ensuring that once cash or valuables are deposited, they remain securely within the safe.

Advanced Digital Security and User-Friendly Access

The DP450LK eschews traditional key locks in favor of a digital entry system, eliminating the need for multiple key copies and significantly enhancing security. This system allows for easy operation and the setting of personalized combinations, accommodating two users with the option to choose 3-8 digit codes. Such flexibility ensures that businesses can maintain stringent security protocols while allowing authorized access as needed. The inclusion of override keys provides an additional layer of security, ensuring access in the event of battery failure or other issues.

Designed for Commercial Efficiency and Adaptability

Tailored to the needs of a heavy-duty commercial environment, the DP450LK features a new external “Mega Hinge” that facilitates easy access to the safe’s interior, enhancing the user experience for business owners and managers. This, coupled with the provision for digital entry, positions the DP450LK as an ideal choice for establishments requiring a secure, reliable, and accessible cash drop safe solution. The grey carpet mat padding on the inside bottom and the presence of one removable but non-adjustable shelf further underscore the DP450LK’s commitment to combining security with functional design.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency with the Hollon DP450LK

Seamless Cash Management for Businesses

The Hollon DP450LK is engineered to enhance the efficiency of cash management in any commercial environment. Its user-friendly digital entry system, capable of being set to any combination of choosing for two users, revolutionizes how businesses secure their daily deposits. This feature is particularly beneficial for settings where multiple employees need secure, yet restricted, access to deposit cash without compromising the overall security of the accumulated funds. The DP450LK’s easy-access deposit slot further simplifies end-of-day procedures, making it an essential tool for businesses that prioritize operational efficiency alongside security.

Cutting-Edge Security Features to Deter Theft

At the heart of the DP450LK’s design are its advanced security features, including the innovative “Shark Teeth” baffle system that effectively prevents deposit fishing—a common vulnerability in less secure drop safes. This system, along with the safe’s construction from 11 gauge solid steel and a digital entry mechanism, provides a formidable barrier against both internal shrinkage and external theft attempts. The DP450LK’s commitment to security is evident in every aspect, from its bolt holes on the back and bottom for secure mounting to its inclusion of override keys for emergency access, ensuring that businesses can rely on this safe to protect their assets under all circumstances.

Adaptability Across Various Commercial Applications

The versatility of the Hollon DP450LK makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of businesses, from restaurants and retail chains to convenience stores and government agencies. Its solid steel construction and continuous welds are designed to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty commercial use, offering a reliable solution for any establishment requiring secure cash handling and deposit services. Whether used in conjunction with armored car services or as a standalone security feature, the DP450LK adapts to the unique needs of each business, providing a customized solution to cash management challenges.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Beyond its robust security features, the DP450LK is designed for ease of use and minimal maintenance. Running on 4 AA batteries, its digital entry system is both reliable and straightforward to operate, allowing for quick code changes and hassle-free user management. The inclusion of mounting hardware and the presence of bolt holes on the back and bottom ensure that installation is both simple and secure, allowing businesses to place the safe in the most strategic locations for their operations.

The Hollon DP450LK: A Keystone in Commercial Security and Efficiency

A Strategic Solution for Cash Protection

Choosing the Hollon DP450LK signifies a strategic move towards enhancing the security and efficiency of cash management within any business. Engineered with precision and fortified with advanced security features, this drop safe provides an impenetrable barrier against theft, both external and internal. The DP450LK not only secures daily cash deposits but also integrates seamlessly into the operational workflow, making it an indispensable tool for businesses aiming to optimize their cash handling processes without compromising on safety.

Innovative Design for Maximum Security

The DP450LK’s innovative design, featuring the new double-row “Shark Teeth” baffle system, sets a new benchmark in deposit safe security, effectively preventing the fishing of deposits. Combined with its robust 11 gauge solid steel construction and digital entry system, the DP450LK offers unparalleled protection, deterring theft and ensuring that deposits remain secure until they can be safely accessed by authorized personnel. This level of security is crucial for businesses in high-risk environments or those that handle significant amounts of cash daily.

Versatility Across Commercial Settings

Adaptable to a wide array of commercial applications, the Hollon DP450LK meets the diverse needs of various business models. From restaurants and retail stores to convenience stores and government offices, this safe offers a reliable solution for secure deposit and cash management. Its compact size and weight allow for flexible installation options, while the digital entry system and override keys ensure that access is both controlled and convenient, catering to the dynamic requirements of commercial operations.

Commitment to Quality and Durability

Hollon’s commitment to quality and durability is evident in every aspect of the DP450LK. Designed to withstand the demands of a heavy-duty commercial environment, this safe promises long-term reliability and performance. The inclusion of features such as the external “Mega Hinge” for easy interior access and the grey carpet mat padding underscores Hollon’s attention to detail, ensuring that the safe not only protects but also preserves the condition of its contents.

Conclusion: Elevating Business Practices with the Hollon DP450LK

Investing in the Hollon DP450LK is an investment in peace of mind and operational excellence. As a top-tier choice among commercial safes, it offers businesses the dual benefits of enhanced security and streamlined cash management. The DP450LK stands as a testament to Hollon’s leadership in the security industry, providing businesses with a secure, efficient, and reliable solution for managing their most valuable assets.

With its combination of robust construction, advanced security measures, and user-friendly features, the Hollon DP450LK emerges as an essential component of a comprehensive business security strategy, reinforcing the importance of safeguarding assets in today’s commercial landscape.

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Weight46 lbs
Dimensions11.75 × 13.75 × 18 in


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