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Hayman FS16 1/2″ Steel Body Floor Safe


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  • Outside Dimensions: 20.25″H x 15.75″W x 14.25″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 17.00″H x 14.00″W x 13.25″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 1.79
  • Weight: 105 lbs.
  • Color: Gray (Body); Black (Door)
  • Burglar Rating: B


Hayman FS16 1/2″: Elevating Home Security with Unmatched Strength

When it comes to securing your valuables, the Hayman FS16 1/2″ in-ground floor safe represents a pinnacle of security technology, seamlessly integrating into the foundation of your home. As a standout model among in-floor safes, the FS16 1/2″ variant is specifically designed for homeowners who demand the highest level of protection, combining superior materials with innovative security features. This model’s hallmark is its 1/2″ steel plate door, a feature that significantly enhances its defensive capabilities, making it an ideal choice for those seeking hidden floor safes that offer both excellent security and fire protection.

Unparalleled Security Features

The Hayman FS16 1/2″ is crafted with a 1/4″ steel door frame, providing a robust barrier against attempted breaches. The safe’s door, made from a formidable 1/2″ steel plate, sets a new standard for floor safes for homes, offering an exceptional level of resistance to physical attacks. For those who require even greater security, upgrades to a 1″ or 1 1/2″ steel plate door are available, allowing for customization based on specific security needs.

Equipped with a UL listed mechanical lock (with an electronic locking option available), the FS16 1/2″ offers reliable access control, ensuring that your valuables are protected by a lock that meets rigorous industry standards. In the face of lock tampering attempts, a relocker activates to secure the safe further, while a hardplate shields the lock and relocker from drill attacks, embodying the safe’s comprehensive approach to security.

Designed for Discretion and Integration

One of the FS16 1/2″‘s most compelling features is its ability to be hidden from view, providing not only a physical but also a visual layer of security. This floor mounted safe can be seamlessly integrated into your home’s architecture, with its flanged bottom ensuring a flush fit that doesn’t interrupt the aesthetic or functional flow of your space. The gray body and black door finish offer a subtle yet sophisticated look that complements any interior design scheme.

Specifications That Matter

The Hayman FS16 1/2″ boasts outside dimensions of 20 1/4″ in height, 15 3/4″ in width, and 14 1/4″ in depth, providing a spacious interior without occupying excessive space within your home. With a weight of 108 lbs and a cubic inch capacity of 2527, it offers ample storage for a variety of valuables, from important documents to precious jewelry. The clear door opening of 12 13/16″ H x 10 3/4″ W facilitates easy access to stored items, making it a practical choice for daily use.

This safe is not just a place to store valuables; it’s a commitment to integrating the highest security standards into the fabric of your home. The Hayman FS16 1/2″ embodies the essence of what homeowners seek in floor safes for sale: robust protection, seamless design, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your valuables are securely hidden away.

Enhanced Security with the Hayman FS16 1/2″ Steel Plate Door

In the world of home floor safes, the FS16 with the 1/2″ steel plate door variant stands as a beacon of unparalleled security and innovation. Designed for homeowners who demand the highest level of protection for their valuables, this in-floor safe combines the discreetness of hidden floor safes with the robustness of a fortress. The FS16 1/2″ variant is not just a safe; it is a commitment to securing your most precious items with advanced technology and superior craftsmanship.

Unmatched Security Features

The FS16 1/2″ distinguishes itself with a 1/2″ steel plate door, providing an exceptional barrier against unauthorized access. This substantial door thickness is a testament to Hayman Safe’s dedication to offering top-tier security solutions. Coupled with a 1/4″ steel door frame, this floor safe creates a virtually impenetrable shield for your belongings.

Equipped with a UL-listed mechanical lock and an option for an electronic lock, the FS16 1/2″ offers flexibility and ease of access without compromising on security. The inclusion of a relocker and hardplate to protect the lock and relocker mechanism from drill attacks further enhances its defensive capabilities, ensuring that your valuables remain secure under all circumstances.

Design and Installation Excellence

The FS16 1/2″ is designed with a flanged bottom for seamless installation, allowing it to blend perfectly with your floor. This design not only ensures the safe is hidden from view, providing an additional layer of security but also maintains the aesthetic integrity of your home environment. The gray body and black door finish complement any room’s décor, making this safe a stylish as well as secure addition to your home.

