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Hayman FS8 Steel Body Floor Safe

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Introducing the Hayman FS8: A Compact Fortress for Your Valuables

The Hayman FS8 emerges as a standout solution in the realm of in-floor safes, marrying exceptional security features with compact design to safeguard your most precious belongings. Designed for homeowners who prioritize security without compromising on space, the FS8 offers an ingenious solution for keeping valuables hidden from view, all while providing the best in fire protection and burglary deterrence.

Unrivaled Security Features

Central to the FS8’s design is its robust security framework. With a 1/4″ steel door frame and a 1/2″ steel plate door, this safe presents a formidable barrier against unauthorized access. For those seeking even greater security, Hayman offers the option to upgrade to 1″ and 1 1/2″ steel plate doors, providing an additional layer of protection for your valuables.

The safe is equipped with a UL listed mechanical lock, ensuring reliability and durability recognized by the industry’s leading safety standards. For users inclined towards modern technology, the option for an electronic lock adds a layer of convenience without compromising the safe’s integrity. The FS8 also features a relocker and hardplate, designed to secure the safe’s locking mechanism in the event of an attack, showcasing Hayman’s commitment to unparalleled security.

Designed for Discretion and Accessibility

One of the FS8’s key features is its patented, interchangeable, lift-out door, which allows for easy access without the need for tools, emphasizing user convenience and safe maintenance. This feature, combined with the safe’s flanged bottom, ensures a seamless integration into any home environment, making the FS8 an ideal choice for those seeking hidden floor safes that blend with the aesthetic of their living space.

Compact Size with Efficient Storage

Despite its compact dimensions (12 ¼”H x 15 ¾”W x 14 ¼”D), the Hayman FS8 maximizes storage efficiency within a cubic inch capacity of 1096. This space is thoughtfully designed to store a range of valuables, from important documents to jewelry, providing peace of mind that your items are secure and organized.

The safe’s interior (6 ⅛”H x 13 ½”W x 13 ¼”D) is crafted to ensure that every inch is usable, catering to the needs of homeowners looking for small floor safes that do not sacrifice security for space. The gray body and black door not only offer a neutral aesthetic that complements any room but also signify the safe’s sturdy construction and reliability.

Warranty and Guarantee for Peace of Mind

Hayman’s commitment to customer satisfaction and product reliability is reflected in the FS8’s 1-year parts & labor warranty and a lifetime burglary guarantee. These assurances provide owners with confidence in their investment, knowing that their safe is backed by Hayman’s legacy of quality and service in the security industry.
The Hayman FS8 stands as a testament to the balance between compact design and robust security. Ideal for homeowners seeking floor safes for homes, floor mounted safes, or hidden floor safes, the FS8 combines all the essential features into a small, yet powerful safe. Whether tucked away beneath the floor or strategically placed within the home, the FS8 provides an effective solution for safeguarding valuables, offering both the security and discretion modern homeowners require.

Advanced Security in a Compact Package

The Hayman FS8 embodies the pinnacle of in-floor safe technology, offering homeowners a compact yet impenetrable security solution. Its construction features, including a 1/4″ steel door frame and a 1/2″ steel plate door, provide a robust defense mechanism against potential break-ins. This solid foundation is critical for those who value the technical integrity of their security systems, positioning the FS8 as a leading choice among small floor safes.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Understanding the diverse needs of its users, the FS8 offers the flexibility of choosing between a traditional UL listed mechanical lock and a more contemporary electronic lock. This choice allows homeowners to select a locking mechanism that best fits their lifestyle and security preferences. Furthermore, the relocker and hardplate features enhance the safe’s resilience against attacks, ensuring that valuables remain secure under all circumstances.

Discreet Integration into Home Environments

One of the FS8’s standout features is its design for discreet integration. The patented, interchangeable, lift-out door facilitates easy access without drawing attention to the safe’s location. This feature, combined with the safe’s flanged bottom, allows for a seamless installation that can easily be concealed within any home setting, making it an ideal solution for those seeking hidden floor safes.

Efficient Use of Space

Despite its compact exterior (Height 12 1/4″, Width 15 3/4″, Depth 14 1/4″), the FS8 maximizes internal storage (Height 6 1/8″, Width 13 1/2″, Depth 13 1/4″) efficiently. This design consideration is particularly appealing for homeowners looking for floor safes for homes that offer significant storage capacity without occupying excessive space. The safe’s cubic inch capacity of 1096 ensures there’s ample room for a variety of valuables, from documents to jewelry, all organized within a space-saving footprint.

Aesthetic Considerations

The gray body and black door of the FS8 not only signify its durable construction but also its ability to blend with the aesthetic of any room. This color scheme and the safe’s overall design emphasize Hayman’s commitment to creating floor mounted safes that provide security without sacrificing style, ensuring that the safe adds to the home’s interior rather than detracting from it.

Comprehensive Security Solution

The Hayman FS8 represents the epitome of security within the realm of small floor safes. Its robust construction, featuring a 1/4″ steel door frame and 1/2″ steel plate door, sets a high standard for burglary resistance. The optional upgrades to 1″ and 1 1/2″ doors offer flexibility to those requiring enhanced security levels, demonstrating Hayman’s dedication to catering to diverse homeowner needs. The safe’s UL listed mechanical lock, complemented by the option for an electronic lock, provides versatility in access methods while maintaining uncompromised security.

The addition of a relocker and hardplate further fortifies the FS8 against sophisticated attacks, ensuring that the contents remain secure even under duress. This comprehensive approach to security underlines the FS8’s capability to protect valuable possessions and sensitive documents, making it a trusted guardian within any home.

Optimized for Home Integration

Beyond its security features, the FS8 excels in its design for discreet home integration. The patented, interchangeable, lift-out door allows for easy access, facilitating maintenance and retrieval without the need for tools. This feature, along with the safe’s flanged bottom, ensures a seamless installation that can be effortlessly concealed, preserving the aesthetic appeal and functional flow of the living space.

The FS8’s design philosophy extends to its capacity for efficient space utilization. Despite its compact dimensions, the safe offers a surprisingly spacious interior, making it an excellent option for storing a variety of items. This efficient use of space is particularly appealing for those seeking hidden floor safes that do not compromise on storage capacity.

A Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Hayman’s 1-year parts & labor warranty and lifetime burglary guarantee reflect a strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. These assurances provide peace of mind to homeowners, knowing that their investment in the FS8 is protected by Hayman’s reputable service and support.

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Weight90 lbs
Dimensions14.25 × 15.75 × 12.25 in


Combo Lock


Cubic Inches


Door Clearance

12.81" x 10.75"

External Depth


External Height


External Width


Fits Closet




Home Safe


Internal Depth


Internal Height


Internal Width




Total Body Thickness


Total Door Thickness

0.50 / 1 / 1.50

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