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Hayman CV-F30W-C Front Loading Rotary Depository Safe


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  • Outside Dimensions: 30″H x 20″W x 20″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 18″H x 19.63″W x 17″D
  • Depository Opening: 4.25″H x 15.75″W x 11.25″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 3.5
  • Weight: 185 lbs.
  • Color: Gray (Body); Black (Door)
  • Burglar Rating: B


The Hayman CV-F30W-C: Revolutionizing Security with Advanced Depository Features

In the competitive world of security safes, the Hayman CV-F30W-C emerges as a standout solution for businesses and homeowners seeking robust protection for their cash and valuables. This “B” rated depository safe combines exceptional steel construction with cutting-edge security features to offer an unparalleled level of protection.

Durable “B” Rated Steel Construction for Enhanced Security

At the heart of the CV-F30W-C’s design is its “B” rated steel construction, which includes a formed steel body and a 1/2″ thick steel door, providing a solid barrier against unauthorized access. This construction ensures the safe is not only resistant to physical attacks but also offers a dependable solution for securing moderate amounts of cash or valuables.

Efficient Depository Functionality for Secure Transactions

One of the CV-F30W-C’s key features is its front-loading depository, designed to accept deposit bags up to 16 1/8″ wide. This allows users to make deposits easily without the need to open the safe door, enhancing security by minimizing exposure. The recessed front loader, equipped with sawtooth “anti-fish” baffling, prevents tampering and ensures deposited items remain secure.

Tailored for Usability and Security

Flexible Installation Options

With its dimensions (30″ Height x 20″ Width x 20″ Depth) tailored to fit under typical counter heights, the CV-F30W-C offers versatile placement options. It can be securely bolted to the floor, providing added stability and deterring theft. The inclusion of four 1/2″ mount holes facilitates straightforward installation, allowing the safe to be integrated seamlessly into various environments.

Advanced Locking Mechanism

Security in the CV-F30W-C is further enhanced by a UL-listed combination lock, offering reliable protection for the safe’s contents. For those seeking the convenience of modern technology, an optional keypad entry system provides an alternative locking solution, allowing for customizable access codes and enhanced security. Coupled with three active 1″ diameter locking bolts, the safe ensures that its contents are well-protected against unauthorized access.

The Hayman CV-F30W-C represents a significant advancement in depository safe design, offering a blend of robust construction, innovative deposit features, and flexible installation options. Its combination of security, functionality, and practical design makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, from commercial settings requiring efficient cash handling to homeowners in need of a secure storage solution for valuables.

Uncompromising Security with the Hayman CV-F30W-C

Robust Locking System for Maximum Protection

The core of the CV-F30W-C’s defense is its UL-listed combination lock, a testament to its security and reliability. This lock, paired with the option for keypad access, offers users a customizable security experience that meets the highest standards. The flexibility to choose between traditional and digital access methods allows for enhanced security tailored to individual preferences or operational requirements.

Three 1-inch diameter active locking bolts constitute the physical barrier of the CV-F30W-C, extending deep into the safe’s body to secure the door firmly against forced entry attempts. This is complemented by the hardplate protection of the lock and relocker, which guards against drilling and other forms of sophisticated attacks, ensuring the integrity of the safe’s locking mechanism.

Depository Design Optimized for Secure Transactions

The front-loading depository feature of the CV-F30W-C, capable of accepting deposit bags up to 16 1/8 inches wide, underscores the safe’s functionality in commercial settings where efficient and secure cash handling is paramount. The recessed front loader, designed with sawtooth anti-fish baffling, ensures that deposited items are safeguarded against tampering, preventing unauthorized retrieval once items are inside the safe.

Practicality and Durability in Design

Versatile Installation and Use

The CV-F30W-C’s thoughtful design includes dimensions (30″ x 20″ x 20″) that accommodate installation under typical counter heights, offering versatile placement options to suit various settings. The ability to bolt the safe securely to the floor enhances its theft deterrence, providing businesses and homeowners alike with added security and peace of mind.

Adaptable Storage Solutions

Within its robust exterior, the CV-F30W-C features an adjustable shelf, maximizing its storage utility. This customizable interior allows for organized storage of cash, documents, and valuables, catering to the specific needs of each user. The clear door opening (19 1/8″ H x 16 1/4″ W) facilitates easy access to stored items, enhancing user convenience without compromising security.

The Hayman CV-F30W-C emerges not just as a secure depository safe but as a comprehensive solution for asset protection. Its blend of advanced security features, user-centric design, and practical functionality makes it an invaluable asset for businesses and individuals focused on safeguarding their valuables and cash.

The Hayman CV-F30W-C: Synthesizing Ultimate Security with User-Centric Design

A Paradigm of Advanced Protection

The Hayman CV-F30W-C is distinguished by its “B” rated steel construction, providing a formidable barrier against forced entry. This high level of security is further enhanced by the safe’s advanced locking system, which includes a UL-listed combination lock and the option for digital keypad access, offering both traditional and modern security solutions tailored to user preferences.

The addition of three 1-inch diameter active locking bolts, a hardplate to protect against drilling, and a relocker that secures the safe in the event of an attack, underscores the CV-F30W-C’s commitment to uncompromising security. These features ensure that valuables, cash, and sensitive documents stored within are well-protected against potential burglary attempts.

Designed for Efficiency and Accessibility

The CV-F30W-C’s front-loading depository feature allows for quick and secure deposits without the necessity of opening the safe, a critical function for businesses that handle cash transactions. This design, coupled with sawtooth anti-fish baffling, ensures that once deposits are made, they remain secure and inaccessible until properly retrieved from the inside.

With dimensions designed to fit under typical counter heights and the ability to be bolted to the floor, the CV-F30W-C offers flexible installation options that make it a versatile addition to any space. Its heavy-duty construction does not compromise usability, with features like an adjustable shelf and a clear door opening designed to enhance the user experience by providing easy access to stored items.

Embracing the Hayman CV-F30W-C for Comprehensive Security

Opting for the Hayman CV-F30W-C means choosing a safe that expertly balances rigorous security measures with practical design and ease of use. Ideal for a wide array of applications, from retail environments requiring efficient cash management to homeowners seeking to secure valuables, the CV-F30W-C offers a reliable solution for anyone serious about asset protection.

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Weight185 lbs
Dimensions20 × 20 × 30 in


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