The outside dimensions of the safe (20 1/4″ in height, 15 3/4″ in width, and 14 1/4″ in depth) make it an ideal choice for various home sizes and spaces. Despite its robust construction, the FS16 1/2″ maintains a weight of 108 lbs, making it manageable for installation without compromising on security or capacity.

Tailored for Modern Homeowners

The Hayman FS16 1/2″ is not merely a floor mounted safe; it is a modern solution for floor safes for homes, offering a unique combination of security, convenience, and discretion. Its hidden floor safes design ensures that your most valuable possessions are not only protected against theft and fire but also remain out of sight, providing peace of mind and a clutter-free living space.

With a 1-year parts & labor warranty and a lifetime burglary guarantee, Hayman Safe demonstrates its confidence in the FS16 1/2″‘s ability to meet the highest security standards and homeowner expectations. This warranty and guarantee reflect the company’s commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

The Hayman FS16 1/2″ sets a new standard for small floor safes, offering homeowners an unmatched level of security and fire protection. Its thoughtful design, robust construction, and innovative features make it the ideal choice for anyone looking to enhance their home security with a floor safe that blends seamlessly into their living environment while providing the ultimate in protection.

The Hayman FS16 1/2″: A Legacy of Security in Modern Homes

FS16 1/2″ in-ground floor safe represents the pinnacle of home security solutions, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge security features with the convenience and invisibility that modern homeowners desire. This final exploration into the FS16 1/2″ variant will highlight the unparalleled security, innovative design, and enduring value it brings to the safeguarding of your most prized possessions.

Advanced Protection for Peace of Mind

At the core of the Hayman FS16 1/2″ is its exceptional ability to offer peace of mind through advanced protection features. The 1/2″ steel plate door, combined with a 1/4″ steel door frame, provides a formidable barrier against any attempt at unauthorized entry. This, along with the safe’s UL-listed mechanical lock—and the option for an electronic upgrade—ensures that access is both secure and adaptable to the owner’s preferences.

The FS16 1/2″ also features a relocker and hardplate designed to thwart drill attacks, a testament to Hayman Safe’s commitment to providing comprehensive security solutions. These features underscore the safe’s role not just as a storage unit but as a critical component of a home’s overall security strategy.

Seamless Integration into Any Home

Beyond its robust security features, it is designed for seamless integration into any home. Its flanged bottom ensures a flush fit with the flooring, making the safe virtually invisible and part of the home’s architecture. The aesthetic appeal of the gray body and black door complements interior designs without compromising the integrity of the home’s appearance.

This floor-mounted safe is not merely a receptacle for valuables but a sophisticated addition to the modern home, offering hidden floor safes protection that doesn’t detract from the living space’s beauty or functionality. It represents a harmonious balance between security and style, making it a preferred choice for discerning homeowners.

A Commitment to Lasting Value

The Hayman FS16 1/2″ embodies Hayman Safe’s commitment to quality and durability, backed by a 1-year parts & labor warranty and a lifetime burglary guarantee. This pledge affirms the safe’s place not just as a product but as a long-term investment in the security of your valuables. The FS16 1/2″ is more than a safe; it is a safeguard for your peace of mind, ensuring that your most precious items are protected for years to come.

Conclusion: The Ultimate Choice for Home Security

In conclusion, the FS16 1/2″ in-ground floor safe stands as an emblem of unparalleled security, integrating advanced protection features, discreet design, and a commitment to quality. It offers homeowners a sophisticated solution for floor safes for homes, combining the best of in-floor safes technology with the practicality and elegance required for modern living.

Choosing the FS16 1/2″ means opting for a legacy of security. It represents a wise decision for those looking to invest in a floor safe that offers not just superior protection but also blends seamlessly into the fabric of their home. With the FS16 1/2″, Hayman Safe continues to set the standard for floor safes for sale, ensuring that your valuables are not only secure but hidden in plain sight, protected by the best in the industry.

As we conclude this comprehensive overview of the Hayman FS16 1/2″, it’s clear that this safe is not merely an option for securing valuables; it is the definitive choice for homeowners who refuse to compromise on security, quality, or aesthetic appeal. The FS16 1/2″ is a testament to Hayman Safe’s leadership in providing small floor safes with big protection, making it an essential component of any home security strategy.

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Weight108 lbs
Dimensions14.25 × 15.75 × 20.25 in


Combo Lock


Cubic Inches


Door Clearance

12.81" x 10.75"

External Depth


External Height


External Width


Fits Closet




Home Safe


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