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Hayman FV-288E FlameVault Two-Hour Fire Safe


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  • Outside Dimensions: 32″H x 23.25″W x 20″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 26.13″H x 17.50″W x 13.38″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 3.54
  • Weight: 365 lbs.
  • Shelf Count: 1
  • Drawer Count: 1
  • Fire Rating: 2 Hours
  • Lock: Electronic


Hayman FV-288E: A Fortress of Fire Protection

In an era where the preservation of documents and valuables against fire hazards has become paramount, the Hayman FV-288E stands out as a beacon of reliability and excellence. Offering an impressive 1.5-hour fire rating, this safe ensures that your most precious items are shielded from extreme temperatures, safeguarding your peace of mind and securing your legacy.

Robust Construction for Maximum Security

The Hayman FV-288E is constructed with a 2 13/16″ formed steel body, enveloped in insulation to provide superior fire protection. Its door, 3 15/16″ thick and equally insulated, acts as a formidable barrier against heat and flames, ensuring that the contents within are preserved even in the most extreme conditions. This robust construction is complemented by a two-tone paint finish, not only enhancing the safe’s aesthetic appeal but also its resistance to heat and wear over time.

Advanced Locking Mechanism for Enhanced Protection

Equipped with an electronic lock, the FV-288E offers a modern, secure, and convenient access method to your valuables. The addition of 5 active locking bolts and 3 deadbolts further fortifies the safe against unauthorized access, making it an impregnable haven for your documents, jewelry, cash, and other sensitive items. This advanced locking system, combined with the safe’s structural integrity, places the FV-288E at the forefront of security technology.

Adaptable Storage Solutions

Inside the Hayman FV-288E, the adaptability of its storage solutions becomes apparent. With a locking drawer for items requiring an extra layer of security and two adjustable shelves, the safe can be customized to fit your specific storage needs. Whether you’re safeguarding bulky documents, delicate valuables, or a combination of items, the FV-288E’s interior, boasting dimensions of 26″ in height, 17 1/4″ in width, and 13 1/2″ in depth, can accommodate a wide range of items while ensuring their protection against fire.

Designed for Versatility

The FV-288E is not just a fireproof safe; it’s a versatile security solution adaptable for home or office use. Its outside dimensions of 32″ in height, 23 1/4″ in width, and 20″ in depth, along with a weight of 334 lbs, ensure that it provides substantial storage capacity without compromising on floor space. The safe’s design incorporates a 1 – 5/8″ mount hole for secure installation, ensuring it remains anchored in place, adding an extra layer of security and stability.
Specialized Features of the Hayman FV-288E: Beyond Basic Security

Tailored Fire Protection

The 1.5-hour fire rating of the Hayman FV-288E is a testament to its superior design and engineering, offering exceptional protection against the devastating effects of fire. This rating, rigorously tested, ensures that the safe maintains an internal temperature that protects its contents from fire damage, making it an indispensable safeguard for critical documents, electronic media, and other sensitive items that are vulnerable to heat and smoke.

Water-Resistant Integrity

In addition to its formidable fire protection, the FV-288E incorporates water-resistant features that protect against potential water damage. Whether from firefighting efforts, sprinkler systems, or accidental spills, the safe’s design minimizes the risk of water ingress, ensuring that your valuables remain dry and intact. This level of protection is particularly valuable in scenarios where water damage poses a significant risk to stored items.

Innovative Security Enhancements

The electronic lock of the FV-288E, available with an optional upgrade to advanced electronic mechanisms, offers users a high degree of control and customization over access to the safe. Coupled with the relocker that secures the safe in the event of a lock tampering attempt, and a hardplate that protects the lock and relocker from drilling, the FV-288E’s security features are designed to thwart even the most determined attempts at unauthorized access.

Aesthetic Appeal and Functional Design

Beyond its security features, the FV-288E boasts a sleek design with a two-tone paint finish that enhances its aesthetic appeal without compromising its protective capabilities. The safe’s design is not only about security but also about complementing the interior décor of any home or office, blending seamlessly into various environments while providing a discreet yet accessible storage solution.

Elevating the Standard for Home and Office Security

Versatility for Diverse Applications

The adaptability of the Hayman FV-288E for both home and office environments highlights its versatility as a security solution. Its capacity to store a wide range of items, from legal documents and contracts to jewelry and cash, coupled with the customizable interior layout, ensures that it meets the diverse needs of users across different settings.

Reliability and Peace of Mind

With a 1-year parts and labor warranty, Hayman Safe demonstrates its commitment to quality and reliability. This warranty, along with the lifetime burglary guarantee, provides owners with peace of mind, knowing that their investment in the FV-288E is protected against defects and potential security breaches.

A Comprehensive Solution for Valuable Protection

The Hayman FV-288E is more than just a safe; it is a comprehensive solution for those seeking to protect their valuables from fire, water, and unauthorized access. Its combination of advanced security features, fire and water protection, and elegant design makes it a leading choice for individuals and businesses alike.
The Hayman FV-288E: A Cornerstone of Modern Security Solutions

Integrating Advanced Security into Daily Life

The Hayman FV-288E’s design philosophy centers around not just meeting, but exceeding the security needs of its users. Its comprehensive protection against fire and water, coupled with its robust theft-deterrent capabilities, positions the FV-288E as an indispensable tool in the modern security arsenal for both homes and businesses. This safe seamlessly integrates into daily life, offering a discreet yet impenetrable shield for valuables, documents, and more.

A Reflection of Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Hayman Safe’s dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction shines through in the FV-288E. From its 2 13/16″ formed steel body with insulation for fire protection to the 3 15/16″ thick door that guards against unauthorized entry, every aspect of the safe has been meticulously crafted to provide maximum security. The inclusion of an electronic lock, relocker, and hardplate further underscores Hayman’s commitment to adopting advanced technologies for enhanced protection.

Customization Meets Security

The FV-288E’s interior, featuring a locking drawer and two adjustable shelves, underscores the importance of customization in security solutions. This adaptability allows users to tailor the safe’s storage configuration to their specific needs, ensuring that every item, regardless of size or shape, finds a secure home within the safe. Whether for storing jewelry, legal documents, or electronic devices, the FV-288E offers a flexible and secure storage solution.

Elevating Security Standards in Homes and Offices

By offering a safe that is as versatile as it is secure, the Hayman FV-288E plays a pivotal role in elevating security standards across various environments. Its suitability for both home and office use, combined with its impressive fire and water resistance, makes it a valuable addition to any security strategy, ensuring that critical documents and valuables are protected under all circumstances.

A Legacy of Protection and Peace of Mind

The Hayman FV-288E is more than a safe; it is a legacy of protection, designed to safeguard not only possessions but also the peace of mind of those who entrust their valuables to it. With its comprehensive security features, fire and water protection, and elegant design, the FV-288E stands as a testament to Hayman Safe’s legacy of excellence in providing top-tier security solutions.

Secure Your Valuables with the Hayman FV-288E

In an ever-changing world where the unexpected can happen at any moment, the Hayman FV-288E offers a beacon of stability and security. Its unparalleled protection against fire, water, and theft makes it an essential component of any comprehensive security plan. Whether for personal valuables or business-critical documents, the FV-288E ensures that what matters most to you remains safe, secure, and protected.

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Weight365 lbs
Dimensions20 × 23.25 × 32 in


Fire Rating

2 Hours

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