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Hayman CV-SL12-K B-Rated Under Counter Safe

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  • Outside Dimensions: 12″H x 6″W x 8″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 11.00″H x 5.63″W x 6.50″D
  • Depository Opening: 0.63″H x 5.75″W x .50″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 0.23
  • Weight: 23 lbs.
  • Color: Gray (Body); Black (Door)
  • Burglar Rating: B
  • Lock: Dual key


The Hayman CV-SL12-K: Compact Security Solution for Valuables and Cash

In the landscape of security safes, the Hayman CV-SL12-K stands out as a compact, yet robust solution designed to meet the high-security needs of both residential and commercial settings. This front-loading depository safe combines “B” rated steel construction with a secure drop slot feature, offering an efficient and safe method to store cash, documents, and other valuables.

Robust “B” Rated Steel Construction for Maximum Protection

The CV-SL12-K is built to withstand attempts at unauthorized access, featuring a formed steel body and a 1/2″ thick steel door that ensures a high level of security against forced entry. Its “B” rated designation signifies a commitment to durability and protection, making it an ideal choice for safeguarding sensitive and valuable items. Enhanced by a high-security dual nose key lock, the safe offers reliable access control, while a built-in relocker adds an extra layer of security in the event the lock is tampered with or attacked.

Efficient and Secure Depository Feature

A distinguishing feature of the CV-SL12-K is its front-loading drop slot, measuring 9/16″ x 5 3/4″, designed to allow for quick and secure deposits without the need to open the safe. This makes it particularly suitable for environments where multiple deposits are made throughout the day, such as retail settings, offices, or any location requiring a secure transaction point. The drop slot ensures that once items are deposited, they are safely contained within the safe, protected from unauthorized retrieval.

Designed for Versatility and Ease of Installation

Compact Design for Flexible Placement

With its outside dimensions of 12″ in height, 6″ in width, and 8″ in depth, and weighing just 20 pounds, the CV-SL12-K is uniquely compact, offering a versatile solution for space-constrained areas. Its ability to be bolted down enhances security by preventing removal, making it an excellent choice for under-counter installations or secure mounting in discreet locations.

Tailored for Organized Storage and Accessibility

Despite its compact size, the CV-SL12-K maximizes its internal capacity with inside dimensions of 7 3/4″ in height, 5 3/4″ in width, and 10 3/4″ in depth, providing ample space for storing a variety of items. The clear door opening of 5″ H x 5 3/4″ W facilitates easy access to the safe’s contents, while the black, powder-coated finish adds a layer of durability and aesthetic appeal to any setting.

The Hayman CV-SL12-K represents a fusion of compact design and high-security features, making it an optimal choice for anyone in need of a reliable depository safe that doesn’t compromise on security or functionality. Its robust construction, efficient depository feature, and practical design considerations ensure that it stands as a valuable asset for safeguarding cash and valuables.

Advanced Security Features of the Hayman CV-SL12-K

High-Security Dual Nose Key Lock for Enhanced Protection

Central to the CV-SL12-K’s security measures is its high-security dual nose key lock, designed to offer unparalleled protection. This locking mechanism, coupled with the safe’s “B” rated steel construction, provides a formidable barrier against unauthorized access. The inclusion of a relocker function, which secures the safe in the event of a lock attack, ensures that the contents remain safeguarded under all circumstances, reflecting a deep understanding of the need for reliable security in varying environments.

Strategically Designed Drop Slot for Secure Deposits

The front-loading drop slot, measuring 9/16″ x 5 3/4″, is a standout feature of the CV-SL12-K, allowing for the secure deposit of cash and valuables without the necessity of opening the safe. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses that require a fast and secure method for daily transactions, ensuring that deposits are immediately secured upon entry. The drop slot’s design minimizes the risk of “fishing,” further enhancing the security of deposited items.

User-Friendly Design and Installation Flexibility

Compact and Versatile for Easy Integration

The CV-SL12-K’s compact dimensions (12″ Height x 6″ Width x 8″ Depth) and lightweight nature (20 pounds) make it an ideal choice for locations where space is at a premium. The ability to bolt the safe to the floor adds an extra layer of security, preventing potential removal or theft. This feature, combined with the safe’s sleek, black, powder-coated finish, ensures that it not only provides essential security functions but also complements any space aesthetically.

Optimized Internal Storage for Organized Accessibility

Despite its compact size, the CV-SL12-K thoughtfully utilizes its interior space, providing a clear door opening of 5″ H x 5 3/4″ W for easy access to stored items. The internal dimensions allow for the organized storage of a variety of items, from cash and documents to small valuables, making it a versatile solution for both home and business settings. The inclusion of 4 – 1/2″ mount holes underscores the safe’s flexibility in installation, offering secure placement options to meet diverse needs.

The Hayman CV-SL12-K emerges as an exemplary model of how compact design and high-security features can coalesce to provide an effective solution for safeguarding valuables and cash. Its robust construction, innovative deposit feature, and user-centric design make it an exceptional choice for those in search of a depository safe that offers both efficiency and reliability.

The Hayman CV-SL12-K: The Epitome of Compact, Secure Storage

A Beacon of Security in a Compact Frame

The CV-SL12-K distinguishes itself through a blend of “B” rated steel construction and a high-security dual nose key lock, setting a new standard for compact depository safes. This robust protection is further enhanced by the inclusion of a relocker mechanism, ensuring that the safe’s contents are safeguarded against any form of tampering or unauthorized access. The CV-SL12-K’s design not only prioritizes the security of your valuables and cash but does so in a manner that is accessible and manageable for all users.

Designed for Efficiency and Secure Deposits

Featuring a strategically designed drop slot, the CV-SL12-K facilitates the secure and efficient deposit of cash and valuables, making it an invaluable tool for businesses that handle transactions frequently. This feature allows for deposits to be made swiftly without compromising the safe’s overall security, providing peace of mind for business owners and individuals alike. The anti-fishing design of the drop slot further ensures that once items are deposited, they remain securely within the safe.

Versatile Installation and User-Centric Design

With its compact size and ability to be bolted to the floor, the CV-SL12-K offers unparalleled flexibility in installation, making it suitable for a wide array of environments. Whether placed beneath a retail counter or secured in a private home, this safe integrates seamlessly into any space. Its internal design, featuring organized storage capacity within a compact footprint, ensures that space efficiency does not detract from the safe’s utility or security capabilities.

A Commitment to Quality and Reliability

Backed by a 1-year parts & labor warranty and a lifetime burglary guarantee, the CV-SL12-K embodies Hayman Safe’s commitment to providing durable, reliable security solutions. This assurance of quality reinforces the value of the CV-SL12-K as a long-term investment in the protection of your assets.

Why the Hayman CV-SL12-K Is the Right Choice

Choosing the Hayman CV-SL12-K means selecting a safe that expertly balances the demands of security, efficiency, and design. Ideal for those in need of a reliable method to secure cash and valuables without sacrificing space, the CV-SL12-K delivers on all fronts, offering a secure, efficient, and accessible solution.

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Weight23 lbs
Dimensions8 × 6 × 12 in


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