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Hayman CV-F32-2-CC Front Loading Double Door Safe


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  • Outside Dimensions: 32″H x 14″W x 14″D
  • Inside Dimensions:
    • Top: 8.25″H x 13.63″W x 11″D
    • Bottom: 12″H x 13.63″W x 11″D
  • Depository Opening: 5″H x 10.50″W x 10.75″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 1.7
  • Weight: 150 lbs.
  • Color: Gray (Body); Black (Door)
  • Burglar Rating: B


Introducing the Hayman CV-F32-2-CC: A Double-Door Fortress for Your Valuables

In the realm of depository safes, the Hayman CV-F32-2-CC emerges as a formidable solution, designed to cater to the comprehensive security needs of businesses and homeowners alike. This double-door front loading depository safe combines “B” rated steel construction with dual-compartment functionality, ensuring both convenience and unmatched security.

Robust “B” Rated Construction for Optimal Security

The CV-F32-2-CC is built to withstand attempts at unauthorized access, featuring a formed steel body and a 1/2″ thick steel door. This “B” rated steel construction not only signifies a high level of burglary resistance but also offers peace of mind to those storing cash, sensitive documents, and other valuables. The presence of three active 1″ diameter locking bolts further reinforces the safe’s defense against forced entry.

Dual-Compartment Design for Enhanced Security Management

Unique to the CV-F32-2-CC is its double-door functionality, which includes a depository compartment for secure, easy deposits and a separate storage compartment for the safekeeping of valuables. This design allows for the efficient management of deposits without compromising the security of stored items, adhering to best practices for cash management and asset protection.

Tailored for Efficiency and User Convenience

Seamless Deposit Process

The front-loading depository feature of the CV-F32-2-CC is designed to accept deposit bags up to 10 1/4″ wide, facilitating simple and secure transactions without the need to open the safe. Enhanced by sawtooth “anti-fish” baffling, this feature ensures that once deposits are made, they are safeguarded against tampering or unauthorized retrieval.

Versatile Placement and Accessibility

Measuring 32 3/4″ in height, 14″ in width, and 14″ in depth, and with the ability to be bolted to the floor, the CV-F32-2-CC offers flexible installation options to fit a variety of settings. Its compact dimensions are ideal for placement under typical counter heights, making it a versatile addition to any space without sacrificing security or functionality.

The Hayman CV-F32-2-CC stands as a testament to the innovation and reliability of Hayman Safe’s security solutions. Its combination of robust construction, dual-compartment functionality, and advanced locking mechanisms makes it an exceptional choice for those seeking a secure, efficient way to manage cash deposits and valuables.

Advanced Security Measures of the Hayman CV-F32-2-CC

Enhanced Protection with Dual-Locking Mechanism

The Hayman CV-F32-2-CC distinguishes itself with a cutting-edge dual-locking system, designed to provide an unparalleled level of security. The main door is secured by a UL-listed combination lock, offering robust protection with an option for keypad access, accommodating user preferences for traditional or digital entry methods. The inner compartment adds an additional layer of security, featuring a specialized lock that ensures deposited items are safely enclosed and protected until they are meant to be accessed.

This dual-compartment approach not only enhances the security of the deposits but also allows for the segregation of items based on their value and the frequency of access required. Three 1-inch diameter active locking bolts ensure the door’s integrity against break-in attempts, further reinforced by a hardplate and relocker designed to resist sophisticated burglary techniques.

Depository Design Optimized for Secure Transactions

The CV-F32-2-CC features a front-loading depository capable of accepting deposit bags up to 10 1/4″ wide, making it an ideal solution for businesses that require a secure and efficient method for handling cash transactions. The recessed front loader, equipped with sawtooth “anti-fish” baffling, prevents tampering and unauthorized retrieval of deposited items, securing each transaction made into the safe.

Designed for Durability and User Convenience

Robust Construction for Lasting Security

With its “B” rated steel construction, the CV-F32-2-CC is built to offer enduring protection. The formed steel body and half-inch thick steel door provide a solid defense mechanism against unauthorized access, ensuring that valuables, cash, and sensitive documents stored within are well-protected.

Flexible Installation and Accessibility

The CV-F32-2-CC’s design includes features such as four 1/2″ mount holes, allowing for secure bolting to the floor, enhancing theft deterrence by preventing unauthorized removal. Measuring 32 3/4″ in height, 14″ in width, and 14″ in depth, the safe offers a compact yet spacious solution that can be easily integrated into various settings, from retail spaces to home offices.

The inclusion of an adjustable shelf within the main compartment adds to the safe’s utility, enabling users to customize the storage space to suit their specific needs. This feature, coupled with clear door openings for both compartments, ensures easy access to stored items, blending security with convenience.

The Hayman CV-F32-2-CC exemplifies a comprehensive approach to asset protection, offering advanced security features, thoughtful design elements, and user-friendly functionality. Its robust construction, innovative depository features, and practical usability make it an exemplary choice for businesses and individuals seeking a secure, efficient way to manage and safeguard their assets.

The Hayman CV-F32-2-CC: A Comprehensive Solution for Advanced Security Needs

Unmatched Security for Comprehensive Protection

The Hayman CV-F32-2-CC sets the standard for depository safe security with its “B” rated steel construction and innovative dual-compartment design. The integration of a UL-listed combination lock (with an optional keypad for digital access) and an inner compartment lock ensures that each deposit and stored item is secured with the highest level of protection available. The additional safeguard of three 1-inch diameter active locking bolts, a hardplate, and a relocker mechanism provides an impenetrable defense against forced entry and tampering.

Efficient Depository Functionality for Business Operations

Designed with the needs of businesses in mind, the CV-F32-2-CC features a front-loading depository that streamlines the process of making secure deposits without compromising the safe’s security. This capability is particularly valuable for retail settings, financial institutions, and any business that handles cash transactions regularly. The sawtooth “anti-fish” baffling further enhances security by preventing unauthorized retrieval of deposited items, ensuring that each transaction is as secure as possible.

Designed for Versatility and Ease of Use

The CV-F32-2-CC’s design is as practical as it is secure. Its compact dimensions and ability to be bolted to the floor make it suitable for a variety of environments, ensuring it can be integrated seamlessly into business operations or home security setups. The adjustable shelf within the main compartment and clear door openings for both compartments enhance the safe’s usability, allowing for organized storage and easy access to its contents.

A Commitment to Quality and Durability

Backed by a 1-year parts & labor warranty and a lifetime burglary guarantee, the CV-F32-2-CC exemplifies Hayman Safe’s commitment to providing durable, reliable security solutions. This assurance of quality and reliability makes the CV-F32-2-CC not just a safe, but a long-term investment in the security of your assets.

The Value of the Hayman CV-F32-2-CC

Choosing the Hayman CV-F32-2-CC means prioritizing the security of your assets with a safe that expertly balances innovative protection features with practical design and ease of use. Whether for commercial applications requiring efficient cash management or for residential use where securing valuables is paramount, the CV-F32-2-CC delivers a comprehensive security solution designed to meet the challenges of today’s security needs.

Additional information

Weight195 lbs
Dimensions14 × 14 × 32.75 in


Burglary Rating


Business Safe




Combo Lock


Cubic Inches


Door Clearance

Top 10.25" x 10.25" Bottom 10.25" x 10.25"

Double Door


Drop Slot


Drop Slot Location

Front Loading

Electronic Lock


External Depth


External Height


External Width


Fits Closet


Internal Depth (Bottom)


Internal Depth (Top)


Internal Height (Bottom)


Internal Height (Top)


Internal Width (Bottom)


Internal Width (Top)


Key Lock



Free Standing



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