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Hollon B2015C B-Rated Burglar Safe


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  • Outside Dimensions: 20”H x 15″Wx 15”D
  • Inside Dimensions: 19.75”H x 14.75″W x 12”D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 2.02
  • Weight: 80 lbs.
  • Burglary Rating: B
  • 1/2″ Solid Steel Door
  • Total Door Thickness: 3″
  • (4) 1 1/4″ Massive Chrome Plated Solid Steel Live Locking Bolts
  • (1) Drill Resistant Hard Plate
  • (1) Active Spring-Loaded Re-locker
  • (1) Full Length Locking Bar to Deter Attacks on the Hinges
  • (1) Adjustable, Removable Shelf
  • (4) Pre-Drilled Anchor Holes


Hollon B2015C: The Pinnacle of Home Security Safes

In the realm of home security, the Hollon B2015C stands as a testament to uncompromising safety and durability. Designed to blend seamlessly into the home environment while offering the robust security features of commercial-grade safes, the Hollon B2015C is more than just a safe; it is a guardian for your valuables. This B-rated safe, meticulously crafted by Hollon, a brand synonymous with reliability and security, ensures that your possessions are protected with the highest standards of burglary defense.

Unmatched Construction for Unyielding Protection

At the heart of the Hollon B2015C’s security features is its B-Rated Burglary Construction, a classification that signifies a fortress-like barrier against unauthorized access. The safe boasts a formidable 1/2” solid steel door, setting a new benchmark in theft prevention. Coupled with a total door thickness of 3 inches, it presents a daunting challenge to any would-be burglar.

The security of the Hollon B2015C is further enhanced by 1-1/4” massive chrome-plated active locking bolts. These bolts, significantly larger and more robust than those found in standard home safes, provide an additional layer of security, firmly securing the door against forced entry attempts. The UL Listed S&G Group 2 Dial Lock or Spartan Electronic lock, options provided for securing the vault, underscore the safe’s commitment to versatility without compromising on safety. Each lock type has been selected for its resilience and reliability, ensuring that only authorized users gain access.

Innovative Security Features: Beyond the Lock and Key

What sets the Hollon B2015C apart from other burglary safes is its comprehensive suite of security features designed to thwart even the most determined intruders. The inclusion of a drill-resistant hard plate speaks to the meticulous attention to detail in fortifying every potential vulnerability. This feature ensures that the lock area is impervious to drilling attempts, a common technique employed by burglars to compromise safes.

Furthermore, the active spring-loaded re-locker serves as an additional line of defense, activating to secure the safe automatically in the event of an attack on the lock. This feature, coupled with a full-length locking bar designed to deter attacks on the hinges, embodies the Hollon standard of “Only The Best.” Such comprehensive security measures attest to the safe’s capability to safeguard your valuables not just against burglary attempts, but against any form of unauthorized access.

Designed for the Home, Built for Security

Despite its robust construction and advanced security features, the B2015C is designed with the aesthetics and practical considerations of home use in mind. Its dimensions (20” x 15” x 15” exterior and 19¾” x 14¾” x 12” interior) make it an ideal fit for a variety of home settings, from closets to home offices, without compromising floor space. The safe’s 95 lbs weight strikes the perfect balance between portability and immovability, ensuring that it remains fixed where you place it, yet can be relocated if your security needs change.

The inclusion of a removable shelf adds a layer of convenience and organization, allowing users to customize the storage space to their needs. Whether securing jewelry, documents, or small heirlooms, the shelf enables efficient space utilization within the safe. Additionally, pre-drilled anchor holes (hardware not included) provide the option for securing the safe to the floor, offering an extra layer of theft prevention by anchoring the safe in place.

Advanced Locking Mechanisms: The Heart of Hollon Security

The B2015C is equipped with state-of-the-art locking systems, offering homeowners the choice between the precision of a UL Listed S&G Group 2 Dial Lock and the modern convenience of a Spartan Electronic Lock. This flexibility ensures that the safe can accommodate individual preferences for security access, making it a versatile choice for diverse needs. The S&G Group 2 Dial Lock is renowned for its reliability and tamper-resistant properties, providing a traditional yet fail-safe security solution. On the other hand, the Spartan Electronic Lock offers quick and easy access with a high degree of customization, including multiple user codes, making it ideal for those who prioritize convenience without compromising on security.

