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Hayman FV-132C FlameVault One-Hour Fire Safe

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  • Outside Dimensions: 12.13″H x 16.50″W x 14″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 8″H x 12.38″W x 9.25″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 0.53
  • Weight: 78 lbs.
  • Color: 2-Tone Gray
  • Drawer Count: 1
  • Fire Rating: 1 Hour
  • Lock: Dial Combination


The Hayman FV-132C: A Beacon of Security and Fire Protection

In the quest for the ultimate fire safe, the Hayman FV-132C stands out as a paragon of resilience and functionality. Designed to offer exceptional fire protection for your documents and valuables, the FV-132C is an indispensable asset for both home and office environments. Its robust construction and thoughtful features make it a superior choice for anyone looking to buy home safes that offer peace of mind against the threat of fire.

Unmatched Fire Protection

The Hayman FV-132C is engineered to withstand the ravages of fire, boasting a 1-hour fire rating. This certification ensures that your documents, digital media, and other valuables are protected in extreme temperatures, providing a critical window for fire services to respond without compromising the safe’s contents. For those in search of fire safes for sale, the FV-132C represents a reliable safeguard against one of nature’s most unpredictable dangers.

Durable Construction and Security Features

Featuring a 2 3/16″ formed steel body with insulation and a 3 ⅛″ thick door, also insulated, the FV-132C is built to offer not just fire protection but also to deter unauthorized access. The dial lock, with an option for an electronic lock (FV 132 E), provides an added layer of security, catering to user preference for traditional or modern access mechanisms. The inclusion of 2 active locking bolts and 2 dead bolts reinforces the safe’s defense against forced entry, making it a formidable fireproof safe for safeguarding your most important items.

Designed for Convenience and Accessibility

Understanding the diverse needs of its users, the FV-132C features a removable storage tray, enhancing the organization and accessibility of its contents. This adaptability makes the safe an ideal home safe fireproof option, capable of being customized for personal or professional use. The 1 – ⅝″ mount hole ensures that the safe can be securely anchored, preventing removal or tampering.

The two-tone paint finish not only adds to the safe’s aesthetic appeal but also provides a durable exterior that resists wear and blends seamlessly into any setting. Whether placed on shelves or tucked away in closets, the FV-132C’s compact dimensions (Height 11 ¾″, Width 16 ½″, Depth 14″) make it a versatile choice for those seeking small fireproof safe for home use without sacrificing security or fire protection.

Tailored for the Modern Home and Office

The Hayman FV-132C is adeptly designed to serve the dual purposes of a home safe fireproof solution and a dependable asset for office use. Its compact yet efficient size is specifically engineered to fit easily on shelves & in closets, making it a versatile option for various settings. Whether in a residential or commercial space, the FV-132C integrates seamlessly, providing excellent fire protection without imposing on the room’s aesthetic or functional layout.

Advanced Fire Protection Capabilities

Central to the FV-132C’s appeal is its 1-hour fire rated performance, a testament to its ability to safeguard contents against extreme temperatures. This level of protection is vital for the preservation of important documents, digital media, and other sensitive items that could be irreplaceably damaged in the event of a fire. For individuals and businesses looking to buy home safes or fire safes for sale, the FV-132C offers peace of mind, knowing that their valuables are protected by one of the most robust fire safe safes on the market.

Security Features That Go Beyond Fire Protection

While its fire resistance capabilities are a key selling point, the Hayman FV-132C does not compromise on security against physical threats. Equipped with a dial lock and the option for an electronic lock (FV 132 E), it caters to different user preferences while maintaining high security standards. The safe’s 2 active locking bolts and 2 dead bolts offer formidable resistance against forced entry, further cementing its status as a premier small fireproof safe for home and office use.

The 2 3/16″ formed steel body and 3 1/8″ thick door, both insulated, not only contribute to the safe’s fire resistance but also enhance its structural integrity. This robust construction ensures that the FV-132C stands up to physical attacks, providing a comprehensive security solution that guards against both fire and burglary.

Design and Aesthetics

Beyond its functional merits, the FV-132C boasts a two-tone paint finish that adds a touch of elegance to its durable exterior. This thoughtful design choice ensures that the safe doesn’t just perform excellently but also looks good doing it. Whether placed in plain sight or concealed within furniture, the FV-132C’s design complements its surroundings, marrying security with style.

Comprehensive Protection for Peace of Mind

The Hayman FV-132C epitomizes the pinnacle of fire safe technology. With its 1-hour fire rating, it provides an essential buffer against the devastating effects of fire, ensuring that your most precious documents, digital media, and valuables withstand extreme conditions until help arrives. This level of protection is indispensable for those who understand the unpredictable nature of fire and the critical importance of preparedness.

Advanced Security for Everyday Confidence

Beyond its fireproof capabilities, the FV-132C is a fortress against unauthorized access. Whether opting for the traditional dial lock or the modern electronic lock (FV 132 E), users benefit from a high-security barrier against intrusion. The addition of 2 active locking bolts and 2 dead bolts reinforces the safe’s defense, making it a formidable opponent to forceful breach attempts. This dual approach to security ensures that the FV-132C is not just a fire safe but a comprehensive safeguard for your valuables.

Designed for the Modern Lifestyle

Adaptable for both home and office environments, the FV-132C’s removable storage tray offers organized and accessible storage for a variety of items. Its compact design, allowing it to fit easily on shelves & in closets, makes it a versatile choice for space-conscious individuals seeking small fireproof safe for home use without compromising on capacity or protection.

A Commitment to Quality and Satisfaction

Hayman’s 1-year parts & labor warranty on the FV-132C is a testament to the brand’s confidence in its product and commitment to customer satisfaction. Coupled with a lifetime burglary guarantee, it offers owners an added layer of assurance, knowing that their investment is protected by one of the industry’s leading warranties.

Additional information

Weight73 lbs
Dimensions14 × 16.5 × 11.75 in


Combo Lock


Cubic Inches


Door Clearance

With Tray 8" x 12.38" Without 6.75 x 12.38"

External Depth


External Height


External Width


Fire Rating


Fits Closet


Home Safe


Internal Depth


Internal Height


Internal Width



Free Standing

Total Body Thickness


Total Door Thickness


Weight (lbs)


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