Hollon: A Name Synonymous with Security and Trust

Hollon Safe, the manufacturer behind the B2015C, is not just a brand; it’s a hallmark of quality and assurance in the safes and security industry. With a focus on manufacturing the highest quality safes, including burglary safes, home safes made in the USA, and commercial safes, Hollon has established itself as a trusted name for consumers seeking to protect their valuables. The commitment to “Only The Best” reflects in every aspect of the B2015C, from its robust construction to its advanced security features, making it a premier choice for home security safes.

A Testament to Durability and Design

Beyond its impressive security features, the B2015C burglary safe is a marvel of design and engineering. The safe’s aesthetic appeal does not detract from its functionality or security, making it a suitable addition to any home decor. It embodies the principle that home safes made in the USA should not only offer unrivaled security but also integrate seamlessly into the domestic environment. The Hollon B2015C achieves this balance, providing a secure storage solution that complements your home’s interior design.

User-Centric Features for Enhanced Usability

Understanding that security needs vary from one household to another, the Hollon B2015C includes user-centric features to enhance its usability. The removable shelf offers flexibility in organizing contents, making it easier to store and access valuables of different sizes and types. Whether it’s important documents, precious jewelry, or family heirlooms, the safe ensures that everything is neatly organized and readily accessible. Additionally, the pre-drilled anchor holes facilitate secure installation, allowing homeowners to anchor the safe to their preferred location for added security. This feature is particularly valuable for those seeking to prevent the safe from being removed or tampered with by unauthorized individuals.

The Hollon B2015C: A Superior Choice in Home Security

In an era where the safety of personal belongings and valuable items is more critical than ever, the Hollon B2015C emerges as a beacon of security and reliability. Its unique combination of robust construction, advanced security features, and user-friendly design positions it as a superior choice among home safes. But what truly sets the B2015C apart is not just its specifications but its ability to provide homeowners with unparalleled peace of mind.

Peace of Mind in Every Lock and Bolt

The essence of a home security safe is not in its steel or locks but in the sense of security it provides to its owners. The Hollon B2015C, with its burglary-resistant features and customizable locking mechanisms, offers just that. Whether you are safeguarding heirlooms, important documents, or personal valuables, the assurance that comes with a Hollon safe is incomparable. The drill-resistant hard plate and active spring-loaded re-locker are testament to Hollon’s commitment to security, ensuring that your valuables remain protected against sophisticated burglary attempts.

Emphasizing the Unique: Why Choose Hollon B2015C?

Choosing a B2015C is not just about selecting a safe; it’s about committing to security and quality. Hollon’s reputation for durability and reliability is well-earned, with each safe reflecting a dedication to providing the best protection possible. The B2015C’s status as a B-rated safe further underscores its robustness, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial settings. Furthermore, the inclusion of either a UL Listed S&G Group 2 Dial Lock or Spartan Electronic Lock allows users to tailor their security experience to their preferences, marrying convenience with security.

A Safe Made with You in Mind

Hollon understands that safes are not a one-size-fits-all solution. The B2015C’s design, from its solid steel construction to its interior features like a removable shelf and pre-drilled anchor holes, is a reflection of this understanding. These features not only enhance the safe’s security but also its usability, ensuring that it can serve a wide range of needs and preferences. Whether for business use or safeguarding personal items at home, the B2015C is designed to offer maximum protection without compromising on functionality or aesthetics.

Join the Hollon Family

When you choose the B2015C, you’re not just buying a safe; you’re investing in a legacy of security and peace of mind. As a part of the Hollon family, you gain the assurance of owning a safe that is built to the highest standards of security and durability. With Hollon, you are choosing a brand that stands behind its promise of “Only The Best,” ensuring that your valuables are protected by the best in the business.

A Safe Beyond Compare

The B2015C represents the pinnacle of home security safes, combining state-of-the-art security features with the reliability and quality assurance of the Hollon brand. Whether for safeguarding personal treasures, business assets, or anything in between, the B2015C offers the ultimate protection. Its superior construction, coupled with innovative security and user-friendly features, makes it an unmatched choice for anyone serious about protecting what matters most. In a world of uncertainties, let the Hollon B2015C be your constant, providing security, safety, and peace of mind for years to come.

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Weight80 lbs
Dimensions15 × 15 × 20 in


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